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NC Sen: Mike Beitler Campaign Update

We have earlier reported on the polling numbers of Dr. Mike Beitler, a Libertarian running for US Senate in North Carolina. If you missed those numbers, you can see them here and here. They show two SUSA polls putting Beitler at 6%, and a PPP poll putting him at 10%.

However, in the past week two new polls have come out. One is internal polling from the Marshall camp, the Democratic challenger, showing incumbent Burr at 35%, Marshall at 37%, and Beitler at 5%.

The second isn’t internal polling, but it was commissioned by a conservative advocacy group and conducted by an outwardly Republican pollster. These numbers put Burr at 44%, Marshall at 37%, and Beitler at 3%.

Finally, the Beitler campaign is putting great effort into recruiting the LGBT community. On August 7th the campaign will be hosting a LGBT Community Outreach Dinner. The article notes the campaign has been contacting related organizations for support.

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