Wayne Root speaks to Utah Libertarians

Excerpted from an IPR comment by Joe Buchman:

A public THANK YOU to Wayne Allyn Root.

Last Saturday the Libertarian Party of Utah held a “How to run for public office 101″ meeting for potential Libertarian candidates for public office.

At the same time one of the other 2008 candidates for Vice President, Sarah Palin, was spewing kindergarden BS to the tea party folks in Nashville, Wayne was here, at his own expense speaking to us. (In part due to being in nearby Park City for vacation time that he cut short to be with us.)

We’re fairly hard-core radicals here, pro-medical marajuana, anti-war on drugs, pro LEAP, pro Gay marriage (and polygamy (something mostly openly practiced across Utah and the west)), end the GWOT (the cost is a greater threat to our national security (borrowing the funds from China to fund it)), and cut the size of governmental spending by half (or more) as a start.

Wayne hit each of these points hard, with passion and eloquence, on camera.

The local Fox News affiliate showed to cover our meeting (unfortunately prior to Wayne’s appearance for the last half-hour). I am certain they would not have been there (and other media would not have covered us) if not for the announcement in our press releases that Wayne would be present.

Wayne was generous with his time, addressed questions from everyone present, and despite the small crowd (an an email I sent the day before the event explaining that it might not be worth his time due to an anticipated small turnout, to which we replied “I’ll keep my promise to you to come, even if only one person is interested in hearing me speak), and some hostility to his appearance, was interested in everyone’s comments and suggestions to appeal to left-leaning libertarian concerns, and stayed to answer every question, including over a 2 hour dinner afterwards.

As Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Utah I say — “THANK YOU Wayne Allyn Root. You are a passionate, hard-working. generous Libertarian. I appreciate your efforts to advance the cause of Liberty. Good Job.”


As a heads-up, the Libertarian Party of Utah State Convention will be held Saturday April 24th.

I’ll need the approval of our executive committee to make the following invitation a formal one– but my request will be that we invite each candidate running for LNC chair to be present either in person, on webcast, a speakerphone, or by DVD or other video, to speak to us. The schedule probably won’t allow for much time (perhaps 5 minutes each, plus informal Q&A or dinner/drinks afterwards with those interested).

When/if our exec committee issues this invitation, either our state chair or I will make those invitations to speak directly to those who have announced they are running for LNC Chair (and perhaps to Mr. Redpath for a few remarks as well). We’ll also post that invitation publically here and potentially in other media.

That said, our convention is open to all, with some requirements to be a LPUT dues paying, Utah resident in order to vote.


2 thoughts on “Wayne Root speaks to Utah Libertarians

  1. Gene Trosper

    I would hope the LP Utah is hard core and radical now. When I lived briefly in Salt Lake City during 1997, there was debate about potentially cancelling the annual Tax Day Protest was because some activists were afraid of taking part. One even went so far as to consult his attorney, who recommended NOT attending.

  2. Utah Libertarian

    You’re an asshole, Gene.

    You were one of the most jaw-flapping, do-nothing, bed-wetting members when you lived in Utah.

    The person who had to check with his lawyer was on federal felony probation for tax evasion. It made absolute sense for him to check with his lawyer before attending a tax protest so he didn’t suffer further recriminations from the feds.

    I’m glad you’re back in California fucking up their party instead of ours, jerk.

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