Results Coming In!

7:33- With 10% reported, Libertarian John Monds is at 3% of the vote with 7,475 votes. The party needs 20% for major party status.

7:35- Here is my SERIOUSLY? moment of the night- with 6% reported, Green Tom Clements is at 7% of the vote in the South Carolina Senate race with 5,765 votes. Democrat Alvin Greene has 29%. Previous polling had Clements at 13% to Greene’s 12%. Jim Demint will glide to victory.

7:42- Libertarian Rebecca Sink-Burris is at 5% in the Indiana Senate race, which has been called for Republican Dan Coats.

7:53- Trevor Drown looks like he is running a strong race in Arkansas. Politico has him at 11.5% in Yell County with 0% reporting and 3.5% in Nevada County with 10.5% reporting.

7:57- My gubernatorial rankings really blew it in Maine. Eliot Cutler is leading with 43% at the moment with 1.2% reporting. This race is guaranteed to tighten, but Cutler is still outpacing predictions. Shawn Moody is also at 6.3%.

7:59- In Massaachusetts, Independent Tim Cahill is at 7.7% and Jill Stein is at 1.4% in the gubernatorial race with 9% reporting.

8:01- In Ohio, Green Dennis Spiszak is at 1.5% and Libertarian Ken Matesz is at 2.1% with 9% reporting.

8:03- Libertarian Kathie Glass is really underperforming; she has 1.9% with 2.3% reporting.

8:04- With 20.3% reporting, Independent Scott Lee Cohen is at 3.9% and Green Rich Whitney is at 2.6% in the gubernatorial race. I have not seen results for Libertarian Lex Green.

8:06- With 20.7% reporting, Green LeAlan Jones wins 2.6% and Libertarian Mike Labno is 1.7% in the Illinois Senate race.

8:14- With 35.8% reporting, Green Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson has 1.9% and Constitution Party candidate Jeff Becker has 1.1%.

8:17- In Pensylvania’s 15th District, Independent Jake Towne has 866 votes for 6.6% with 10.2% reporting.

8:20- Charlie Crist is at 29% in the Florida Senate race. The race was called for Marco Rubio awhile back. Libertarian Alex Snitker and Constitution Party candidate Bernie deCastro combined for 1.2%.

8:37- With 33% reporting, Independent Glenn Wilson is at 4.2% of the vote. Republican Dan  Benishek so far is running away with the race.

8:44- With 1.2% of results in Minnesota, Tom Horner is lagging in the Governor’s race at 10.2%.

9:18- In FL-12, Republican Dennis Ross has solidly won. Florida Tea Party candidate Randy Wilkinson sagged in the polls to 11% with 95% reporting. Peg Dunmire is at 3.3%, despite her $250k investment in the race, with 84% reporting.

9:20- With 60% reporting, Jim Traficant seems to have the strongest Independent or minor party campaign in the House. He is at 16.4%.

9:21- With 72% reporting, Jake Towne is up to 8% in PA-15.

9:32- What happened in Maine? It has lots of early voters, so Eliot Cutler’s late surge wasn’t predicted to pull him past LePage. No poll showed Cutler with any demonstrable lead in the race. Neverthless, he is polling at 38.9% with 21% reporting.

9:43- Democrat Frank Caprio has tanked in the Rhode Island gubernatorial race. It is now a heat between Republican John Robitaille and Independent Lincoln Chafee. Chafee leads with 35.8% to 34% with 90% reporting.

10:58- Still have a lot of work tonight, so updating will likely be haphazard on this thread from my hand. Check out Small Gov Times, which is liveblogging results for Libertarian candidates.

11:01- Maine gubernatorial race is really tightening up now with a little over 50% reporting. Cutler leads Republican Paul LePage 37.6%-36.2%. Independent Shawn Moody is at 5.2%; could he split the Independent vote with Cutler?

11:02- With 93% reporting, Johns Monds is at a solid 5% in the Georgia gubernatorial race. Republican Nathan Deal is over 50%, so it does not look like there will be a runoff in this race.

