Kristin Davis says Lawrence Taylor case illustrates the evils of illegal prostitution

Press release posted at Davis for Governor:


Sees New York in the “Courtesan” business raking in Billions

Kristin Davis, Independent candidate for Governor of New York running on a Libertarian platform said the recent charges against Former New York Giants linebacker and Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor.” illustrate the problem will illegal Prostitution ” Taylor was arrested last week with the charge of 3rdegree rape of a minor, a felony, and patronizing a prostitute in the third degree, a misdemeanor. He is facing up to 4 years in prison and his bail was set at $75,000.

The prostitute Taylor was caught with was only 15 years old. In fact, she was a runaway who was living with her parolee Uncle who allegedly forced her into prostitution and dragged her to Taylor’s hotel room.

“This is further evidence that illegal prostitution must end” said Davis. “There is a stigma attached these acts where women are easily led to believe that they have committed a criminal wrongdoing and are afraid to call the police. They will risk their safety to avoid perceived prosecution” said Davis who once opened and owned the most successful escort agency in US History.

“If prostitution is licensed and regulated as well as taxed, it would both promote the public safety and better protect the public health,” said Davis.” If we know where every “courtesan” is we will better be able to protect them from killers and psychos- and do away with pimps so you can eliminate drugs and trafficking of women who do not wish to be prostitutes” said Davis.

“I would take prostitution and put it in one or two remote industrial areas- require proof of age to be a customer, require regular health check-ups and of course, promote and require safe sex at all times. Prostitution anywhere in New York other than these designated area would still be a crime, Davis said in a statement.

“The 15 year old prostitute in the LT case is symbolic of what is happening today- where just as gangsters ran prohibition until it was repealed, criminal elements will be involved with prostitution until it is legalized. Legalization will drive the underworld out of prostitution” the statement concluded.

Notably, the press release calls Davis an independent candidate. Earlier this year, Davis planned to run for the Libertarian nomination, but did not end up going to the convention, and the nomination went to Warren Redlich. Then, Davis said she would revive the Free Libertarian Party of New York. Prior to the LPNY nomination, Davis alternatively said she would run as a Libertarian, independent, or Personal Freedom Party candidate. As of today, the front page of still says “ABOUT KRISTIN’S CAMPAIGN
New York PERSONAL FREEDOM PARTY candidate Kristin Davis is the only genuine reform candidate for Governor of the most dysfunctional state in the country- New York State.”

22 thoughts on “Kristin Davis says Lawrence Taylor case illustrates the evils of illegal prostitution

  1. clay

    I think prostitution should be legal and not taxed. I think gay marriage should absolutely be legal. I think we should be allowed to grown a ton of pot in our back yards if we want to….But I think Kristin Davis SUCKS!!!!!!!

    She doesn’t stand for anything. She doesn’t believe in anything. She’s only good as a complete joke Mickey Mouse candidate.

    It would have been better if she was auctioning off sex with prostitutes at her event.

  2. paulie Post author

    She doesn’t stand for anything. She doesn’t believe in anything.

    That’s not true. See the interview at

    She does have stances and beliefs, clearly.

    In other interviews/articles she has said she agrees with about 80% of the LP platform.

    I’d be curious to know which 80%.

    It would have been better if she was auctioning off sex with prostitutes at her event.

    I imagine that would have been a parole/probation violation.

  3. clay


    She really doesn’t say anything in that interview. The article is nicely written. But it’s garabage journalism. Sensationalism. So she knows a few very broad statistics of personal relevance to her. Big deal. What would she do as Governor at New York? How will she answer questions about things like how wide a street should be, what kind of development should be allowed in the Adirondacks, How will the furloughs of state employees potentially effect the economy more broadly? What about building wind farms? How should immigration with Canada be handled? How much mercury should be in our water?

    She says Spitzer was abusive to her escorts. Is she ready for all the legalities regarding how a client may handle the body and mind of a paid prostitute?

    The Governor of New York State will have to deal with this stuff and much much more. She constantly gives the impression that she, like Paterson, hasn’t got a clue. She’s too narrow.

  4. paulie Post author

    Well, this answer was pretty good:

    “I’m a Libertarian. Barry Goldwater is a personal hero. I believe in free men, free women and free markets. I distrust government. I believe in the individual. I think a woman must control her own body when it comes to abortion or choosing to rent it for an hour. I like Ron Paul and much of what he stands for. I support gun rights.

    Obviously I’m a social liberal.”

  5. paulie Post author

    As I said – I’d be interested in hearing what specifically she agrees and disagrees with in the LP platform. She said she read it and agreed with 80%.

  6. paulie Post author

    From the selection quoted at #7, she sounds fairly libertarian economically. Maybe foreign policy? No idea, just guessing.

  7. Mik Robertson

    @6 “How will she answer questions about things like how wide a street should be…”

    Is that really something the Governor should be addressing?

    “…what kind of development should be allowed in the Adirondacks…”

    Wouldn’t that be a local issue?

    “How will the furloughs of state employees potentially effect the economy more broadly?”

    Is an economic impact analysis necessary in order to make any changes to state government? I think different economists would assess the same actions differently. Should it be a requirement that one be an economist in order to be Governor?

    What about building wind farms?

    What about building wind farms?

    How should immigration with Canada be handled?

