June Genis: Time running out to get Anti-Prop 14 ads on the air

There is still a chance that we may be able to buy some more of the Green/P&F type cable TV ads but time is running out. It will take 2 days to produce an LP version (although at this point I personally don’t care whose names are on them).

If people will pledge money (please indicate if you’re willing to use the Green or P&F versions or require an LP version) please send me you pledges at buy prednisone from india synthesis essay ap professional papers proofreading services for college harvard mba essay sample covering letter for research proposal cialis П‡О±ПЂО№ best paper writing service quelle est le prix du viagra enter https://www.nypre.com/programs/unique-argument-essay-topics/37/ technical writer click here http://www.danhostel.org/papers/research-paper-results-example/11/ how to get cialis for free source site cost of viagra without insurance how to write comments in css file https://grad.cochise.edu/college/thesis-acknowledgement-to-god/20/ avodart viagra writing clear essays biology homework help essay in idleness viagra commercial in treehouse buy papers for college online ciao is 10 mg online https://invobioscience.com/the-invo-solution/viagra-triangle-bars/22/ definition essay love http://snowdropfoundation.org/papers/dissertation-ideas-marketing/12/ dissertation family words thesis statement about the egyptian revolution https://rainierfruit.com/viagra-online-real-fake/ cheap essays for sale junegenis@gmail.com. If I get enough in pledges from sources I trust I will front the money necessary to guarantee getting the time. In case you didn’t see my comments on other posts about costs and markets, here it is again.

Waiting for the logs, but PF party spots will appear in the
SF zone, Berkeley zone, Contra Costa zone, Sacramento zone
this coming week, through Friday. And in the Hollywood LA zone
May 31-June 7. About 450 times ($11 a spot) for CNN, Headline
News, and MNBC.

The Green spot will appear in the SF zone, Hayward/Oakland
zone and Sacramento zone this coming week, through Friday. And
in the LA Santa Monica etc zone May 31-June 7. About 300 times
($11 a spot) for CNN, Headline News, and MNBC.

The following was sent out by the Libertarian Party of California about Prop 14:

Why Defeat Proposition 14?

Proposition 14 would change California’s voting system in the following ways:

1. Parties will no longer be able to hold closed Primary Elections, and thus will not be able to protect themselves from ill-intended outside interference from the two major Parties.

2. Only the two candidates who get the most votes in the Primary Elections would be put on the ballot for the General Election in November, regardless of their Party affiliations. Thus, a race on the November ballot will have only two candidates, and it would almost certainly be a Democrat and a Republican, or two Democrats, or two Republicans. Voters will lose choices in the elections that count!

3. It would also eliminate write-in votes in the General Election, further guaranteeing that only Democratic and Republican Party candidates will ever be put on a California General Election ballot.

4. With NO Libertarians candidates on the General Election ballot, our Party will likely lose ballot access, forcing us to spend enormous amounts of money and volunteer hours to regain it every year.

Since there are still a majority of Democrats and Republicans in California, it’s unlikely that any other Party’s candidates would ever make it to the General Elections ballot, where all voters can vote for whichever candidates they wish.

It practically guarantees that Democrats or Republicans will be on California’s General Election ballot in every race, but other parties’ candidates never will be on California’s General Elections ballot.

The only way this pernicious proposal could get on this June’s ballot was by Republican Abel Maldonado cutting a back-room deal to approve Governor Schwarzenegger’s unpopular budget. It needed only one vote to pass, and Maldonado sold his vote to the Governator. In return, our Governor supported this protectionist proposition by hosting a very expensive fund raiser in Los Angeles just last night.

Proposition 14 is a worthless proposal, except that it will protect Democratic and Republican Party candidates from the increasing competition of other Parties’ candidates.

Help us stop Proposition 14!

Californians will vote on Prop 14 on June 8.

9 thoughts on “June Genis: Time running out to get Anti-Prop 14 ads on the air

  1. Prop 14 Supporter

    Time is running out to get pro-Prop 14 ads on the air too. We’re running late with this. The dream is still alive, but only barely.

  2. June

    Yup anyone who thinks Prop 14 will do what the proponents say it will is definitely dreaming.

  3. June

    Just got word from Cres that his production person is doing an LP version of the Green Party ad “on spec” 🙂 I should be able to post a link to it before 7pm.

    I will send a check tomorrow based on all pledges received by 3pm and tell Cres to buy whatever is still available. He wants to buy some new zones (like Orange county where “Libertarian Party” should resonate positively) as well as buy time closer to the primary in zones where ads are already running.

  4. Trent Hill

    Prop 14 Supporter,

    Hardly–radio and television ads have been drowning out any opposition. Prop 14 supporters had millions.

  5. June

    OK, here is the proposed LP version of the ad so far. Both Cres and I think that we should change the website reference to http://www.StopTopTwo.org as it gives people someplace to go for specific anti-prop 14 info. We will use the version that most people (as measured by their dollar contributions) like, so please include your preference in your email pledge If we raise gobs of money we can try to run some of both, assuming time is still available.

    I am personally pledging $220 for 10 ads. Please buy as many as you can but most importantly do it asap. I will continue sending daily checks to Cres as pledges come in until he tells me no more time slots are available.

    Here is the link:

  6. Prop 14 Supporter ????????? .......... Lake

    5 responses so far ?

    *1 Prop 14 Supporter // May 23, 2010:
    ” Time is running out to get pro-Prop 14 ads on the air too. We’re running late with this. The dream is still alive, but only barely ……….”

    Huh ????? Tsunami after electronic tsunami …..

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