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Jim Gilchrist Accused of Selling Endorsements

Jim Gilchrist is the founder of the Minuteman Project and a committed anti-illegal immigration activist. He first made headlines when his Minuteman Project group decided to patrol the Mexican border for illegal immigrants. Over the years Gilchrist’s endorsement has become an important way to signal to conservative activists that a candidate is serious about stopping illegal immigration. Now Jim Gilchrist is being accused of selling his endorsements to Republican candidates in contested primaries.

To win the endorsement of the Minuteman Project and its founder, Jim Gilchrist, you need to believe in federal troop deployments to stop illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. and stepped-up deportations of those who do.

You may also need to pay several thousand dollars, according to documents from three Republican campaigns that sought Gilchrist’s endorsement.

Jim Gilchrist made headlines in third party circles in 2005 by running for Congress in California’s 48th District as the nominee of the American Independent Party, the California state affiliate of the Constitution Party. Gilchrist raised over $1 million for the race and placed 3rd with 25.5%, though he placed first out of votes cast on election day. Gilchrist also made several statements thereafter in which he indicated he might run for President in 2008 with the Constitution Party if the major parties nominated candidates whom he perceived to be bad on the illegal immigration issue.

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  1. joazinha joazinha December 26, 2010

    Chelene Nightingale is a top-notch liar and schemer. She manipulates people and circumstances for her own ends. She viciously and falsely accused Minuteman Project Founder and President Mr. Jim Gilchrist of neglecting Ramos and Compean while they were unjustly imprisoned. Actually, Mr. Gilchrist cared deeply about Ramos and Compean, sharing their story and entreating support for them in his every speech and news interview, while Nightingale exploited the agents’ tragedy for publicity purposes. If only Ramos and Compean knew how shallow and manipulative Nightingale really is!

  2. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann December 7, 2010

    Mark – A) You are the epitomy of ” selling your soul to the devil.” B) It is YOU that are the ” sick and deviant person.” C) It is YOU that are the ” paid whore ” to your ADL and SPLC masters just as you are a sociopath. D) I don’t need the prayers of you and your fellow demons but I do pray for you – that God will annihilate you for your promotion and love of evil and send you to your just reward of Hell quickly. It is very reassuring that you, as The Damned that you are, will fry for eternity. E) Chelene is still a true patriot and fighter for the nation while it is you who are the traitor. F) You are still writing under your fake name(s). Ever the coward.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  3. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann December 7, 2010

    Mark – You sell out our nation for money. You are of course not Christian but you are even a fake in your claimed Jewish religion. No true Jewish person would be an ultra corrupt lying traitor like you. Your own immorality is to the bone and beyond. Chelene is a patriot. You are an enemy of all that our nation stands for.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  4. former CPer former CPer December 7, 2010

    whateva! I am not mark s your ranting about nonsensical rubbish, does not explain the lying hideous porn actress that hid her sick past with addicts and prostitutes. Why did she lie to her supporters? This is the character of Nightingale, a liar and a person that would pose in the sickest fashion FOR MONEY! tHIS IS A CHRISTIAN?? rofl ahahhahaha you got suped stop crying, you are the dope. Everyone else knew, she is a crazy no morals hack. Stand proud grundman she refelcts you and her supporters to a T! Go lie in bed together you EVIL CREEPS!!! 🙂

  5. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann December 7, 2010

    Mark – She got the nomination by winning the primary over your ultra corrupt friend Mark Robinson, the leader of the Robinson Crime Syndicate of which you are the ” bag-man;” the connection to the squads of Republican lawyers who have attacked the CP/AIP in addition to your controllers/masters in the ADL and the SPLC. Fortunately people realized what an ultra corrupt liar Mark Robinson is and gave Chelene a well deserved victory. Of course you continue to attack her since your ADL/SPLC mission ( your ” true colors ” ) is to destroy the conservative and patriot movements in the state and nation as a whole. So you and your lap dog Davi Rodrigues come up with this sick idea of posting fake photos. Sick but of course totally in character for a less than no class fraud like you and your lap dog. Remember – your general election candidate, Meg Whitman, lost. You are a failed agent and also, to anyone who is unfortunate enough to meet you, a ” dirty slob of a person.” You are truly an enemy of humanity.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  6. former CPer former CPer December 7, 2010

    the picture of chelene was found on a site that posted it in 2008 way before she even said she was running for governor, so to blame Mark s or anyone else, that this is a photoshop, or anything else is just a lie. People who know her past know she was involved with this. She knows the truth! Quit blaming everyone and their mother, and ask nightingale why she hid this. What an embarrassment for the Constitution party and the poor AIP which had to put up with her hostile take over of the nomination. HER TRUE colors have been shown. (but people knew she was a fraud all along) she has no class and looks like she failed as a porn actress as well. Giid bye to a dirty slob of a person. Who lies and hides the most reprehensible past on the face of the earth. Loser porn actress. I have seen more pictures but will refrain from telling people where to find them.

