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Steve Kubby update

Email from Steve Kubby, candidate for South Lake Tahoe, CA City Council (rearranged to put items relating to the current campaign at the top):

[H]ere’s our latest radio commercial for my run for South Lake Tahoe City Council:

For more media and updates on my South Lake Tahoe campaign see here:

Kubby South Park Ad now on YouTube:

This is the award winning Kubby for Governor South Park parody. This ad was really aired through out CA before the 1999 election. It was produced by Gene Cisewski of the Monticello Group and directed, animated, and drawn from scratch by Doug Scribner. Mark Hilgenberg is a co-writter and we did all the voices except for “Hartman” (thanks Paul!!) It won a 1st place Pollie award from the American Association of Political Consultants in the category of 60 second Ad for Governor; the first one for a Libertarian Party ad. Don’t believe me? check it out here!

Scroll WAY down to find it. Hey this is big! of ALL 50 governors races in 1998, THIS ad took FIRST PLACE. Seriously!

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  1. Twas an oldie but goodie.

    That year I was assured by Davis that his folks would straighten the dysfunctional mess at CALVETS / CDVA. Later I was assured by Der Ahnold [18 August 2003, in his corporate HQ at Navy and Main in Santa Monica] that his folks would straighten the dysfunctional mess at CALVETS / CDVA. Nightingale did not even do that ……….

  2. James O. Ogle "Joogle" James O. Ogle "Joogle" October 21, 2010

    … look at the bright side Don, at least she can’t go back on her word either way…

    MSP Chelene Nightingale [Constitution Independent] for Governor and MSP Pamela Brown [Libertarian] for Lt. Governor of California in 2010

  3. paulie paulie October 21, 2010

    This is not a Nightingale thread.

    Any thoughts on Kubby’s new radio ad, his old Tv ad from the ’90s, or the city council race?

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