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US Senate candidate John Mertens to appear on Connecticut TV show

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U.S. Senate candidate John Mertens will be a guest on the television show “The Real Story” hosted by Laurie Perez on Sunday, February 28th. “The Real Story” is broadcast in Connecticut on Sundays at 10:30am on FOX 61, 11:00am on WTXX, and 8:30pm on CTN.

Dr. Mertens is a Professor of Engineering at Trinity College and also teaches courses in public policy and environmental science. He is seeking the nominations of four political parties: the Independent Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Connecticut for Lieberman Party.

He became the first candidate in the country to earn a 2010 ballot line for U.S. Senate at the Connecticut for Lieberman Party statewide caucus on January 13th.

Mertens presents over thirty detailed position statements and solutions to long-term problems on his website:


  1. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution February 26, 2010

    Well I’ve noticed that third party and independent candidates have been getting more coverage recently.

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