Former Green Legislator Loses Democratic Primary in Arkansas

Richard Carroll, the former Green Party legislator in Arkansas, yesterday lost a Democratic primary race for State Senate. Ballot Access News reports:

Arkansas held its primaries on May 18. Richard Carroll was defeated for re-election in the Democratic primary, for State House, 39th district. Carroll had been elected as a Green Party legislator in 2008, but after the 2009 legislative session had ended, he had switched from the Green Party to the Democratic Party.

The vote in the May 18, 2010 primary was 19.7% for Carroll, and 80.3% for Tracy Steele, who is an incumbent State Senator. Steele can’t run for re-election to the Senate because he is term-limited. The 2010 race was tough for Carroll, because the district is majority black, and Senator Steele is black, but Carroll is white, although his wife is black.

Carroll is one of three state legislators the Green Party of the United States has elected in its history, the other two being John Eder of Maine and Audie Bock of California.

2 thoughts on “Former Green Legislator Loses Democratic Primary in Arkansas

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Richard Carroll and his family did great work for the Green Party.

    The Green Party official press release said in so many words the Greens thanked him for his efforts, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future.

    The future is now.

    Come back and join the Green Party Richard…

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