11:05- Libertarian Chuck Donovan in the Georgia Senate race is all over the map. Some counties he is hitting over 5%; others he isn’t registering at all.

11:06- With 44% reporting, Libertarian David Nolan is at 4.4% in the Arizona Senate race, hitting 6.8% in Mohave County. I don’t see results for Green Jerry Joslyn yet. Also not seeing results in the Governor’s race for Libertarian Barry Hess.

11:10- With 13% reporting, Independent Jana Kemp is at 5.6% of the vote in the Idaho gubernatorial race, with 8.4% in Camas County; no results for the Libertarian or perennial candidate Pro-Life.

11:16- Chelene Nightingale is doing a little bit better in the California gubernatorial race than expected. She is cracking 3% in scattered counties around the state, including 4.3% in Inyo County.

11:18- It doesn’t look like the Libertarians will achieve ballot access in the Iowa gubernatorial race with Eric Cooper. Independent Jonathan Narcisse is cracking 3% in counties scattered around the state.

11:20- With 0.2% reporting, Republican John Dennis (endorsed by Rep. Ron Paul and Matt Gonzalez) isn’t looking so hot in CA-08 (Pelosi’s district). He is trailing with 20.4% of the vote.

11:21- In CA-37, Independent Nick Dibs is pulling 9.1% of the vote in a three-way race with 4.5% reported.

11:35- Maine’s gubernatorial race is in a dead heat. A minute ago Cutler fell slightly behind; now he is slightly ahead, 37.2% to 37.1%. 63.8% of precincts have reported.

11:42- A little bit late on this, but the Rhode Island gubernatorial race has been called for Lincoln Chafee. He pulled 36.1% to 33.6% for Republican John Robitaille. Moderate Party candidate Ken Block pulled off a suprpisingly strong showing of 6.5%. This gives his party ballot access.

11:50- It is looking more and more likely that the Greens and Libertarians will both earn ballot access in New York.

11:57- With 100% reporting, there is an interesting situation in Tennessee’s 3rd district. Independent Savas Kyriakidis has cracked over 10% of the vote, while Independent Mark Devol simlilarly pulled 3.8% (Devol had been endorsed by several other Independents in the race and one failed Republican primary candidate). Although open and featuring two major party candidates, this was a safe Republican district.

12:04- With 71% reporting, Eliot Cutler is about 1% back in the Maine gubernatorial race to Republican Paul LePage. Mitchell is below 20%; the Democrat’s numbers have been sagging all night.

12:08- With 78.1% of precincts in, Trevor Drown is pulling 3.3% and Green Party candidate John Gray is at 1.9%. In the Arkansas gubernatorial race, Green Jim Lendall is cracking 3% in a scattered counties around the state, but it is very inconsistent. The Green Party needs 3% in this race to gain ballot access.

12:17- NY-23 has just been called for Democrat Bill Owens by about three percentage points. Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman was still on the ballot, despite endorsing Republican Matt Doheny. He pulled 6% of the vote.

12:26- Computer problems may be killing the liveblog.

106 thoughts on “Results Coming In!

  1. Carey Campbell

    For the Independent Green Party of Virginia the results from WTOP Radio look good.

    Indy Green endorsee/nominees so far

    Strongest so far:
    Jeff Vanke is near 14 per cent in 6th District.
    Floyd Bayne is near 7 per cent in 7th District

    In the First District Gail for Rail Parker – IGr
    is at 1 per cent

    2nd Kenny Golden is at 4 per cent.
    3rd Janet Murphy
    4th John D. Kelly at 2 per cent
    5th Jeff Clark at 2 per cent
    6thJeffrey Vanke – Ind (13%)
    7th Floyd Bayne at 7 per cent
    8th Ron Fisher at 2 per cent
    9th Jermiah Heaton at 2 per cent
    10th Bill Redpath at 3 per cent
    11th David Gillis at 1 per cent.

  2. Carey Campbell

    According to Mrs. Campbell, the local TV has just declared an upset in Virginia’s 9th Congressional District.

    Virginia’s 9th is down by Tennessee, West Virginia border.

    It appears a guy, who did not live in the District has been elected.

