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Green John Russell may be Appointed Deputy Mayor (CT)

Originally posted on Green Party Watch:

In New London, Connecticut, local politics makes for strange bedfellows. In this case, it may result in Green Party City Councilor John Russell being appointed Deputy Mayor.

If all goes according to plan, Councilor John Russell, a member of the Green Party, will be nominated and elected deputy mayor. He said he also was not seeking the position.

“I’ve never asked for it. I was told I was going to be deputy mayor,” he said. “There was some stuff I wasn’t privy to behind the scenes, and Marty wanted me to be the deputy.”

He said he is thankful for the recognition from his fellow councilors but is realistic about the role of the deputy mayor.

“It’s ceremonial,” he said, adding that the deputy mayor fills in when the mayor is unavailable. “The seas aren’t going to part when you’re walking down the street.”

Read the entire story at The Day.


  1. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 2, 2010

    Thursday night Green Party news.

    The Hamburg Greens have leapt in popularity since Sunday, when Green leadership announced they would ask the Green Party membership to seek new city/state elections.

    Today’s Focus opinion shows Greens have nearly doubled their support in the four days since the Sunday announcement.

    Greens are now at 22% in Hamburg.

    Here’s my “Green Party Minute” video interview Green Party leader from Hamburg and member of parliament Krista Sager.

    Here’s story

  2. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell November 30, 2010

    Krista Sager is a member of the German federal parliament/Bundestag.

    Krista negotiated the Coalition contract in the Hamburg government.

    As you see in the interview, Krista is calm and a gifted Green Party pro.

  3. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell November 30, 2010

    Thanks for the Great Green Party news. The Greens John Russell is a humble, modest gentleman. Let us offer congrats, and celebrate his work and success representing Greens.

    In other Green Party news…

    Here’s a story from the Irish Times about the Hamburg city/state Green Coalition moving toward new elections.

    I discussed this very topic with Krista Sager in a video interview last week at the Green Party convention in Freiburg. I did the interview in German. You can read the English translation just by clicking on the down arrow.

    video here:

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