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New York Constitution Party nominee for Governor, Jan Johnson, presides at Obama Birther ‘trial’

Linda Bentley reports in the Sonoran News:

ATLAH, N.Y. – Dr. James David Manning has renamed Harlem “ATLAH,” a name “given to him by Almighty God” on Sept. 14, 1991, which means “the land where the people shall walk barefoot, because the land is holy ground.”

Manning got the world’s attention through his animated videos posted on YouTube condemning Obama, whom he refers to repeatedly as the “long-legged Mac Daddy,” which means “top pimp.”

However, Manning isn’t just calling Obama names; he’s calling Obama out as an impostor and usurper, illegally holding the office of President of the United States, in the name of the Lord, America and the Constitution. Manning is also holding Columbia University responsible for being complicit in a scheme to falsify Obama’s credentials and background and contends he can prove Obama never attended Columbia.

Manning decided to hold what he calls a “10th Amendment sanctioned trial” after reviewing the briefs filed by myriad attorneys and watching as case after case was categorically denied access or due process on the matter of Obama’s eligibility to hold office, whereas no person appears to have standing to uphold Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, which states, “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen years a Resident within the United States.”

According to Manning, it’s not a grand jury, it’s not a hearing; it’s a trial. He said, “We are going to adjudicate this trial in such a way that it will be historically respectful and appellate-proof.”

“We have proof of Obama’s ineligibility,” declared Manning, “We have documented evidence that Barack Hussein Obama II is not a ‘natural born Citizen,’ as required by the U.S. Constitution to be President of the United States, and that Obama also did not attend Columbia University from 1981-1983 as Obama has claimed.”

The article goes on to say,

On May 15, following the morning march around Columbia University, Manning introduced Jan Johnson, a member of his congregation, who is also running for governor of the state of New York as a Constitution Party candidate, and agreed to sit in that day as a substitute judge.

Pointing out Johnson had never presided as a judge before, Manning quipped, “Neither has Elena Kagan,” Obama’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.

In other alternative party news connected to the ‘trial’, Libertarian 2008 VP nominee Wayne Allyn Root, currently a candidate for national committee chair at next week’s national convention in St. Louis, had at first said he would testify, then backed out. The Boston Tea Party’s Jim Davidson said he met Obama at Columbia and told Wayne Root about it, and some prominent critics in the libertarian blogosphere continued to criticize Root’s withdrawal from the ‘trial’ as disingenuous.

And from Bentley’s article,

Manning provided video documentation of the Certification of Live Birth displayed online by FactCheck as “proof” of Obama’s eligibility and the host of articles ridiculing “Birthers” in the mainstream media.

He then called Cody Robert Judy to the stand.

Judy ran for president in 2008 as a Conservative Party candidate. He also filed a lawsuit against John McCain and the RNC, contending McCain was constitutionally ineligible to be president, as he was born in Panama.

Judy testified it wasn’t until eleven months after McCain was born that legislation was passed making children born to American Citizens in Panama, American citizens.

At the time, Judy said he wasn’t really cognizant of Obama’s lack of eligibility, since he was busy “cleaning up my own house.”

However, according to Judy, the judge failed to timely rule in his case, waiting until after McCain lost the election, and then dismissed the case as moot.

Judy also testified there was a legislative attempt to eliminate the natural born citizenship requirement back in 2000 when McCain first ran for president.

Although the natural born citizen clause has yet to be challenged in court, Obama sponsored a non-binding resolution declaring McCain a natural born citizen, and Judy believes not a single Republican objected to Obama’s candidacy because Obama sponsored a bill declaring McCain eligible. In other words, he said, the Republicans looked the other way because they “got their candidate.”

Video of Pastor Manning describing the ‘trial’:

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  1. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk May 22, 2010

    Only to morons like you.

  2. renoza renoza May 21, 2010

    This makes the constitution party look radical and strange.

  3. MORE .......... Lake MORE .......... Lake May 20, 2010

    Thank you, some thing I have been insinuating since B4 2000, and received much grief about!

  4. Mark Seidenberg Mark Seidenberg May 20, 2010

    John McCain is not a Citizen of the United States. He was born in the Republic of Panama
    and not in the Canal Zone. His birth place was
    Colon Island at the Colon Hospital on August 29, 1936. His mother never married his putative
    father as he claims in Mexico. He was born out of wedlock. Admiral McCain and Roberta Wright did not go to the Court in Panama City,
    Panama to acknowledge John McCain III as the
    son of John McCain II, so he could not claim
    citizenship from his putative father who an employee at the time of his birth of the United
    States Governemnt under section 2 of the Act of August 4, 1937 (collective naturalization act for
    children born in Panama). He could not claim from his mother Roberta Wright, because she
    was not employed by the United States Government nor the Panama Railroad Company
    {which was and still is a requirement for a child
    born in Panama with United States Citizen Parents, viz., one parent employed by the United
    States Government or the Panama Railroad Company or successor}.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  5. Trent Hill Trent Hill May 20, 2010

    2 Kings 2:23-24 has always helped me. I hope it helps the rest of you.

  6. David Artesani David Artesani May 20, 2010

    Thank you Rev. Manning for being a Patriot.
    Psalm #3 has always helped me,may it help you.

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