Tea Party Files Ballot Access Lawsuit in Michigan

Ballot Access News:

On August 25, the group that submitted a petition to be on the Michigan ballot as a political party called the Tea Party, filed a lawsuit to obtain a place on the ballot. The case is The Tea Party v Board of State Canvassers, state court of appeals, Lansing, 299805.

The group has enough valid signatures on its petition, but the Board of State Canvassers refused to put it on the ballot because of various paperwork irregularities. The petition form is a state form that asks the group circulating the petition to enter the name of the party. The group filled out the form with the words “Tea Party”. However, on the certificate naming the party’s officers, and the campaign finance reports, the party is “The Tea Party.” Also, in Michigan, the party’s vignette (the picture that goes on the ballot representing the party; this is called a “logo” in other states) says the name of the party is “The Tea Party”.

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