NY Times, Asylum.com cover Kristin Davis campaign for Governor of New York

Aside from two recent articles at IPR, and results pertaining to a completely different Kristin Davis who is an actress appearing on the TV show Sex and the City, the top of a recent Google News search for Kristin Davis is dominated (or should that be dominatrixed?) by articles from the NY Times focusing on the central role of Republican dirty tricks maestro Roger Stone in her campaign, and a somewhat negative party scene report on her recent fundraiser from Asylum NY that downplays the seriousness of her campaign, or even openly ridicules it. First the NY Times story By WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM


Spitzer Antagonist Advises Ex-Madam’s Campaign

Roger J. Stone Jr. has more than a bit of a thing for Eliot Spitzer.

In 2008, he reveled in the disclosure of the governor’s dalliance with prostitutes from a pricey escort service called Emperor’s Club V.I.P. He delighted in Mr. Spitzer’s downfall — and continues to do so. He even claimed credit for bringing Mr. Spitzer’s penchant to the attention of the federal authorities, however unconvincingly.

So it has been little surprise that the self-proclaimed Dark Prince of political dirty tricks has placed himself squarely behind the unorthodox campaign for governor — and grand décolletage — of one Kristin Davis, an erstwhile madam for another escort service.

Ms. Davis’s unproven claim to have also served as Mr. Spitzer’s procurer is so often repeated in her news releases that one might mistake it for a central plank of her platform, which includes legalizing, regulating and taxing prostitution and marijuana, and legalizing same-sex marriage.

Thus it is perhaps no coincidence that nearly every reference to her run for the office that Mr. Spitzer once held brings with it, for better or worse, an echo of his disgrace.

Though Mr. Stone’s name does not appear on the State Board of Elections forms filed by the committee set up by Ms. Davis, the Friends of Kristin Davis, the three-page document nonetheless reveal traces of Mr. Stone, a longtime Republican consultant who has referred to politics as “performance art” and cultivates in a cloak-and-dagger sensibility.

For example, the home telephone number for the campaign’s treasurer, Andrew Miller, is in fact linked to Mr. Stone; the cellphone for Mr. Miller is associated with Mr. Stone’s Florida public relations company, Drake Ventures.

Indeed, Mr. Miller, a fresh-faced young man in his 20s, is the stepson of Mr. Stone’s assistant of 18 years, Diane Thorne, Mr. Stone said in an e-mail message.

And then there is the matter of the address the young treasurer listed on the Board of Elections committee registration form — 55 West 25th Street in Manhattan. It appears that it is from Apartment 25L in that building that the campaign is run.

It was in the same stylish building that Ashley Dupré, the Emperor’s Club prostitute whose tryst with Mr. Spitzer was detailed in federal court papers, lived at the time of their assignation and its disclosure.

Mr. Stone, who also acknowledged by e-mail that the apartment there is his, said he chose the address for another reason. “I moved to the building from Central Park South because a friend and his wife live in a two-bedroom apartment on a high floor and love the building,” he wrote.

He said in an interview that he did not learn that Ms. Dupré had lived in the same building until after he moved in, calling it “happenstance.”

A visit to the address resulted in the doorman ringing the apartment to see if Mr. Miller was home, and an invitation. Mr. Miller, with a wool hat pulled down over his ears, was waiting at the elevator.

He said it was no secret who was running things.

“This is not our first rodeo,” he said, adding that if there had been any intention to mask Mr. Stone’s central role in the committee, a post office box would have been listed on the committee registration instead of Ms. Dupré’s old building on West 25th Street. (In fact, the Board of Elections form explicitly prohibits that, requiring a residential address.)

The preliminary filings contain no information about the committee’s financial support, which Ms. Davis’s campaign is not required by law to disclose until July 15.

The relationship between Mr. Stone and Mr. Spitzer is, to say the least, complex. Mr. Stone was fired as a consultant to New York State Senate Republicans in summer 2007 after accusations surfaced that he had left a threatening voice mail message for Mr. Spitzer’s father, Bernard.

Mr. Stone has denied making the call, a tirade laced with invective that threatened to force the elder Mr. Spitzer to explain under oath what the caller characterized as “shady campaign loans” Mr. Spitzer made to his son during the former governor’s unsuccessful 1994 bid for attorney general.

For his part, Mr. Stone denied in the interview that Ms. Davis’s run for office, which he called “a guerrilla campaign,” was in any way a vendetta against Mr. Spitzer.

Asked to describe his role, he said, “I guess I’m the campaign strategist.”

