Wayne Root’s vow to testify at Rev. Manning’s Obama Birther ‘trial’ draws catcalls from Balko, Mataconis, others

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Radley Balko writes at The Agitator,

I’ve made it clear that I’m no fan of Wayne Allyn Root, the Las Vegas sports handicapper running for chair of the Libertarian Party. Root has also indicated that he plans to run for president in 2012 under the LP banner. I criticized Root last year for boasting about his appearances on Michael Savage’s syndicated radio show. Savage is a bigot, a warmonger, and a culture warrior. Not really the sort of platform libertarians should be seeking out. To put it mildly.

Now, Root has gone off the deep end. Or at least further off the deep end. Here’s a snapshot from his Facebook page:

CM Capture 2

Here’s a description of the “trial” to which Root is referring:

With thousands of spectators expecting to attend, Dr. James Manning’s ‘trial of the century’ of Barack Obama on charges of treason, fraud, and sedition begins tomorrow morning at 9 AM in New York City.

Co-defendants in the trial are Columbia University and the CIA.

In the last days of the run-up to the trial, Manning revealed that he has sources in government that will testify against Obama, Columbia, and the CIA. He also reported explosive information that Barack Obama has used upwards of 20 different Social Security numbers during his life.

Witnesses are expected to testify at the trial that Barack Obama was never a student at Columbia University, although he received a degree from the school…

Other witnesses are expected to testify that Obama fails the Constitutional test for Presidential eligibility due to the fact that his father was a British subject at the time of his birth and his mother was not old enough to confer citizenship when he was born.

A dramatic new revelation, however, may serve to re-emphasize the importance of the trial. The state of Hawaii, according to sources, did NOT accept his birth registration that was filed, despite issuing a ’statement of live birth.’

This could mean that although the state issued a certification of live birth (which is NOT a ‘birth certificate’), the process for filing for an official birth certificate in 1961 was never completed and was thus not accepted by state officials…

Oh, but it gets better. According to a flier for the event, Obama . . .

. . . was a C.I.A. operative who used Columbia University as a cover to go to Pakistan in 1981 when the C.I.A. and the Mujahideen worked together against the Soviet invasion. Obama supplied arms, logistics, and money using his Muslim background.

Root indicates in prior Facebook entries that he doesn’t believe Obama actually attended Columbia University.

I never knew him…never met him…never saw him…never heard of Obama. Neither has anyone [sic] of my classmates. No one I know from Columbia University has ever met or heard of a classmate named Barack Obama or Barry Sotero. Strange, huh?

Root made a similar accusation in an interview with Reason. He was appropriately mocked for it. That Root wouldn’t have run in the same circles as Obama in a school with thousands of undergrads isn’t particularly strange at all.

Look, I’m not a member of the Libertarian Party, though I’ve spoken to several state conventions over the last couple years. I have my problems with the party, but I’d like to see it do well, in part because for better or worse the LP has a significant impact on how people view libertarianism.

So let’s be clear about this: If Wayne Allyn Root becomes the face of the LP, it will be an unmitigated disaster for the party. It will also likely do quite a bit of damage to the public perception of libertarianism as a philosophy.

This is batshit crazy, off-the-charts conspiratorial hogwash. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Barack Obama. Root has chosen to dip into angry-white-guy, “Obama’s a secret Muslim” absolute and utter lunacy.

Libertarians: The man is a nut. Associate with him at your peril.

The story was picked up by Doug Mataconis at Below the Beltway and The Liberty Papers. Mataconis agrees with Balko’s conclusions.

And at East Metro Atlanta LP, Jason Pye writes

Wayne Root joins The Crazy

Radley Balko has a write-up this morning on Wayne Allyn Root, a candidate for chair of the Libertarian National Committee. It seems that he has fallen off the deep end.

This is a guy that said that the next chair of the LP doesn’t need to promote 9/11 conspiracy theories, and I completely agree. But it is apparently fine to promote these insane conspiracy theories about President Barack Obama.

