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NEW YORK – Libertarian candidate for Governor Kristin Davis today hailed the California ballot measure making marijuana legal in that state as an important milestone for legalization in New York State.

“Californian’s have figured out what New Yorker’s need to figure out,” said Kristin Davis, formerly known as the Manhattan Madam who supplied high-priced escorts for Eliot Spitzer while in public office. “Marijuana is a $10 billion a year industry in New York State. Its legalization and taxation will help New York’s current financial crises.”

In November, Californians will be able to vote for full Marijuana legalization and have collected 433,971 signatures to put the measure on the ballot. The referendum would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana; a plan that advocates say could raise $1.4 billion a year and save precious law enforcement and prison resources.

“Facing a $20 billion budget deficit, California voters have taken the bull by the horns to embrace something that has already been occurring in their State – legalization of Marijuana,” said Davis.

“California is setting a precedent that hard times call for innovative solutions,” says Davis. “California is facing an enormous budget deficit and rather than raise taxes in a struggling economy, the voters have taken measures into their own hands and put the issue on the ballot so that the people can decide. Californians are sending the message that they are unhappy with the status-quo and are taking their State back”.

“It’s time New York follows suit,” says Davis. “As our budget deficit rises to over $9 billion it’s time we look for ways of bringing in new revenue rather than increase taxes on struggling New Yorkers. None of the career politicians offer any solutions to our troubled economy; they only offer more of the same – tax increases and service cuts. ”

“Our budget shortfall has gone from $7 Billion, to $9 Billion, to an estimate $15 Billion in just a few weeks,” said Davis who was the Vice President of a Hedge Fund before opening the world’s most lucrative escort service. “Legalizing, regulating, taxing marijuana will generate $1 billion in new revenues, save millions in wanted law enforcement, cut court costs and help balance the budget.”

Davis said she would strongly support an Opt-Out clause where localities could opt by local vote not to sell marijuana in that locality. “I believe in home rule and local option. Some counties may choose to allow legal pot sales, others may not.”

“New York has millions of marijuana users who would gladly pay taxes if marijuana was legalized,” said Davis who has vowed to petition her way onto the ballot as the candidate of a new party or seek the New York Libertarian nomination.

Davis has made support for the legalization of prostitution and marijuana and gaming as her platform to raise new revenues without tax increases.

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Independent NY Candidate for Governor, Kristin Davis will bring together eclectic mix of Rappers, Models, Penthouse Pets and Reality TV stars to attend her first fundraiser in her pro-freedom campaign.

Davis is running on a platform of Marijuana, Prostitution and Gay Marriage legalization, what she calls a “pro-freedom agenda”.

The fundraiser will be held on Thursday, April 15, 2010. 7PM-11pm at TAJ 48 W. 21st Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

In attendance will be seven Penthouse Pets including two Penthouse Pets of the Year, Models, and various Rappers and Reality Stars.

The fundraiser is a Penthouse Pet Dinner Date Auction. Auction consists of an evening dinner at the 5-star Penthouse Club Restaurant with one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, a certified Penthouse Pet. Pets who will host these dinners include:

Krista Ayne- Star of the Cinemax series “Life On Top”, Rolling Stone Covergirl & Pet of the Year Runner Up 2007

Victoria “Dr Z” Zdrok- Penthouse Pet of the Year 2004, Playboy playmate, published author and monthly Penthouse Columnist

Ryan Keely – Penthouse Pet of the Month October 2009.

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6 thoughts on “Kristin Davis for Governor: update

  1. Trent Hill

    Wow. Someone should look into the price, as Chuck said. Thanks for posting this VERY interesting piece Paulie. Her campaign continues to intrigue me (and not because there are penthouse pets).

  2. paulie Post author

    Dunno about the price. If you look at the image on the original announcement

    I was not sure whether the image might possibly be a little too risque for an IPR article, lol

    My eyesight is not good enough….is that just a low cut dress, or some puffy nipple tops peeking out on the candidate?

  3. Constitution Party Liberal

    The Constitution Party of American Samoa (AKA Independent Constitution Party, ICP, or Insane Clown Posse) is intrigued by the idea of a Root-Davis ticket in 2012.

    Possible slogans:

    “You bet your butt”

    “God, gambling, gay marriage, ganja, guns, greed, guts and glory”

    Any more ideas?

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