Ms. Davis served a three-month jail sentence on Rikers Island in 2008 after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution. Mr. Stone said she had been the victim of a great injustice — “screwed by the system,” as he put it. Her case, he said, and her bail had been handled differently from those of men who had been facing the same charges.

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Mr. Stone said that she would be able to secure the 50,000 signatures she needed to get on the Libertarian Party ballot line and that her views on legalizing prostitution, marijuana and same-sex marriage left her well positioned to raise money.

“It’s not about Eliot Spitzer at this point; it’s about moving beyond that,” he said in the interview. “She makes a compelling case as to why legalizing prostitution would both protect the public safety and promote the public health, and pay part of the public deficit. And the same thing with marijuana, which is now on the ballot in California, so not so far-fetched. And the fact that the Senate Democrats have not passed gay marriage, she and I both believe, is a disgrace.”

For her part, Ms. Davis said in an interview that she agreed with her strategist — that the focus on Mr. Spitzer did not stem from any vendetta. But she said she thought her jail term, and the fact that Mr. Spitzer faced no criminal charges, underscored a fundamental unfairness in the system.

“I’m not a particularly bitter person,” she said. “I committed a crime, I took responsibility for that crime and I served time for it. And I hope to be viewed as someone who took responsibility for their actions.”

But, she added, “I do believe that any public official, especially someone who is a chief executive of a state, should not be allowed to betray the public trust.”

In addition to the jail term Ms. Davis received in the unrelated case, she noted that one of the Emperor’s Club defendants is still sitting in federal prison for his crimes, while Mr. Spitzer is considering a political comeback.

“I think that does set a bad precedent,” she said, noting the number of state political figures, like Gov. David A. Paterson and a former State Senate majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno, who have been convicted of crimes or are under investigation.

“There are different standards for the political class and the average person,” she said. “We mention Spitzer a lot and that refreshes people on what’s going on in the political world.”

Jack Begg contributed research.

Next, the report by Brian Abrams at Asylum NY takes a dismissive tone in covering the recent Davis fundraiser that was announced before the fact here on IPR. As Abrams tells it…


Penthouse Pets Raise Money for Kristin Davis Campaign, Voters Shrug

At her appearance last weekend at a swingers party, you could see plenty of ass but not hear a word from Kristin Davis’s fubar’d mic. Last night, however, the former “Manhattan Madam” threw a fundraiser for her gubernatorial campaign at Taj in the Flatiron District and could be heard loud and clear. Trouble was, no one really gave a sh**.

The pro-hooker, pro-weed candidate waxed on how legalizing hooking and toking could diminish one-third of the state’s deficit, but all the crowd really seemed to be into was the free booze (thanks, Energy Vodka!) and those Penthouse pets who were being auctioned off by a dude who looked like the guy from “The Fifth Element” for dinner dates. Proceeds, naturally, went toward Davis’s campaign.

While the fun-loving Libertarian candidate is by far our most recent bet to be able to keep live grenades in the home, attendees at last night’s function didn’t seem sold on her efforts. Read on to hear what some of them had to say.

“[The free vodka] was definitely the persuading force, the key to it all tonight. [Davis] isn’t convincing enough right now, but some people are buying into that platform. They say that the state is in need of cash, and what better way than to open up the industry? It’s an out-of-the-box thought process, but I don’t know if she has that capability.” — Jon Allman, private wealth management

“I need more substance. When it comes time to vote and for people to sign her petition, it’s not gonna happen.” — Iesha Brown, real estate

“I live in New Jersey. I’m not able to vote.” — Craig Berkery, interior designer.

“Whether she’s going to do anything about bringing light to these issues, it’s very debatable, but I think everyone should have an opportunity to put their voice out there, say what they wanna say.” — Ricky Oskar, attorney

Following the internal links, other pieces covering Davis at Aslylum.com strike a similar tone…

by Brian Abrams

Gubernatorial Candidate Kristin Davis Attends Kink Party to Woo Constituents

In an attempt to continue rallying support to get on the primary (Paulie: SIC) ballot for this fall’s New York’s gubernatorial race, former “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis made an appearance on Saturday at HedoOnline’s Sybarite Awards, a benefit for swingers held in Manhattan’s private party complex, Hudson Terrace. Too bad the PA system was jacked, though, because none of the attendees could hear two words from the bad mamma jamma who provided escorts for Eliot Spitzer and Alex Rodriguez.

Davis is running on a platform to legalize prostitution, marijuana and same-sex marriage, and just last month she told Asylum she endorses bestiality and grenades in the home. The only downside was that wouldn’t let our correspondent get to second base.

