Tancredo ups pressure on Maes to quit Colorado governor’s race

Jessica Fender in the Denver Post:

Would-be governor Tom Tancredo and his surrogates have run a full-court press on GOP rival Dan Maes in recent weeks, snaking supporters out from under the struggling candidate and upping pressure for Maes to exit the three-way race.

With the former Republican congressman within single digits of Democrat John Hickenlooper in a few public polls, some of the pressure has been overt.

Tancredo campaign manager Bay Buchanan recently called a Maes supporter insisting “the time is absolutely now” for Maes to give up. Others make poll-backed claims that Tancredo is the only electable conservative.

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13 thoughts on “Tancredo ups pressure on Maes to quit Colorado governor’s race

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Maes-Meek 2012. Ticket of spectacularly unlucky Major Party losers. They could win with PLAS.

    I do hope Maes stays in. Meek needs to quit though. It’s inconsistent thinking, but such is necessary for the triumph of Catholic Trotskyism.

  2. paulie Post author

    It is too doggone late. Even if he does drop out the ballots are printed already.

    Yes, he would still be on the ballot, but if let’s say he is at 5% now and it takes him to 1%, that could potentially make the difference between Hickenlooper and Tancredo.

    On the other hand, maybe Republican Maes has some significant issue differences with both major party candidates in the race? I haven’t heard what those are.

  3. paulie Post author


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  4. citizen1

    Maes could withdraw and endorse the Dem like what’s her name in NY. I do not think It would be too effective for the Dem though. Most likely it is only the hard Republicans that are still voting for him.

  5. Adam

    The fact of the matter is there is a reason why Maes still has 10% of the vote. Many of the people in Colorado who are Republican are sick and tired of too far to the right conservatives like Tancredo and think he’s crazy. Those 10% are growing stronger and stronger every election cycle. And many traditionalist generation Republicans are standing up for what they think is right. They don’t like it and they are making their stand. And they won’t change their vote just because he drops out. Colorado Conservatives need to get with the program or they’ll keep losing over and over again.

  6. paulie Post author

    No, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see him try his hardest all the way to the finish line and come in not just behind the Constitution Party candidate but the Libertarian candidate as well?

  7. twinkletoes

    With such a close election the Democrats will win. They are experts at stealing close elections, just look at Al Franken. The Chicago election stealing apparatus will pull it off for the Dems.
    Tancredo is the last hope of conservatism in this state. RINOs say he is crazy or too far to the right. Tom is the only one with an adult view on the world, not like the perpetual children in the D party.

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