I’ll be a delegate at national, which is in St. Louis in two weeks. I had committed to voting for Wayne Allyn Root, but after reading this, I’m not so sure.

Here’s a video of Rev. Manning talking about his Birther ‘trial’:

Finally, at Libertarian Peacenik, Thomas Sipos writes

Some two years ago, Wayne Allyn Root insinuated that Obama never went to Columbia, simply because Root never met Obama at Columbia, and didn’t know anyone who did.

In October, 2009, an email went viral on the internet, spreading that theory while citing Root.

I’ve now learned that in February 2010, Snopes.com addressed Root’s insinuation. The famous debunking site not only cites people who knew Obama at Columbia, it also cites Root as a source for the rumor.

Of course, Root is also described as the Libertarian Party’s 2008 presidential candidate. I guess Root’s supporters should praise Root for getting the LP brand out there, however embarrassing the context.

From Snopes.com:

“Most expressions of this rumor feed off the statement (referenced in a Wall Street Journal editorial) that ‘Fox News contacted some 400 of [Obama’s] classmates and found no one who remembered him’ and a statement made by Wayne Allyn Root (the Libertarian Party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee who also attended Columbia at the same time as Barack Obama) that ‘I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knows him, and they all know me. I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia.’

“…it isn’t true that ‘no one ever came forward from Obama’s past saying they knew him, attended school with him, was his friend, etc.’ Those who have attested to having daily personal experience with him during his time at that school include:

“Friend and roommate Sohale Siddiqi, whom the Associated Press located and interviewed in May 2008.

“Roommate Phil Boerner, who provided his recollections of sharing a New York City apartment with classmate Barack Obama to the Columbia College Today alumni publication and the New York Times in early 2009.

“Michael L. Baron, who taught the year-long honors seminar in American Foreign Policy that Barack Obama took during his senior year at Columbia and recalled in an NBC interview Obama’s “easily acing” the class and receiving an A for his senior paper on the topic of nuclear negotiations with the Soviet Union.

“…other external evidence documents Barack Obama’s presence at Columbia from 1981-83, including:

“An article by Barack Obama published in the 10 March 1983 edition of Columbia’s Sundial school magazine.

“A January 2005 Columbia College Today profile of Barack Obama as a Columbia alumnus.

“A Columbia College press release from November 2008 identifying him as “the first College alumnus to be elected President of the United States.

“Finally, the fatal flaw in the ‘Obama didn’t go to Columbia’ theory is that he couldn’t have been admitted to Harvard Law School in 1988 without having received an undergraduate degree. … yet his time between the end of his Columbia days in 1983 and his entering Harvard Law in 1988 is accounted for … and no other school claims him as an alumnus, nor does anyone purport to have encountered him as a classmate or student at any other college or university during that period.”

Read the Snopes article.

But I guess the important thing is that Root is getting on Fox News. Who cares if Root’s claims are ridiculous or not? Certainly not the Fox News audience.

Unfortunately, some Libertarians think the LP should likewise sink to that level if it will help the LP “get votes.”

0 thoughts on “Wayne Root’s vow to testify at Rev. Manning’s Obama Birther ‘trial’ draws catcalls from Balko, Mataconis, others

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    It’s beyond belief to me that he thinks this is important enough t0 get on a plane and go all the way to New York to answer a fake subpoena, but yet is mortified when anyone in the LP even mentions that there are inconsistencies in the 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory. What a phenomenally screwed-up sense of what’s important.

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  3. D. Frank Robinson

    So what if Sobama is the CIA’s man in the White House? The CIA is just another corporate subsidiary of the bankster cartel that owns the U.S. government.

    Now suppose one wants to dramatize this. I suppose an off-Broadway play staged as a trial would give a wannabe actor an opportunity to perform. What’s next for W.A.R.? Saturday Night Live? In his dreams no doubt.

    @7: Washington was a Federalist sock-puppet. Nothing kooky about that – stupid or venal maybe.

