Jake Towne Earns Local Newspaper Endorsement

[Somehow this editorial escaped IPR attention.]

Jake Towne, Independent Candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th district, was recently endorsed by the Express-Times. This is one of the two major newspapers in the congressional district; the other does not endorse candidates. An excerpt from the editorial:

Republican incumbent Charlie Dent has done a credible job, but we need a break from mainstream Republican politics that caused the nation to rebel and elect Barack Obama in 2008. Democrat John Callahan has put together a defensible record as mayor of Bethlehem, but his approach in this race is less than inspiring.

We believe both men are capable of representing the Lehigh Valley, but we also feel we’re being played for suckers in this million-dollar investment in attack ads — you know, the ones that call someone a “disaster” or tax-raise worshipper or a George Bush clone.

We’re tired of the same old crap….

As a third-party candidate with libertarian leanings, coming out of nowhere, accepting no big political-action-committee contributions, Towne faces a public as wary of newcomers as it is weary of the major party candidates. And that’s a fair suspicion. Towne, who grew up and lives in the Nazareth area, has worked as a chemical engineer in this country and China, and is involved in his community. He’s articulate and, when given the chance, has injected energy and dimension into the 15th District debate.

I got a particular grin out of the “when given the chance.” Seems like one newspaper taking a slap at its rival.

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