    Could be long and ugly night. ..

  3. paulie

    Here are some very early numbers, less than 1% reporting…

    Marco Rubio (REP) – 71,608 votes (43%)
    Charlie Crist (IND) – 66,122 votes (39%)
    Kendrick Meek (DEM) – 29,508 votes (17%)
    Alex Snitker (LIB) – 415 votes (0%)
    Bernie DeCastro (CST) – 83 votes (0%)

  4. paulie

    On 11.02.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    The Florida TEA Party is struggling in early results.

    Republicans in Florida’s 8th congressional district worried that TEA candidate Peg Dunmire, who had spent a significant amount of her own funds on her campaign, would derail their hopes of unseating combative freshman Democratic U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson. But it seems those concerns were unwarranted.

    Grayson is losing to Republican Dan Webster by 20-points, with Dunmire collecting only about 4% of the vote.

    In District 12, Republican Dennis Ross is leading Democrat Lori Edwards by 5-points, with TEA candidate Randy Wilkinson capturing a little more than 12%. Wilkinson is an elected County Commissioner, the party’s lone office-holder.

    The party’s lone statewide candidate, Ira Chester, is polling near 4% for Commissioner of Agriculture. With more than half the votes counted, Chester has soared past the 100,000 vote mark… capturing over 108,000 ballots.

  5. Carey Campbell

    According to

    Vanke easily got the biggest bang for the buck of all our Indy Green endorsee/nominees in Virginia. The Harvard Phd ran a savy campaign, especially for a first time on the ballot candidate. Looks like Jeff will pull 14 per cent.

    Floyd Bayne, according to VPAP, had collected almost $15,000 as of the start of October. Floyd had a great campaign manager, Tammy Prada. Tammy made a little money go a long way. Floyd Bayne was a disciplined and focused Independent Green conservative. at 7% — an impressive achievement for a first time candidate.

  6. paulie

    Georgia Libertarians’ ‘Major Party’ Dreams Dashed
    On 11.02.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    With early polling showing Libertarian gubernatorial candidate John Monds near or just barely breaking into double-digits, some Georgia Libertarians had latched onto the notion that achieving so-called “major party” status would be possible.

    To acquire major party status in Georgia, Monds would have to capture 20% of the vote statewide.

    In 2008, Monds was the only challenger to a Republican for a seat on the State’s Public Service Commission. He captured more than 1 million votes and 33%.

    In the 2006 governor’s race in Georgia, Libertarian nominee Garrett Hayes picked up 81,412 votes or 3.84%. At this moment, Monds is polling 7,475 votes or 3.1%.

    In both the U.S. Senate and Governor’s races, the Republicans are polling well over the 50% that they would need to avoid a run-off.

  7. paulie

    Green Running Distant Third in South Carolina Senate Race
    On 11.02.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    Tom Clements, South Carolina’s Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, must be sorely disappointed by the early returns from that race.

    After Democrat Alvin Greene’s shocking victory in the primary, many Greens had hoped that their nominee would be able to outpoll the major party’s nominee in November. An October 2010 poll conducted by Winthrop University showed Greene to be one point behind Clements for second place, with DeMint holding a commanding lead over both.

    But it hasn’t worked out that way. Greene is solidly in second place with more than 30% of the vote, while Clements is struggling to get out of single-digits.

    Here are the returns with 10% reporting…

    DeMint (REP) – 79,899 votes (62%)
    Greene (DEM) – 40,629 votes (31%)
    Clements (GRE) – 9,348 votes (7%)

  8. Carey Campbell

    No acceptable paper trail in Virginia.

    As we all focus on the offical election results, it serves us well to not forget.

    Not much in Virginia as far as ballot security appears to have changed since 2000.

    We still need a paper trail we can trust.

  9. Carey Campbell

    Getting 7 per cent in that U.S. Senate race in South Carolina for Tom Clements is a positive achievement.

    I hope Tom will be on the ballot again in 2011.

    Mr. Clements ran a creative, positive race.

    He was kind enough to join our National Press Club press conference on Oct 14th..