  4. Robert Milnes

    I do not know much about any of this. However I have written about how I suspect Obama was recruited years-perhaps decades ago-by liberal democrats; perhaps Kennedy himself. I was impressed by how the dominoes fell for Obama in 2008.(as opposed to how I got nowhere) If liberal democrats researched how to get back into the white house after the JFK assassination, they may very well have discovered that the nomination & election could be won by an acceptable black man. But none was available high enough in office (Senate like JFK) so one had to be researched, groomed & railroaded up the ladder. Probably several were including Deval Patrick. The only serious restraint would be if he was assassinated in office. Very possible almost probable riots, escalating to race riots, civil war & martial law. Which would be acceptable to those who would gain by martial law. Therefore I concluded that Obama should resign asap. We could be looking at the end of the USA as we know it.

  5. Maybe this is what going to take

    Regardless, this might be what its going to take, to get people do really pay attention and investigate the truth on this. Maybe this will be the trial that will lead to what is needed to the real thing to actually get the truth out one way or another. It can’t keep being ignored, if he is not qualified to be President. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THE LIES>

  6. Spin, spin, spin, spin .......... Lake

    Maybe this is what going to take // May 17, 2010 :

    As horrible as the Democans and Republicrats have been and their mega tonnage damage to the nation of my birth, why do you look to Independent Political Report for ‘truth’?

    There are non Dems and non GOP activists whom make the bad guys look like choir boys!

  7. Michael H. Wilson

    Milnes I think you are on to something. Makes notes and turn it into a screenplay.

  8. Under the Constitution

    This is a REAL TRIAL. From the checking I did and from what I understand, according to the constitution, this is a REAL TRIAL.

  9. Nicholas Sarwark

    This is a REAL TRIAL. From the checking I did and from what I understand, according to the constitution, this is a REAL TRIAL.

    I’m going to defer to the “checking” and “understanding” of an anonymous Internet poster. Especially since he wrote “REAL TRIAL” in all-caps.

  10. Under the Constitution

    I wouldn’t worry about who I am, Look at the Constitution yourself.

    Citizen Grand Jury.

  11. Ted Brown

    It’s amazing how many supporters of Joe Biden must populate the “birther” movement. Don’t all of those people who dislike Obama and want to see him disqualified realize that the only result would be the elevation of Joe Biden to the presidency. And, of course, that would mean a complete change of direction in Washington. Admit it, promoting this “issue” makes no sense.

  12. paulie Post author

    @17 Everyone KNOWS that CAPITAL LETTERS are CRUISE CONTROL for AWESOME and a more TRUE AND CORRECT argument.


    For Bonus points you must include MUSLIMS and JOOOOZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta love birthers…

  13. Shouldn't Biden by NULL AND VOID

    Biden who is with Obama should also be Null and Void, if Obama is illegal, so is everything associated with Obama is illegal. Biden wasn’t elected, he was picked by Obama, so Obama pick should be also illegal.

  14. paulie Post author

    It’s amazing how many supporters of Joe Biden must populate the “birther” movement. Don’t all of those people who dislike Obama and want to see him disqualified realize that the only result would be the elevation of Joe Biden to the presidency. And, of course, that would mean a complete change of direction in Washington. Admit it, promoting this “issue” makes no sense.

    Have YOU seen Joe Biden’s birth certificate?


  15. paulie Post author

    Biden wasn’t elected, he was picked by Obama,

    Au contraire – he was duly elected by the Electoral College, Ms. Constitutional Scholar.

  16. Doesn't matter

    Doesn’t matter about Biden Birth Certif. He wasn’t elected, he was appointed by Obama. That like saying everything Obama signed into law is valid, it is not, anymore than Biden being valid for being appointed by Obama.

