Georgia: Chuck Donovan, Libertarian Senate Candidate, Receives Tea Party Endorsement

Press release from the Chuck Donovan campaign:

ATLANTA, GA – November 1, 2010 – Chuck Donovan, Georgia’s Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, received a second acknowledgement from the Tea Party today. The Daily Tea Party published their endorsement of his candidacy with the statement, “Chuck Donovan is the only candidate worthy of the Tea Party name. He is running against big government Johnny Isakson and Mike Thurmond. How will you vote; for big government or for Chuck Donovan?”

Donovan said, “I am grateful to the Daily Tea Party for recognizing me publicly. I have been saying for months that I am the only U.S. Senate candidate who stands for the stated principles of the Tea Party – a constitutionally limited government, an honest free market, and fiscal discipline. I have also said that we must put principles ahead of party and politics. The Daily Tea Party is doing just that.”

Donovan published a Press Release earlier today, declaring he was running against two Democrats. Donovan said, “The voters of Georgia deserve at least one U. S. Senate candidate who is fiscally disciplined and reliable. I’m proud to be the only one on this ballot.”

On October 11th, Donovan received the Milton Friedman Fiscal Conservative Award from the Georgia State Tea Party.

More details on the Daily Tea Party endorsement may be found at

There isn’t much time, but you may still learn more about Chuck Donovan’s campaign at

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