LNC Chair candidate Mark Hinkle raises funds for No on Prop 14 TV Ad campaign

Email from Mark Hinkle:

Dear Libertarian allies,

My friend June Genis, a long long time Libertarian, is mounting a grassroots effort to buy TV ADS to expose the lies behind Prop 14 on the June 8th primary ballot.

The Libertarian Party of California is a conducting a tele-marketing campaign to reach registered libertarians, but we also need to reach voters and TV is one of the best way to do that on a massive scale.

Please visit the link below and let June know if you can provide any financial support.

Prop 14 is undoubtedly the most serious threat the Libertarian Party of California has ever faced.

The proponents are spending millions to destroy us and all other third Parties in California.

And since this measure is already law in two other states (Washington and Louisiana) we already know it won’t do what it’s advertised to do.

It will, in fact, insure incumbents are always re-elected (123 out of 124 in the last election cycle in Washington state).

Not that the R’s and D’s need any more insurance to get re-elected here in California, as not a single incumbent who was allowed to run for re-election has lost in the last 3 election cycles.

Prop 14 is an attempt to game the system and eliminate the competition.

For specific details on how you can help, please see the first link below to buy TV ADS.

If you can help, please do so.

Yours in liberty………………Mark Hinkle
Candidate for State Senate, District 15 special election


P.S. if you want the gory details on Prop 14, please see the No on Prop 14 web site: www.stoptoptwo.org

3 thoughts on “LNC Chair candidate Mark Hinkle raises funds for No on Prop 14 TV Ad campaign

  1. Gene Trosper

    Yay. Changing my voter registration from “Libertarian” to “Decline To State” has it’s benefits: no telemarketing calls.

  2. No Name

    I have limited time, tried to find out what Hinkle’s platform was regarding the upcoming election — all I found was endless information on the Liertarian party! Oh well, back to the basics!

  3. paulie Post author

    @2 Not sure what you mean. If you mean his position on 14/”88″, obviously, against – he’s making calls to get people to vote no.

    If you mean the internal LP election for chair he just won, see http://mark4chair.com/

    If you mean something else, I don’t know what that is.

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