  10. paulie

    Clements Objects To Poll Workers Omitting Instructions On Straight Ticket Voting

    Tom Clements
    South Carolina

    For more information, call the campaign office at 803-312-0055 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 803-312-0055 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or Tom directly at 803-843-3084 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 803-843-3084 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, cell 803-240-7268 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 803-240-7268 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

    Tom Clements for U.S. Senate

    For Immediate Release: November 2, 2010

    COLUMBIA, SC – It has become apparent to the Clements for Senate campaign as voting takes place that voters who ask about how to vote are not being clearly informed about their voting options. Voters are not being informed that they can vote a straight party ticket and then go to individual races and vote for a candidate of a different party, so-called crossover voting.

    Based on calls to the campaign from voters, communication with the S.C. Election Commission and with poll managers, it is clear that voters who ask are not being informed about the crossover option if they ask how to vote.

    The Clements for Senate campaign believes that poll workers should henceforth inform voters who ask that a crossover option is allowed.

    “If asked, poll workers must explain not only how to make the straight party vote, but also how to crossover vote for one or more offices in the partisan races,” says Clements, “To not fully inform voters of their voting options is to potentially disenfranchise many voters of their vote for the candidate of their choice.”

    During the last month of the campaign, the Clements for Senate campaign became aware that many voters and even poll workers were not aware of the crossover option. “I believe that the S.C. Election Commission has done a poor job in alerting voters to the crossover option, which was of particular importance in the U.S. Senate race. The Election Commission must immediately remedy this problem and inform all poll workers about crossover voting. This problem reveals the bias with straight party voting and how it is administered and the long-term remedy is to get rid of straight party voting, which would cause voters to become more informed about individual races.”

    To vote a straight ticket you simply:
    1. Hit the straight ticket button by the party of your choice.
    2. Use the “Next” button on the bottom of the screen to go to screens 2, 3 and 4.
    3. Change the vote for Senator to “Clements” or another candidate.
    4. Make changes for any other offices you like and voting on the ballot questions.
    5. Review your vote, then confirm your vote with by pressing the big green button just above the screen on the Right.

    Clements for Senate has posted a simple video explaining these steps here:

    The instructions on “How does straight party voting work?” were only placed on the Election Commission website last Friday, under “Frequently Asked Questions” – at – and should have been posted much earlier and in a more public manner.

    Mr. Clements will be available for interviews on this troubling matter at the campaign office (1247 Sumter Street, Columbia) on request or at the campaign celebration this evening at a supporter’s house in Columbia beginning at 7 p.m. – call for location.


    Visit the Clements campaign websites at and

    See the Clements For Senate You Tube Channel at

  11. Catholic Trotskyist

    Third party losers lose and lose, LOL, performing under expectations again for the most part.

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party has had a setback, with the Democrats most likely losing the House of Representatives (though MSNBC declared this too early). However, with the victory of our Catholic Trotskyist imperial plenepotentiary Joe Manchin, we will continue to exert our power in the Senate. Obama must delay his implementation of new World Order projects, but he will return to his full power in 2012 when the Teat Party is expelled from the House in the great elections of fire.

  12. Catholic Trotskyist

    charlie Crist losing. I tried and tried to get him to endorse PLAS, but he didn’t, so he lost.

    Feingold didn’t lose yet; he still has a chance.

  13. Catholic Trotskyist

    On a lighter note, thanks Paulie for election liveblogging. How are Cutler and Chaifee doing?

  14. paulie

    I’m not liveblogging this post, only the comments. If you read the main post there were some updates on Cutler. I’ll have to check again on Chafee.

  15. Catholic Trotskyist

    Also, I know this isn’t an IPR story exactly, but pro-life Democrat, Catholic Trotskyist High Goddess Marcy Kaptur, has sprung to victory against the Nazi uniform man.
    God bless the Pope and God bless Obama. Pray for all of us on All Souls Day. Catholic Tortskyist hope kept alive.

  16. Kimberly Wilder

    Another candidate who I have noticed IPR covers a lot is Tancredo.

