New Path Plan for the Libertarian Party: ‘Do Real Politics’

Via email from George Phillies. New Path for the LP is a slate of candidates for the Libertarian National Committee, and George Phillies is their candidate for Chair. This is Step 2 of Part Three of the 63-page New Path plan for the LP. IPR is not endorsing any LNC candidates, and is interested in articles from all the different campaigns.

The Libertarian National Committee is tasked with a short series of Mission Critical Activities. We need to raise and spend money well. We need to recruit and retain members. We need to run a first-rate back office. But above all, we need to Do Real Politics. A political party that is not doing real politics is really not doing anything; it’s just occupying space and draining its members’ wallets.

Part Two lists a long series of ways of doing real politics. They’re all the important and worthwhile activities. We don’t claim that list is good, but it’s a good start. We don’t claim we’re going to be able to do all of them, all at once, as though we were about to become the majority party. We do promise you that we’re going to make a start on all of them, enough of a start that our present and future donors will have the flavor of the activity, and be ready to invest in it if they want. Some of the activities we propose, such as running a national convention, reinvigorating state affiliates, and making down loadable trifolds available, are fairly self-explanatory. A few could use a bit more discussion, and that’s what we offer here.

Outreach and Advertising

If we are not putting the Libertarian message in front of the American people, we are failing. We need to make sure that when people realize the duopoly party is not for them, they remember our Libertarian Party.

To reach our potential supporters, we must use the media that reach them. That’s advertising: The Internet. The World Wide Web. Internet social groups. Then, closer to election season, we have Radio. Television. Newspapers and magazines. Theater slides. To reach young people who have not yet chosen a party, the Internet in all its manifestations should be a primary target for the National Committee.

The National Committee should have a substantial internet advertising budget that we keep spending month after month.

We’re here to persuade other people to Vote Libertarian! time after time, not just to reassure ourselves that it’s OK for us to vote for ourselves. Running candidates is the most fundamental outreach method, but it is linked to the election cycle: No election, no campaign.

Political campaigns send libertarian ideas to voters when they are most likely to listen. Campaigns serve as external outreach to potentially-libertarian voters. Campaigns also serve as internal outreach, sending Libertarian voters the message that they could become activists. The National Committee should support the Presidential campaign every four years, and other Federal campaigns when they take place. “Support” includes not only ballot access funding but also independent expenditures.

Every Libertarian Party group should identify and cultivate media contacts. We each focus on media outlets that cover our group’s geographic range. For the National Committee, that range is the entire United States. For a few thousand dollars, you can buy a complete media contact list and filter it down to a high-quality list; the National Committee usefully does this once for the entire party.

Build the Voter Base

You can’t buy a voter base. You have to earn one. We can earn a voter base if we:
* consistently put our name and stands before the public,
* run good candidates,
* give candidates solid support,
* sell the electorate on our answers to their problems, and
* deliver excellent performance when elected.
Above all, we gain a voter base by recruiting young people not yet committed to any party.
We can also be given a voter base. Our opponents give us a voter base when they
*consistently elect the corrupt and the incompetent
*enact policies that lead to disaster
*insult, abuse, and scapegoat groups of voters.

In about two dozen states — the exact number fluctuates — you can watch our voter base grow, because as our real support grows the number of registered Libertarians will grow at the same time. That’s a one way street. Our supporters will tend to register Libertarian.

Registering someone as a Libertarian will not make them our supporter. You may still need to register people as Libertarians for some other reason, such as ballot access. We still need that voter base. Without a large, solid Libertarian voter base, regular victories will be few and far between.

4 thoughts on “New Path Plan for the Libertarian Party: ‘Do Real Politics’

  1. Steven Wilson

    The new path is a great idea, and long overdue. It is not perfect, but at least a plan of action. If a party is to operate here, it must build from the bottom up. National is nothing with no soldier.

    I also like Myers county chair ideas. I hope they will work together.

    As a candidate, I am dealing with the same questions. What is this party? What is a libertarian?

    I hope people vote for Phillies. Or Myers, anything but Root.

  2. Michael H. Wilson

    Best plan I have seen in years. Go for it!
    Not that what I say matter a whole lot but I would suggest that people get behind the Phillies crew and vote for them.

  3. haa haaa haaa

    Well it will do no good as Phillies does not nor will he ever have the exposure that Root has. It will be as it has been the last 39 years, no where. No one is paying attention to Phillies now and no one will pay attention to him later.

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