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Hoffman: He’s Back….

Remember Doug Hoffman? The sore-loser Conservative Party candidate, last seen on a crusade against moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava, is again a third party candidate for New York’s 23rd congressional district. Hoffman ran again for the seat in the Republican primary against Matt Doheny. However, it appears that Doheny won a close primary after Hoffman ran a lackluster campaign.

Now, Hoffman is refusing to stand down. From CQ Politics:

“Over the past few days I have thought long and hard about the next six weeks,” Hoffman wrote in a message to supporters. “I have spoken with family, friends, supporters and staff as I have weighed my next step. So today, with new resolve and a strong commitment to conservative principles, I rededicate myself to this race and announce that I will actively campaign for Congress as the nominee of the Conservative Party.”

Don’t expect a flood of outside money for Hoffman to return. Unlike his last opponent, Doheny doesn’t have a moderate record to tarnish his image to conservative special interest groups.  In addition, Hoffman’s Tea Party support may be insolvent with the fear of vote-splitting on the electorate’s mind. Finally, NY-23 is not the only election taking place in November, so it will be hard to get the electorate narrowing in on a relatively insignificant House race when other moderate or liberal scalps abound for angry voters. Hoffman will likely poll as one of the stronger third party candidacies on election night, but victory seems to be a fantasy.

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  1. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist September 24, 2010

    Bryan, yes this is great news for the eternal cause of Catholic Trotskyism. The right-wing will split, permitting the Catholic Trotskyism revolutionary Bill Owens to perpetuate the HOLY COMMANDMENTS OF OUR ETERNAL FATHER GOD AND OUR PLENOPETENTIARY GENERAL EMPEROR BARACK H. OBAMA, MAY THE LORD BE PRAISED, AMEN.

  2. AmericanVoter AmericanVoter September 24, 2010

    Also this time the winner was rightfully nominated by the people of the district and not chosen just by party bosses

  3. Brian Brian September 24, 2010

    Maybe Bill Owens will be able to hang in there.

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