  7. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann December 6, 2010

    ” wikileaks ” and ” dISGRACEFUL ” – 2 more fake names of Mark Seidenberg, the Republican Party mole within the American Independent Party who is also an agent of the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ) and the Southern Poverty Law Center ( SPLC ), the 2 biggest promoters of homosexuality in our nations school system in addition to their support of legalizing homosexual marriage. He attacks Chelene with this fake picture because she was recently appointed to lead a coalition of patriot groups in southern California and the ADL and the SPLC are dedicated to destroying the patriot and conservative movements in our nation. Hence their agent, Seidenberg, works with Davi Rodrigues,” a.k.a. delphi seer ” of the site where the picture was posted, to fulfill the aims of his controllers/masters. Seidenberg is a traitor to the nation and an enemy of humanity. He, as an ultra corrupt outright liar, is the absolute last person to EVER speak of ” ethics.”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  8. dISGRACEFUL dISGRACEFUL December 6, 2010

    bruce how do you know she has tats? lol Glad the truth came out, I knew she was a fake and lied.

  9. wikileaks wikileaks December 6, 2010

    take a look at her thighs in this photo taken a few years back go to “internal strife at SOS” google that there you see her in a photo and her thighs are quite large. So sad that this woman duped you all and so many others out of money. Can you imagine, hiding this past. We knew it wikileaks reports all.

  10. wikileaks wikileaks December 6, 2010

    BS ahha nice try…..I saw photos of her heavy..she is 6ft tall…..I saw a picture of her where she is very chunky lol the truth can’t be handled……tsk

  11. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen December 6, 2010

    Except Chelene has never been a ‘plumper’. She’s always been relatively slim. And she has tattoos that would show, also. NOT CHELENE!

  12. wikileaks wikileaks December 6, 2010

    don’t blame anyone else BUT nightingale! She did these disgusting deeds, not anyone else. The truth hurts soooo bad.

  13. wikileaks wikileaks December 6, 2010

    lingerie shot HA! she is was and always will be a pig for hire. google “confidential matters SOS leadership “failed” actress job? click on right hand link with that title. Having your big arese stuck up in the air…is not lingerie shot. She is a liar, just a porn actress that duped you all. No wonder she became born again, she has a horrible history, no ethics and just a stupid porno con artist. You lose.

  14. Not Not Mark Not Not Mark December 6, 2010

    I missed the porn pictures, all I saw was a lingerie shot. The TSA takes thousands of more pornographic pictures than that every day, and many have turned up on line.

  15. wikileaks wikileaks December 6, 2010

    As for ethics: Fraud Chelene Nightingale..has been outed..posted are her “actress” (porn) pictures google:………… There you will find the TRUTH about this fake Christian….The porn pictures we all knew she was involved with. But wait…there is more to come. Hold on to your hats.

  16. Be Rational Be Rational December 6, 2010

    darraugh // Dec 6, 2010 at 9:52 am

    “Jim Gilchrist …

    … great speaker did 9,000 speeches in 2009 …”

    Now, that’s impressive. Comes to nearly 30 speeches per day. Maybe two per hour, 30 minutes each, travel by teleportation between venues, take out time for bathroom breaks, food, showers and a change of clothes and a bit of sleep. Yep, that’s quite impressive.

