Article Suggests Crist Victory Could Change National Politics

Mary Ann Lindley wrote an article for which begs the question, how will a Charlie Crist victory affect politics both in Florida and nationally, and will it lead to an influx of independent or third party voters?

It’s been 10 years since the excitement of the presidential election “recount,” which brought the world to our feet. Global media camped out on Duval Street up through the holiday season as the mechanics of electing a new American president played out between the Florida Capitol and Supreme Court — with side trips to Terry Lewis’ bench in the Leon County Courthouse.

I will never forget the surreal scene of sophisticated, international journalists standing watch outside of Andrew’s restaurant on Adams Street one Saturday night, amazed and totally charmed as our downtown holiday festival and parade carried on, a presidential election in limbo.

This election year could be just a bizarre as 2000, but in a different way, with Gov. Charlie Crist leading us into what may be a new way of electing leaders outside of the traditional and over-stuffed two-party system.

The governor was brave enough to abandon the Republican Party, or acknowledge, I think fairly, that the party had already abandoned him. Its hard-right turn has also put off many moderate Republicans who crave a more centrist alternative, though not necessarily Crist.

While the article is dominantly about Crist’s possible victory, it also brings up salient points about the future of independent voting trends.

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