Kristin Davis Party Label in New York Will be “Personal Freedom Party”

Ballot Access News:

Kristin Davis, who is running for Governor of New York outside the five ballot-qualified parties, says her ballot label will be “Personal Freedom Party.” She will need 15,000 valid signatures, to be collected between June and August 2010. See this story. If she gets 50,000 or more votes for Governor, the Personal Freedom Party will become ballot-qualified in 2012 and 2014.

BAN and IPR previously reported that Kristin Davis would run as an independent.

Before that, she was planning to run for the Libertarian nomination.

Warren Redlich is running for the Republican and Libertarian nominations, and has described himself as the Tea Party candidate.

A separate, unrelated group is trying to qualify the Tea Party as a political party in New York and run its own candidate for Governor. Similar efforts in other states have been suspected by Republicans and Tea Party movement insiders of being Democratic Party stealth operations.

Democratic incumbent David Patterson has pulled out of the race.

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