  17. darraugh darraugh December 6, 2010

    Jim Gilchrist would be the best candidate for president in 20l2. He is the founder and leader of the Minuteman over a million strong including Congressman and judges. The other candidates just had their party running them or as with Palin billionaire Rupert Murdock for amnesty running Palin as his next puppet for amnesty shoving her down people’s throats on Fox News. Then once they got their jobs just followed a long party lines or should I say their bosses Soros, Gregorian and the slave labor corporations. Palin was only governor for 3 years, Bush, Carter, Adlai Stevenson etc were only governors for 4 years when they were president or ran for president. Hillary and Edwards were only US Senators for one term. Obama only US Senator for 4 years. So you can’t say they had very much experience over Jim. Plus he has shown more leadership being the founder and leader of the Minutemen and bringing all those people together and keeping them together is not easy. He is certified public accountant retired which means he will be conservative in his spending instead of trying to bankrupt this country on purpose for their bosses like bush and obama. He is Viet Nam vet with purple heart, great speaker did 9,000 speeches in 2009, been on Lou Dobbs, Larry King and with Neil Cavuto more than once, charisma, nice person. Although we feel like we are sending a saint to hell to run against obama, palin and hillary. The fact he is not a politician is a good thing. He is the only one who is any good to run for president over both sides.

    Obama when he was IL US Senator almost voted for Bush’s CAFTA with l7 million million American jobs going offshore to South America on top of the millions that went offshore with clinton/gore NAFTA and one way trade with China. He came so close to voting for it that the left blogs were saying he did. He voted for bush’s against class action law suits. He was friends with Rezko. He said he didn’t know his aunt was illegal who was living in Boston in HUD housing like the rest of the illegal while the US citizens were on the waiting list or should say street. In his 4 years as IL US Senator he had more earmarks than most and not go to the state of IL but to his Chicago Democrats for Chicago. He said when he was running for president in OH that he was against NAFTA and was going to have it repealed when you can’t repeal it and he knew it. As soon as he was president he flip flop for NAFTA. Where did all the transparency go? Even though we are broke he has been spending money to bankrupt this country on purpose. Obama gave 58.4 billion to NASA in three years when the people are starving in the US; l.4 billion dollars of borrowed money to wealthy Mexico on top of the l8 million dollars borrowed money he gave to wealthy Mexico when we are broke; $9,500 to La Rasa who has money and for the illegal and for them to get the Southwest back for Mexico. Millions each year to Israel.

    Obama is Bush in a dozen different ways. Both for illegal, amnesty, foreign workers, CAFTA, NAFTA, North American Union, both against the American people, both against the Seniors, both puppets obama for Soros, Gregorian and the slave labor corporations. Bush for the slave labor corporations. Both broke the oath to defend and protect the US so help me God more than once. Bush didn’t protect the people from SARS when he allowed Americans to go to China during the SARS in China when they should having been adopting US, then he didn’t close down the border with Canada when a town in Canada had gotten SARS from China. obama didn’t close down the border with the Mexican flu not so much for economic and social which would have been bad enough but for the illegal coming over the border at way more than 5,000 per day for his amnesty. Over 4,000 Americans died and many more suffered from the Mexican flu which a long with the ones who died from the wars is his legacy. bush’s legacy is the troops who died from his wars. bush started Iraq war not for oil or to be war president to get his bills passes with the Democrats voting for them. But for jobs since the US is war economy, butter for guns after the outsourcing, illegal and foreign workers taking our jobs and wages down. obama kept up the wars, because of the high unemployment instead of sending the illegal and foreign workers back so the unemployed American workers could have their jobs. That is another thing he spent not only on wars but the constant unemployment benefits making the Americans not American workers but on welfare. Yes and then obama giving the African American and Native Americans over 4 billion dollars borrowed money when we are broke. Swear he is trying to bankrupt this country with all his spending when we are broke and in debt. Only 4 and half percent of the illegal are on farms the rest our taking the trades like plumbers, electricians etc, construction, roofing, landscaping all jobs the unemployed Americans could do.

    Hillary a part of the clinton admin. put in NAFTA, one way trade with China, took our manufacturing base so if we get in war we will lose and who knows that better than two southern boys, man way up in the UAW said the clintons only put in a few manufacturing jobs, they didn’t have enough men in Somali nor equip them like brother bush and they just barely made it out and some didn’t, the stole our WH dishes. A lot of good their budget did when millions of American jobs went offshore on SS and US taxes. Biggest habitual chaser and enabler. Gore worked on NAFTA the last year of his vp. When he was on Larry King he called it “My NAFTA,”

