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Constitution, Green and Libertarian Party National Offices Release More Names of Party Members Elected to Office Last Week

Ballot Access News:

The Green Party national office has released a list of party members who were elected or re-elected last week. As noted at this site earlier, Ben Chipman was elected to the Maine legislature [p: as an independent], and the party won three important elections in California: in Richmond; Mendocino County; and Hollister.

Additionally, three Greens (Lisa Stephens, Jesse Townley, and Pam Webster) were re-elected to the Berkeley rent stabilization board; Robert Deutsch was re-elected to the Alameda Healthcare District; J. B. Shoats was elected to the Washington, D.C., Advisory Neighborhood Commission; Anita Stewart was elected to the Hillsborough, Florida, Soil and Water Conservation District; Raymond Meyer was re-elected to the Lucas County, Iowa, Health Center Board; John Anton was re-elected to the Portland, Maine, city council; Michael Beilstein and Richard Hervey were re-elected to the Corvallis, Oregon, city council.

The Libertarian Party national office has also released a list of party members who were elected or re-elected last week. Cheryl Heacox won a partisan election to the Clay Township Board in Wayne County, Indiana. In non-partisan elections: Kathy Woolsey was elected to the Charleston County, South Carolina, Soil and Water Commission; Jim Culberson was elected to the Sebastian Inlet Tax District in Florida; Ron Skrutski, Tom Clark, and Kim Hawk were elected to the Lee County, Florida, Soil and Water Conservation District; and Scott Stewart was elected to the Pima County, Arizona Community College Board.

As was already reported, the Constitution Party won four partisan elections for local office in Nevada. Also a member of the Constitution Party was elected to the Morgan County, Utah Commission, a non-partisan post.

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