Hagerstown, Indiana – Elected Libertarian Central

Mark Rutherford at LP blog:

Hagerstown, Indiana is a hotbed of elected Libertarian activity.

It is a community of 1800 people, the community center of a significantly populated rural area and has Libertarians elected to partisan office.

It is the home of Rex Bell, Wayne County Libertarian Chair, and the winner of the 2010 Thomas Paine award for his literary efforts in communicating libertarian ideas.

The Libertarians in Hagerstown have good leadership and comparable resources with the old political parties (R’s and D’s).

It is also the site of Indiana House District 54. Rex was the Libertarian candidate for House District 54 in 2008.

He won 8 of 59 precincts. He received 35% of the vote in a two-way race. He had over 60% of the vote in two precincts.

There are three Libertarians elected in partisan elections in or near Hagerstown: Hagerstown Town Judge Susan Bell, Clay Township Advisory Board member Conley Tillson and Liberty Township Advisory Board member Steve Coffman.

Susan was re-elected Town Judge in 2007. Tillson and Coffman are running for re-election this year. Rex is once again seeking the House District 54 seat in 2010.

It’s great to be a Libertarian!

2 thoughts on “Hagerstown, Indiana – Elected Libertarian Central

  1. Matt Cholko

    Is this more a case of luck? I’m thinking that a small town ended up with 4-5 motivated Ls, which is enough to make a difference given the 1800 population.

    How I wish it were like that here. I’m in Fairfax County Virginia – population 1.1 million – and we’ve only got 4-5 motivated Ls here. The county board districts have 120,000 people in them. The state house districts are a little better – 70,000ish. I’m afraid that we need to grow to 50 times our current size before we can hope to have the success of this Indiana town.

  2. George Whitfield

    Congratulations to Rex Bell and the Wayne County Libertarians. I have contributed to his previous campaigns and hope to again. I looked up Hagerstown, Indiana on Google Maps and found it in the east central part of the state. I read Rex’s latest blog and it was entertaining. He is a very effective communicator and wins friends.

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