    Palin had 50 ethic violations as governor of AK which were erased. In l972 there was a documentary on TV showing the killing of wolves from the air which made the people angry and they put in the l972 Federal law against killing wolves from the air which Palin broke and found loop holes to get around it. She has killed those darling beluga whales which are almost extinct, wolves, walrus and the polar bears with legislation and guns. She is a thrill for the kill hunter with her bible on her other hand. She is so stupid she went to 7 colleges who goes to 7 colleges? She didn’t even know what NAFTA meant as governor of AK, she said we were allies with North Korea no mistake she thought it, she wrote the topics on her hands for a speech. They are running her for the next puppet, because she is stupid and easily manipulated like bush for the next puppet like clintons and obama too. She is using the fundies like bush did to get elected twice with his Born again Christians, because she is a greedy opportunist. After the fundies left the oval office bush and the Republicans made fun of them. We will be the laughing stock of the world with her as president.

    clinton no conspiracy it was on History Channel that clinton belongs to the most inner secret society which started with B from Belgium they meet every year and every 4 years in US. The man who narrated it said men like them are not just playing cards. So they did not put it on as conspiracy theory but the truth. So clinton is either a puppet or one of them.

  18. OH PLZ .......... Lake OH PLZ .......... Lake May 27, 2010

    Me too, and after his death the ‘Howard Jarvis Tax Protest’ became a well know ‘Endorsement for Hirer’ ………. sad to say, but both *personal experience * and *multiple references* show the way!

    Like Chelene Ward Nightingale, Jim Gilchrist’s basic problem is not partisan ship but (the lack of) ethics ………

    When non Dems and non GOP do not communicate with the poor and powerless (like California federal felons Puke Cunningham (Republicrat) and Wade Sanders (Democan), keep digging, they may join Nightingale and Grundmann (in prison ………..)!

  19. Zero Party Revolution Zero Party Revolution May 27, 2010

    Serves Gilchrest right that he got caught, because he ran under a political party rather than as an independent. I hope he goes to prison.

  20. oh come on, woldefan, look at the source ……..

    In the various state reform movement organizations ‘certain’ individuals would almost always have a hissie fit it any thing non violent was mentioned ’bout a Democrat.

    To a person, these GOP moles are now firmly back in the Republican fold ……..

  21. wolfefan wolfefan May 27, 2010

    The media gave Blagojevich a pass? I missed that one. And I saw plenty of speculation about the other two in the media – just no evidence.

  22. Like Chelene Ward Nightingale in 2009, I (and Cititzens For A Better Veterans Home) found Jim Gilchrist and his 2005 elections staff to be distant and unresponsive.

    I guess even with the ‘Loyal Opposition’ the phrase of the day is ‘Pay to Play’!

    I have heard of the ‘extortion’ rumors concerning Jim and other folks —– and they have met my personal ‘multiple references’ criteria. But as I had no direct 2009 /2010 contact —— I did not rant and rave.

    Of course I also have no money.

  23. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | May 27, 2010

    “Gilchrist has been a Republican for four years and is now very antagonistic to most of us in the Constitution Party or American Independent Party of California who supported and worked hard for him in the fall of 2005 during the aforementioned special election. I think it is a stretch, Trent, to file this under “Constitution Party.””

    The news is about Jim Gilchrist, whose third party connection is that he used to be Constitution Party–so the label is 100% correct. We have similarly filed stories about Ron Paul under “Libertarian” because that is HIS third party connection. The same goes for individuals like Kelly Rosberg, formerly of the Nebraska Party, who then ran as a Republican.

  24. Peter Gemma Peter Gemma May 27, 2010

    Gilchrist was discredited and disavowed long ago by the immigration reform movement. His name only “sells” in news releases on occasion – it doesn’t translate into votes:

  25. Gary Odom Gary Odom May 27, 2010

    Gilchrist has been a Republican for four years and is now very antagonistic to most of us in the Constitution Party or American Independent Party of California who supported and worked hard for him in the fall of 2005 during the aforementioned special election. I think it is a stretch, Trent, to file this under “Constitution Party.”

    I guess this is another very rare instance where my “ol buddy” Mark Seidenberg and I would agree –neither of us would now want his very close friend, Republican Jim Gilchrist, to be connected or associated with the Constitution Party.

    Maybe you should open up a new file category for “political predators and financial opportunists.”

  26. Eric Dondero Eric Dondero May 27, 2010

    Oddly familiar to Obama, Rahmbo and Blagojevich selling US Senate seats. Only difference is if you’ve got a ‘D’ next to your name the liberal media gives you a complete pass. “Just politics.”

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