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Charlie Crist Not Recieving Endorsements From Independents

Charlie Crist, who earlier this month announced he was leaving the GOP in order to run for the US Senate as an independent, is reportedly having trouble getting any support from fellow elected officials who have taken the independent route.

NYC Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson told the paper that rumors Bloomberg would endorse Crist were “false” and the chances of the mayor helping Crist out were “zero.” Wolfson said: “Mayor Bloomberg was very disappointed that Gov. Crist vetoed an excellent education bill and has no intention of endorsing him.”Crist announced in April he would abandon his bid for the Republican nomination and run as an independent.

And Bloomberg isn’t the only independent keeping his distance from Crist.

Earlier this month, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) told The Hill he and Crist “have agreed to keep in touch” but didn’t say anything about an endorsement.

Lieberman, who kept his Senate seat by running as an independent after he lost the Democratic nomination in 2006, said he and Crist talked about running as an independent but an endorsement wasn’t specifically discussed.

Crist has yet to garner the endorsement of any high-profile group of independent voters or an independent elected official.

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  1. Morgan Brykein Morgan Brykein May 28, 2010

    Why do people think independents have the same views, like with any other party?

  2. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | May 28, 2010

    Independents are considered to be moderates (Bernie Sanders excepted), so the idea is that they’re ideologically pretty close. I don’t see why Bloomberg and Lieberman wouldnt endorse him. They lose basically nothing and Bloomberg particularly could turn a Crist victory into a major endorsement should he ever run for President.

  3. NewFederalist NewFederalist May 28, 2010

    “Independents are considered to be moderates…” I am really quite surprised at that statement. It seems to me that independents are… well… independent. I think that means by definition they are not grouped together ideologically. Independent candidates run the gamut of political ideology and the only things they have in common are either (a) a disdain for party membership or (b) the inability to win a party nomination or (c) finding it easier to get on the ballot as an independent in their state than as a partisan nominee. I don’t see how that makes them “moderate”.

  4. Richard Winger Richard Winger May 28, 2010

    Social science research shows independents are just as diverse in their political views as all voters. Generally, if an area has a preponderence of left-leaning voters, then the typical independent in that same area is also left-leaning. Ditto for the reverse.

  5. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | May 28, 2010

    “I am really quite surprised at that statement. It seems to me that independents are… well… independent. I think that means by definition they are not grouped together ideologically.”

    I said that they are generally “considered to be moderates”, and I stand by my statement. If someone says they’re an independent, an interviewer will automatically assume that means moderate–as well almost anyone. If Billy Joe is polling 25% amongst independents, a consultant will suggest he “moderate” his message in order to reach out to those voters.

  6. NewFederalist NewFederalist May 28, 2010

    Stand by your statement all you choose. I’ll go with Richard Winger’s validation any day.

  7. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | May 28, 2010

    I agree with Richard Winger, but his statement doesn’t invalidate mine. My argument is that people PERCEIVE Independents to be moderate, not that they actually ARE moderate.

  8. NewFederalist NewFederalist May 28, 2010

    Slick, Trent. Really slick.

  9. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | May 28, 2010

    lol, it isn’t slick–that is what I have been saying all along, though perhaps not with any measurable amount of clarity.

    I several times quoted “Independents are considered to be moderates”. The wording was very specific and purposeful–“considered to be” meaning that I dont think that’s true. Most of the Independents here in LA are pretty right-of-center. Bernie Sanders is an Independent too. So, I’m aware of the disparity.

  10. Thanks for the post, and excellent discussion.

    Trent Hill makes excellent sense.

    Bloomberg and Crist are natural allies, and if Crist is elected to the U.S. Senate, they will likely grow more closely together and two of the U.S. leading Independents.

  11. Zero Party Revolution Zero Party Revolution May 28, 2010

    Yes, Bloomberg and all other independents need to get serious about joining Zero Party Revolution in its emphatic endorsement of independent candidate, Charlie Crist.

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