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John Monds at 5%, Chuck Donovan at 5% in GA

There has simply been a flurry of news out of the Georgia Libertarian Party lately. To nicely cap off the sudden surge of articles, we report another set of polls taken of the gubernatorial and senatorial contests in the state.

In the race for governor the results were:

Deal (R) 42%
Barnes (D) 42%
Mondes (L) 5%
Undecided 11%

In the race for the US Senate incumbent Johnny Isakson is extending his large lead. The results:

Isakson (R) 52%
Thurmond (D) 34%
Donovan (L) 5%
Undecided 9%

These results mirror the last InsiderAdvantage poll of the race as far as Monds and Donovan are concerned. Another SUSA poll taken recently had Monds at 9% and Donovan at 6%. While the results are lower than the SUSA poll, the more relevant poll for comparison in this case is the last Insider Advantage poll. This allows for constant methodology and shows how the race has changed since last month for US Senate and Governor.

On the Govenor’s side, Monds is still retaining his support as election day approaches. As Republican Deal starts to lose support from his debt troubles, Barnes is catching up in the polls. Thus, Monds’ support, even if only 5%, could force a runoff in the race.  Monds, the first black candidate to ever appear on the general election ballot for Governor in the state, surprisingly pulls an anemic 0.5% of black voters. He also has a problem with older voters, pulling only 3.3% of 45-64 voters and 3.4% of 65+ voters. He is strongest among Independents with 8.1% of the vote. In addition, Monds pulls 6.4% of 18-29 year-old voters and 6.7% of 30-44 year-old voters.

On the Senate side, Donovan’s support is dips  at 4.7%. The big change in the race  is Isakson pulling away from Thurmondand Donovan. The Republican is launching an ad campaign and has a superior financial position to his Democratic opponent, so it will likely be more difficult to force a runoff with the Democrat is polling so weakly. Donovan has a major problem of his own- he is polling well among male at 7.7%, but his female support is extremely deficient at 1.7%. Donovan’s next strongest constituency is Independent voters at 6.3, although he pulls a strong 5.6% of Republicans as well.

See here for crosstabs.

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    John Monds at 5%


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