  17. Matt Tucker

    The Bilderberg Group and all its members is the cancer that needs to be cut out of the United States and the world. This is the only cancer that is killing this planet! The bilderbergs here in the United States include Obama Bill and Hillary Clinto, Al Gore, Kerry, Henery Kissinger, the Bushes, and many of our Military leadership and leadership int the CIA FBI the Supreme Court and many many others including just about every member of our Congress and the Senate. The Bilderbergs have been meeting secretly outside the United States behind the backs of the American people and the world since 1954 with a baord of 7 above them (Illuminati) Skull & Bones since 1954 for no other reason or purpose other than to seek out and premeditated twisted perverted plot to financially destroy the United States and kill our Sovereignty and the Sovereignty of all the nations on the planet to create their perverted New World Order to make slaves of the people of earth for their own personal financial gain no matter who they hurt. OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT our ENTIRE SYSTEM has been infiltrated and they need to be nailed to the cross charged with Treason & Conspiracy to not only destroy and over throw the United States but the world. It is no longer a Conspiracy THeory it is a FACT. They have all committed Treason against this Nation our people and the Constitution at so many levels openly over National TV yet no one says anything. NOBODY does anything to stop it. Lotterette and others have told us they too believe it is treason but they do nothing to stop it because every single one of them have sold this Nation out. If they do not stop it soon we will rise and sworm like locus and take this Nation back by force!

    A theif hates a well armed adversary!! Remember that!! Why do you think they are pushing small arms treaties with the UN why do you think Obama was going to sign away our Sovereignty at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen!!! and no body was standing up to call it what it is TREASON because they are all in it together all bought and paid for with our moaney, yes THEY ALL NEED TO HAND and then we will confiscate all their TRILLIONS of dollars and use it to pay off this deficit that they deliberately created!!!!!

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  19. paulie Post author

    Doesn’t matter about Biden Birth Certif. He wasn’t elected, he was appointed by Obama.

    He was elected by the Electoral College, as was Obama.

    Next in line after Biden, if I recall correctly, would be Nancy Pelosi. I’m sure that would make the Birthers happy, right?


    WAYNE IS NOT GOING TO TESTIFY. I REPEAT! NOT GOING TO TESTIFY. For anyone of you who gets his notice please make a seperate posting of his letter.

  21. Certified Birth

    “Admit it, promoting this “issue” makes no sense.”

    Maybe or maybe not. Anything that could expose the double standards of law for the American Aristocracy” or demonstrate routine and deliberate lack of diligence in government to the populace is good for the freedom movement. For there to be a question in people’s minds is disturbing in the first place.

    My question is why is there a question?

    Who has the legal responsibility to check the eligibility of a presidential candidate?

    Presumably it would be a function of the Electoral College as they do the actual voting.

  22. paulie Post author

    My question is why is there a question?

    Because some people have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that the president is not completely white and has a “funny” name, especially because he’s a Democrat.

    They’ll give you sorts of other reasons, but that’s the real reason in most cases.

  23. Fact

    When Obama says my muslim faith, it wasn’t by accident, how many of you would say something other than what you actually are. What comes out natural such as something like this. So it is questionable whether he is an actual citizen. I don’t care what color he is, but to say my muslim faith and then to be obviously correct on National TV. oh pleaaazzeee.

  24. Harlequin


    I’ve accidentally said “as a woman, I” before. Did that make my penis suddenly fall off? Was this a cover-up for my radical sex-change as a child?

    No. It was a slip of the tongue. Get over it.

  25. Harlequin

    Also, Fact:

    Even if Obama WERE a Muslim (who cares?) I wasn’t aware there aren’t any natural-born Muslims in the U.S. I guess I should go back to my hometown and tell some of my Muslim high school friends that they weren’t actually born here, and that I’m calling INS on them.

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  27. Mr. Truth

    You are liars…blantant liars…this is just a propaganda piece to steer the weak minded who you prey on!

    Damn you to YOUR father (Satan) in hell!

    Mr. Truth

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  29. wolfefan

    While there are actually some interesting theoretical questions about process, the points are moot. The Electoral College has voted. Congress has certified the vote. The question has been ajudicated in a number of courts. FWIW, Congress has also passed a resolution which recognizes Hawaii as Pres. Obama’s birthplace. Further, the Supreme Court has ruled in other contexts that not every constitutional violation has a remedy. The only way to remove a President is impeachment, so any remedy would have to go through the Congress.

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