Warren Redlich: ‘NY Tea Party Candidate for Governor’

From http://wredlich.com/ny/:

Warren Redlich is, for now at least, the only viable Tea Party candidate for Governor in New York.

But it’s important to be clear about what that means. Warren has long focused on a simple concept – we need to stop wasting money.

Warren has consistently fought to stop wasting money, and has a real plan to cut spending (see the Issues links on the left side).

The only other Republican candidate, Rick Lazio, worked at a bailed-out bank, got a million dollar bonus, and had a career D- from the NRA while he was in Congress. He couldn’t beat an unpopular carpetbagger when he had 50% more money.

If you support the Tea Party movement – the real one that rejects GOP insiders who waste our money like Democrat insiders – then please join us and support Warren Redlich for Governor.

Welcome to the Stop Wasting Money campaign for New York State.

Warren and the team will deliver real change by cutting spending, eliminating unnecessary programs, and capping public sector pay and pensions. Browse to find out more.

New York needs your help! Join the Facebook group; volunteer to help the campaign; contribute money so we can spread the message; and contact us with ideas!

Also running: Kristin Davis

14 thoughts on “Warren Redlich: ‘NY Tea Party Candidate for Governor’

  1. NewFederalist

    Oh, a fusion Tea Partier, eh? Perhaps he’ll pick up the Earl Gray endorsement as well.

  2. Cody Quirk

    I’m starting to suspect that some of these tea party groups are not what they appear to be.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some are actually Democratic operatives.

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