But what Davis lacks in boob-grabbery, the Libertarian makes up for in keeping it real by unabashedly embracing her core constituency. They were all in attendance at this, ahem, swingin’ soiree: porn stars like Britney Andrews, masochists in G-strings getting lashed across the back with a cat’s tail, the inventor of the Sybian machine, and exhibitionists strutting around naked in body paint.

The alternative-lifestyle seekers inside the kink funhouse definitely gave love to Kristin as she took the mic, despite not being able to hear her. They eventually extended that love to one another in a sea of flesh. We can’t say that we witnessed an actual orgy manifest at the midtown loft space, but there was definitely plenty of grindage, boobies and a few motorboats. And I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen at any other political party in town — at least, not those with cameras.

(For pictures, see original).

Mar 18th 2010 By Oliver Noble

Former ‘Manhattan Madam’ Runs for Governor, Reveals She’s Pro-Bestiality

Remember when former New York governor Eliot Spitzer was busted for romps with a surprisingly hot Ashley Dupré? We do. The 2008 scandal caused Spitzer’s ouster and shot Dupré to semi-stardom (including an upcoming Playboy spread).

Kristin Davis, otherwise known as the “Manhattan Madam,” was also implicated in the scandal. No stranger to the limelight, she wrote a book about her experiences hooking up New York’s rich and famous, was linked to New York Yankee star Alex Rodriguez, and in January, she announced that she had her sights set on the job Eliot Spitzer had to quit: governor of New York.

Asylum correspondent Oliver Noble recently caught up with Davis at a party to celebrate her gubernatorial run. In his report, Noble discovered that Davis is down with legalizing pretty much everything. He also got Davis to reveal which sitting female politicians would net the most cash in the World’s Oldest Profession …

11 thoughts on “NY Times, Asylum.com cover Kristin Davis campaign for Governor of New York

  1. paulie Post author

    From wikipedia:

    * Flynt is a Democrat. He is a staunch critic of the Warren Commission and had offered one million dollars for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the assassin of John F. Kennedy. He once tried to link the attempt on his own life to the Kennedy assassination.

    * In 2003, Flynt was a candidate in the recall election of California Governor Gray Davis, calling himself a “smut peddler who cares”.[34] He finished 7th in a field of 135 candidates.

    * Flynt has repeatedly weighed in on public debates by trying to expose conservative or Republican politicians with sexual scandals. He did so during the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton in 1998, offering $1 million for evidence and publishing the results in The Flynt Report. These publications led to the resignation of incoming House Speaker Bob Livingston. In 2007, Flynt repeated his $1 million offer and also wrote the foreword to Joseph Minton Amann and Tom Breuer’s The Brotherhood of Disappearing Pants: A Field Guide to Conservative Sex Scandals, which contained some cases published by Flynt.[35]

    In 2003, he also purchased nude photographs of Private Jessica Lynch, who was captured by Iraqi forces, rescued from an Iraqi hospital by US troops and celebrated as a hero by the media. Ultimately, Flynt did not release any photographs, calling Lynch a “good kid” who became “a pawn for the government”.

    * Flynt supported activist groups opposed to the war in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.

  2. M. Gettinger Blumkin-Daily

    I am endorsing Davis, and I don’t care what these media morons try to character assassinate mostly probably because she will not give them free sex, or upset the applecart for the woman-abusing good ole boy network of politicians, media, police, prosecutors, judges, jailers, and otherwise privileged elite/those in positions to abuse power.

    Read this if you are swayed by negative garbage such as the articles above.




    M. Gettinger Blumkin-Daily

  3. Trent Hill


    My source needs to stay quiet, for now, and I don’t know where Flynt lives–I assumed in New York.

  4. paulie Post author

    My source needs to stay quiet, for now,


    I don’t know where Flynt lives–I assumed in New York.

    If so, he hasn’t lived there long, since he ran for Governor of California in 2003.

  5. Andrew Miller

    Under NY State law Flynt could register to vote in NY and run this fall.

    Davis-Redlich-Flynt is ticket that will win 50,000 votes for NY Libertarians.

  6. Jeremy Young

    So, now we know the source. Miller is correct that Flynt doesn’t need to move to NY until he actually decides to run — remember Hillary Clinton in 2000.

  7. paulie Post author

    Under NY State law Flynt could register to vote in NY and run this fall.

    Davis-Redlich-Flynt is ticket that will win 50,000 votes for NY Libertarians.

    Thanks for the response, Mr. Miller.

    I haven’t heard back from Ms. Davis, you, or anyone else on your campaign about arranging an interview or Q & A with IPR readers for Ms. Davis, or a pre-convention debate between Davis and Redlich.

    If Ms. Davis is too busy, and if you or others on her campaign can speak on her behalf, please let me know.

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