No Libertarian ballot line for Murkowski

According to the Washington Times, Real Clear Politics, and the Associated Press, David Haase (the current Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate in Alaska) will not withdraw to let Lisa Murkowski (incumbent U.S. Senator who lost the Republican primary) have the Libertarian Party ballot line. Haase was very clear that his decision was final in both articles.

“I will not be stepping down to allow Lisa Murkowski or anyone else to take my place as the Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate from Alaska.”

Murkowski had opted not to return to Washington, D.C. for the session beginning Monday (according to the Anchorage Daily News). Waiting in Alaska would make much more sense pursuing the Libertarian Party nomination (very time sensitive with a September 15 deadline) than pursuing a write-in bid (not time-sensitive). Apparently this was just a coincidence.

The articles clarify details about last Tuesday’s meeting between Murkowski and Haase, which was held at the request of the Alaska LP chair. Earlier news stories characterized the meeting as a bit of an ambush, with Murkowski not aware that Haase would be present. According to Haase, she never asked him to step aside.

“She made no request of me and she did not offer to change her position on anything.”

While there may have been an ideology mismatch, the main problem seemed to be protocol confusion. Haase repeatedly told the media he would only consider stepping aside if personally asked by Murkowski. In contrast, the implication by the meeting “ambush” and Murkowski’s lack of ever actually asking was that she only wanted to make the request if she was sure she could get the nomination, so that she wouldn’t be embarrassed by getting turned down. It is unclear why neither side enlisted the help of intermediaries familiar with protocol.

To bridge the ideology gap, Bradley Jansen posted a followup op-ed on Nolan Chart suggesting incremental libertarian policies he believes both Murkowski and Alaska Libertarians would embrace. The following general approach is applied to several specific issues in Jansen’s article, including the Federal Reserve, the deficit, and the war on drugs.

Murkowski’s record generally has been one of a concern to protect privacy and civil liberties as well as standing firm for government oversight and accountability. The current economic climate caused in large part by an over-reaching government and out of control spending should cause us to focus more strongly on rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in government programs. The principles of good government demand that programs that are not achieving their goals should be changed–or eliminated. The LP should hold her to that approach.

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8 thoughts on “No Libertarian ballot line for Murkowski

  1. Chuck Moulton

    Paulie scooped me. I was writing out a longer version.

    It’s not Paulie’s fault because I accidentally followed the wrong process, so he couldn’t have known I was working on it.

    I’m still publishing this because it includes more information.

  2. The Last Conservative

    A good thing. The biggest mistake of so-called conservatives like the Republican Party, and also the Constitution Party, is to let women get on the ballot. Women do not belong in politics, they belong back in the kitchen, and should only vote based on what their husbands or other male relatives say. This is an important step in the return of society to feudalism, the only true form of conservatism. The Libertarian Party are still a bunch of liberal commies, but they made a step in the right direction, and the Conservative Feudalist Party, of which I am the chairman, endorses Joe Miller.

  3. Last Conservative....really?

    True conservative feudalists don’t endorse candidate in the modern heretic sham called elections. They support a holy, blood spilling war to restore absolute monarchs to their rightful God-ordained place on the throne. All candidates of all parties, including independents, must be put to the sword. Nothing less will do.

  4. Robert Capozzi

    “…the main problem seemed to be protocol confusion.”

    Yes, this tracks. A sitting Senator has a certain decorum of behavior, that contrasts with a 3rd party’s more out-of-the-box stance. It was a nice dream on some levels, but bridging the gap appears to’ve been insurmountable.

  5. The Last Conservative

    At 5, it is true that elections are a product of libberalism/communism, but they must be used for the present in ways that are judged to be beneficial for feudalism. Joe Miller is a liberal commie, and he will be removed from office when conservatism is restored unless he is judged worthy to become a feudal lord; however, he is infinitely better than the female, Lisa Murkowski, or the femicommunist male Democrat McAdams.

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