CA Green Party supports Proposition 19, marijuana legalization initiative

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

An article posted at Bay Area Indymedia notes that the California Green Party supports Proposition 19, the Marijuana Legalization Initiative, as does the Peace & Freedom Party. The Democratic Party has taken a neutral official stance on the initiative, the results of which are likely to be close, according to polls. Leading Democrats like US Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown publicly oppose Proposition 19, as does Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

10 thoughts on “CA Green Party supports Proposition 19, marijuana legalization initiative

  1. Conservative Christian

    I’d like to reach out to “soccer moms” and other people who are legitimately, intimately interested in the well-being of children and teens. As a “swim dad” (a near-relative and kindred spirit with soccer moms), I can say that I hope my kids don’t use marijuana, either as teenagers or as young adults, but if they do, I REALLY hope they don’t end up in jail! I hope that all parents will join in the fight to stop putting our own kids in jail over something as silly as marijuana. Yes, it dumbs a person down for a little while (about as bad as a day on the video games) and yes, it has some minor health effects (about as bad as smoking a cigarette, I suppose), but none of those are NEARLY as bad as the effects of being locked up IN JAIL WITH THE SEXUAL PREDATORS, and loss of financial aid, and all of the other bad stuff that comes, not from the marijuana, but from the LAW. It’s time to quit letting the government officials ruin our kids’ lives over a little marijuana! This is a KEY: As parents, we need to consider the harm caused by jail and a criminal record that could happen to OUR KID if he or she got a little off track. The greatest harm marijuana can bring to our children is the potential jail time.
    California parents need to also be on the lookout for the “October Surprise” (some hyped-up scare stories about marijuana), and let’s quit putting our own kids in jail! You can be CERTAIN that the other side is going to mount an October Surprise on this topic, so get your people talking about it NOW so that it won’t be so impressive when it gets rolled out.
    California citizens can register to vote at
    h t t p s : / / w w w Just fill out the form and mail it in!

  2. mtlasagna

    today the country gets more cannabis related news articles in one day than we used to get in a year, and the net organizes them beautifully.

    this a very good sign.

    time to legalize the blessed and righteous herb.

    love and peace

  3. harry

    There is always one winner, the dollar bill.
    Your needs, my needs are not important to anyone except you and me. The herb should be free and growing everywhere. After all these years smokers are just as stupid and incapable of organizing as all the rest of the good people in this country. Everyone listen-up PLANT A SEED REGULARLY, EVERYWHERE!

  4. Let's spread the word, the truth ..... Lake

    News alert, the new GPUSA personal icon: harry pot seed / johnnie apple seed!

    Local news for SoCal, Sandy Ego’s least favorite fascist lesbian leagle field marshal and dog lover, Bonnie Damanis, continues to break the law[s] she has sworn to up hold by harassing and even raiding local certified medical cannabis ‘retail outlets’.

    Impeach Damanis, Opeach Obama!

  5. Victronix

    Although the CA Green Party has not officially endorsed 19, we all know they will and it’s just that their official endorsement process is slow.

    But really, what kind of Orwellian world are the D & R gubernatorial candidates courting? The Moonbeam Governor is against pot? Give me a break. If the US is that uptight it’s really pathetic. They’re adamant about God, war, explicit TV violence regardless of age, prisons, death penalty, pro-life, nonstop entertainment as life’s goal, freedom of corporations to rule the world, hetero marriage only, kick out all “foreigners”, people shot by police “deserve it”, and those doing pot, well, you can just imagine how evil that must be also . . .

    So pathetic.

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