Coffee Party Convention To Feature Transpartisan Dialogue

In its own words, “the Coffee Party’s long-term focus is to develop, replicate, and sustain an effective method of engagement. We are creating models of participation based on responsible citizenship — a sense of civic duty, patriotism, and a respect for our democratic system of government. Our goal is an informed and involved electorate that takes seriously the responsibilities of citizenship, not only for the purpose of winning elections, but to effectively govern our nation on behalf of The People, and no other interest.”

The group, which is a party in the same sense as most Tea Party outfits, plans to hold a convention from September 24 – 26 in Louisville, Kentucky. One event the convention will host is a “transpartisan dialogue”. From the Facebook page on Friday:

CONVENTION NEWS: Transpartisan Dialogue on Sept. 25 will include: Joseph McCormick (moderator), Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express, Annabel Park of Coffee Party, Larry Lessig, Mark McKinnon. We’ve invited reps from: Organizing for America,, Green Party, Campaign for Liberty, Libertarian Party and FreedomWorks.

All of the groups in bold commonly find mention here on IPR. recently submitted an amicus curiae brief in a Colorado lawsuit on behalf of Independent State Representative Kathleen Curry. While Campaign for Liberty is not a partisan organization, it has worked with third party candidates in the past (like in this recent San Francisco event). However, these groups have not yet accepted the invitation to attend.

12 thoughts on “Coffee Party Convention To Feature Transpartisan Dialogue

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    On the other side of the beverage counter:

    ask america

    ROBIN HINDERY, Associated Press Writer Robin Hindery, Associated Press Writer – Sun Sep 12, 12:37 pm ET

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Thousands of tea party activists are expected to gather Sunday in Sacramento and at two other major rallies around the country, as the movement’s leaders look to energize conservatives before the November election.

    Rallies also are being held in St. Louis and Washington, D.C.

    Organizers say the events aim to call attention to what they describe as big government run amok

    “Our vigilance will not be finished this November, in 2012 or beyond. We see this as a lifetime struggle for all of us to preserve this precious Republic that was handed to us by our founders some 230 years ago.” ………. thousands who paid between $73.75 and $225 for tickets.

    Tea Party Patriots claims to be the nation’s largest tea party group, with 2,700 chapters across the country, including at least 175 in California.

    The Washington rally is co-organized by FreedomWorks ……….. party activists reject characterizations of their movement as an extension of the GOP ——- but the vast majority of its members are Republicans and independents who vote Republican.

  2. Cody Quirk

    RIP OFF!

    And our system of government is supposed to be a Constitutional Republican one… Well, that’s how it was founded as.

    BTW, when are they going to start a ‘Soda Party’?
    I don’t like coffee or tea.

  3. Green Party Conservative

    “The group, which is a party in the same sense as most Tea Party outfits…”


    The Tea Party isn’t a political party.

    It’s a necon corporate funded rebranding of George W. Bush’s war profiteers. Fueled by the stream of lies rolling out of Faux not News Network.

    I’ve attended each sparsly of their “rallies” in Washington D.C. Even the Beck snowjob…

    If you want a real part, vote Green Party.

  4. paulie

    Actually I like both coffee and tea, too. And B-12 shots, and pretty much anything that keeps me from falling asleep or feeling like I want to all the time.

  5. Hmmm ...

    Nude swims with visiting cuties sounds like one of the most useful acts ever performed in the White House.

  6. Thomas L. Knapp

    Well, hell. and are both taken. is available, but I’m not sure many Americans would recognize it, or think that watering down perfectly good beer with ginger ale is a good thing.

  7. Robert Milnes

    paulie @5, interesting.
    You have evidently what is called fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome. In the past it was called neurasthenia.
    I have this too. It can be quite disabling.
    I tried coffee but it didn’t agree with my digestive system.
    I find “rest therapy” to be best. But you have to be careful to not get out of shape & put on weight. I find walking -to & from errands like shopping-to be best to counter that in a practical way. As opposed to, say, treadmill.

  8. Robert E. Milnes

    William Henry Harrison was the last President to win a campaign while never leaving his bed.
    Interestingly, this war hero had the ability to unite all factions.
    So I will gladly step aside from my campaign in favor of General Petraeus. He’s left a message on my sister’s phone.
    But I won’t leave my bed, which means I may win anyway.

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