    Immigration policy should be set at the federal level. If there are specific issues with illegal immigrants from Canada causing problems in New York, then perhaps some state action would be warranted, as in Arizona. Are you referring to some specific problems?

    “How much mercury should be in our water?”

    That is probably best determined in consultation with the Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Conservation. Again it should not be necessary to be an expert in public health or environmental quality to be Governor, although some awareness of the issues would be good.

    It seems like most of the issues raised are marginal to evaluating whether someone would be a good Governor. This is a good one, though:

    Is she ready for all the legalities regarding how a client may handle the body and mind of a paid prostitute?”

    I think her point is if it were legal, then those issues would be handled as they would in any workplace or profession. There are occupations where personal contact is part of the job, doctors, athletes, massage therapists, etc. There are also other places to look for some guidance, as well, e.g. Amsterdam or Nevada.

    How do the other candidates stack up?

  8. LibertarianBlue


    Your post at #4 are exactly the reasons why I didnt want her to get the nomination. Levy, Cuomo, Bartczak, Paladino, and Lazio would make her business the issue why not to vote for her.

  9. Erik G.

    paulie @ 7/10,

    I certainly hope she’s not a “social liberal.”

    People need to familiarize themselves with political terms if they’re going to run for office or be active in political organizations.

    I tend to let this particular usage slide with most people, but not candidates for office. And yes, I know how quickly/easily terms change or evolve (particularly in the United States), but in political science circles this one’s pretty set.

    Granted, this could be the “20%” of the platform she disagrees with…?

  10. Erik G.

    clay @6,

    And you assume that the other gubernatorial candidates actually know those answers? That’s… interesting.

  11. clay

    I don’t think any executive who thinks they can only address several pet issues while in office, or that only their preferred issues will come up for legislation, will have a very successful term in office. The Governor of New York State sets the budget. They meet with the leaders of the Senate and Assembly. they know, or should know, what bills are floating around. They should have positions on lots of issues because lots of issues are going to come up. The people need to know what they might sign and what they might veto. If a candidate wants to enact significant changes to public policy regarding several issues, fine. But a Governor has got to know the local issues of the state.

    Case in point: Governor Paterson is trying to force 100,000 civil servants to take an effective 20% pay cut until the legislature passes the budget. One hopes he’s considered the broad economic and social ramifications of this act. it might be a good thing or a bad thing. But the voters should get a sense from Davis regarding her opinion on this, in case it happens again.

    All the issues I thew out earlier may immediately be addressed by offices other than the executive. But tangentially her veto pen and his executive orders will have profound effects on all this stuff.

  12. Erik G.

    clay @ 16,

    Yes, but again, do you really think the other candidates know these answers as well? Really?

    Most candidates for office, especially the big ones, rarely grasp a lot about issues outside of their ‘pet issues.’ They usually rely upon experts from their staff when it comes to policy questions – candidates are usually just the glitz and glamor that shake hands with as many constituent and interest groups as possible.

  13. Erik G.

    paulie @ 18,

    I realize that’s what she likely meant, but she should still familiarize herself with how to say that properly. “Socially liberal,” for example, though far from perfect, is still infinitely better than “social liberal.”


    Vermont Secretary of State Elections Division, David Crossman, May 18, 2010
    called candidate Cris Ericson,
    representing the
    and confirmed that she would be on the
    Nov. 2, 2010 Ballot in Vermont for
    and for
    U.S. Senator for Vermont.

    It is legal in Vermont to be on the ballot for one state and one federal office.

    U.S. Marijuana Party results are updated every friday, see candidates for the General Election.

  15. Ms. Cris Ericson

    MAY 19, 2010

    Because I (Ms. Cris Ericson) already have my ballot access petition signatures certified
    update will be posted May 21, 2010
    and I will be on the official election ballot representing the
    United States MARIJUANA Party
    for Governor and for United States Senator for Vermont,
    right now would be a good time for Kristin Davis to CALL ME (802)875-4038 and discuss
    how I can help her campaign
    because New York shares a very long border
    with Vermont, as well as Lake Champlain where
    drugs are allegedly motor-boated across and around and about andback and forth from Canada,
    and Vermont and New York ALSO share a borders with Canada as well as each other.

    See? Vermont and New York share a long border,
    Vermont and New York share Lake Champlain,
    Vermont and New York both border Canada,
    so I could be of huge help to Kristin Davis.

    What I would simply require, and this would be legal under the new U.S. Supreme Court OPINION allowing Corporations to promote political campaigns,
    would be total all out funding for a reality t.v. show to follow both of our campaigns
    bunny hopping along the border trails and
    canoeing across the lake bare breasted in the sun.

    Interested, Kristin?

    Ms. Cris Ericson
    879 Church Street
    Chester, Vermont 05143-9375
    (802) 875-4038
    CALL ME!

    and yes, I am a totally entirely separate legal entity from the
    United States Marijuana Party at
    the domains


    because Rich Rawlings, President of
    and I
    don’t see
    eye to eye.

    We only agree to share the NAME,



  16. paulie Post author

    Kristin Davis has never commented here, although her staffer Andrew Miller has, so I don’t know that comments here would be reaching her. You would be better off to contact her directly.

    I do notice that
    has a rather prominent marijuana leaf in the logo at the top.

    As a Manhattan resident, I’m not sure how much campaigning Ms. Davis plans to do in the Lake Champlain area.

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