Indianapolis Star: Secretary of State race may give Libertarians 10% for major party status

Carrie Ritchie at the Indianapolis Star:

As the polls close today, Libertarians are hoping that their secretary of state candidate might have garnered a big enough portion of the vote to turn them into a major political party.

Mike Wherry would have to get at least 10 percent of the vote, which might be a long shot, but the party hoped to pick up a few votes after allegations of voter fraud against Republican candidate Charlie White came to light, said Chris Spangle, executive director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana.

Spangle was confident that Wherry would capture more than the 2 percent necessary for the party to maintain ballot access.


One thought on “Indianapolis Star: Secretary of State race may give Libertarians 10% for major party status

  1. Be Rational

    Libertarian Babiarz Falling Short in New Hampshire
    On 11.02.10 by Austin F. Cassidy
    Libertarian canndidate John Babiarz hoped to poll 4% in the race for governor in order to ensure that his party secured ballot access for 2012.

    The party ran some limited television ads in support of his campaign, but at the end of the day he appears to have fallen short of the mark.

    With more than 60% of the vote counted, Babiarz has 6,180 votes or about 2%.

    The party’s nominee for U.S. Senate, Ken Blevens, is doing significantly worse with only 2,876 votes or 1% in that race.


    This lesson learned:

    TV and radio ads work.

    Buying internet “impressions” does not work. It’s a money waster.

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