Resource Party Runs Candidates For the First Time, Grassroots Party Makes a Comeback

Richard Winger reports at Ballot Access News on the founding of a new party, the Resource Party of Minnesota, which is running candidate in 2010. He also cites the resurrection of an older party, the Grassroots Party of Minnesota.

The Resource Party appears to have placed its nominees on the Minnesota ballot for the joint ticket of Governor-Lieutenant Governor, and also Attorney General. The gubernatorial nominee is Linda S. Eno. See here for the party’s platform. Thanks to Oliver Steinberg for this news.

An older party, the Grassroots Party, also appears to have made a comeback in Minnesota this year, placing its nominees on for the Governor-Lieutenant Governor as well as Auditor. The Grassroots Party emphasizes legalizing marijuana. It had placed nominees on the ballot in Minnesota in 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, and 2000. It never polled the 5% for any statewide office needed to make it a qualified party.

We previously reported that Ken Pentel, a former Green Party gubernatorial candidate in the state, formed his own party.

11 thoughts on “Resource Party Runs Candidates For the First Time, Grassroots Party Makes a Comeback

  1. Michael Cavlan RN

    Told you folks to keep an eye on Minnesota.

    It is getting crazy but good for alternatives to the two party system out here.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    You don’t think this is going to just split the progressive third party vote a lot?

  3. Don

    The third party will keep stealing the major party votes until the major parties steal third party issues. Legalize Marijuana for all. Grassroots will give the voters back.

  4. Michael Cavlan RN

    No, not at all. More voices more choices.

    It is turning into a beautiful thing out here in Minnesota. Also, having multiple parties makes it more difficult for the two partyy folks to sabotogue them.

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    “No, not at all. More voices more choices.”

    That isnt what I asked. I am, of course, for more choices. But as a matter of strategy, I think progressive third party folks are splitting their votes.

  6. Michael Cavlan RN


    More people who are saying a pox on the Democrats and Republicans is a good thing.

    Not to mention that sadly, we have to start dealing with the very real possibility of the coming death of the Green Party in Minnesota.

    Died from a series of self inflicted wounds.

    Seriously, if Annie Young does not get 1% of the vote and if Farheen Hakeem who is running against Ken Pentel does not, then legally the Green party no longer functions.

    That is the political reality that we are dealing with here in Minnesota.

    The movement to create a real, honest and unafraid resistance to the two party system is alive and well though.

  7. Ross

    Michael, people are not the same thing as parties. If NO party gets 1% of the vote, you’ll all have the same problem.

  8. Michael Cavlan RN


    True but if Ken Pentel gets 1% (highly possible) then the ecology Democracy party is legally born at the same time the Green Party is legally dissolved.

    For the record, I am not pleased at this. I am horrified but sadly, this is what I tried to warn them about.

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