    For Colorado Governor, with 5% of precincts reporting:

    John Hickenlooper (Dem) at 57%
    Tom Tancredo (AMC) at 31%

  17. paulie

    For those not following the other thread

    but following this one

    (7:15pm ET) First report: Indiana US House District 8, John Cunningham (L) has 5% (22% of precincts reporting). In 2008, Libertarians running for US House in Indiana averaged 3.3%. In 2006, the average was 4.1%.

    (7:35pm ET) Indiana US House District 9, Greg Knott (L) has 5% (25% of precincts reporting.)

    (7:50pm ET) Indiana US Senate, Rebecca Sink-Burris (L) has 6% (21% of precincts reporting). (Former top percentages in races vs both Republican and Democrat: in 2008, Allen Buckley got 3.4% in Georgia; in 2006, Richard Mack got 3.2% in Arizona; in 2004, Ernest Hancock got 2.6% in Arizona; in 2002, Stan Jones got 3.2% in Montana; in 2000, Carla Howell got 11.9% in Massachusetts.)

    (8:30pm ET) Virginia US House District 10, William Redpath (L) has 3% (29% precincts reporting).

    (8:40pm ET) Texas governor: with most early voting reported, Kathie Glass (L) is at 1.96%. (2% is needed to guarantee 4 years of ballot access.) For Texas Court of Criminal Appeals: J. Randell Stevens (L) is at 15.22%. (No Democrat in this race. 5% guarantees 2 years of ballot access.)

    (8:45pm ET) Georgia governor: John Monds is at 4% (20% precincts reporting.) Georgia US Senator: Chuck Donovan is at 3%. (21% precincts reporting.) Runoff unlikely in either case.

    (8:50pm ET) Texas Comptroller: Mary Ruwart is at 9.1% (most early votes counted). No Democrat in this race.

    (8:55pm ET) Indiana US House District 2: Mark Vogel (L) is at 5%. Looks like he will be kingmaker in this race, Dem has 48% and Rep has 47%.

    (9:00pm ET) North Carolina US Senate: Michael Beitler (L) is at 2% (32% of precincts reporting.)

    (9:20pm ET) Illinois Secretary of State: Josh Hanson (L) is at 2.7%. (27% of precincts reporting.) Illinois Comptroller: Julie Fox (L) is at 2.7% also. 5% in a statewide race needed to retain ballot access.

    (9:25pm ET) Ohio Governor: Ken Matesz (L) is at 2%. (26% of precincts reporting.)

    (9:40pm ET) Florida US Senate: Alexander Snitker (L) is at 0.5%. (54% of precincts reporting.)

    (9:50pm ET) Nebraska State Auditor: Michele Sallach-Grace (L) is at 22%. (based on early voting results, no Democrat in this race. 5% in a statewide races required to retain ballot access.)

    (9:55pm ET) Ohio US House District 2: Marc Johnston (L) is at 7%. (52% of precincts reporting.)

  18. George Phillies

    In Massachusetts, libertarian Bob Clark is at 1% of the vote in CD-5, Patrick Barron is at 4% in CD-3, and the 3rd party/independent in CD-1 is at 5%, as of last report.

  19. Catholic Trotskyist

    Tancredo lost! Olbermann mentioned that Tancredo was ahead of the Republican, but falsely called hin an Independent. Shame, shame, shame! I’m no fan of Tancredo, but the Constitution Party deserved its plug.
    Republican voters were probably confused about Tancredo’s ACP label.

  20. paulie

    @26 that’s looking too close to call yet

    State Assembly – District 77 – General
    1 of 23 Precincts Reporting – 4%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Manski, Ben Grn 458 44%
    Hulsey, Brett Dem 451 44%
    Redick, David GOP 120 12%
    Olson, David CST 7 1%

  21. Ross

    Hugh Giordano at about 21%, compared to about 18% for the Republican and 60% for the Democrat. He announced he’s probably running again in 2012, we’ll also have a state rep candidate running closer to center city Philadelphia in 2012, and we’ll be organizing between now and then. He won a few precincts.

  22. Henrik Hansen

    From maine.

    House District 66
    Alexander Cornell du Houx (D) 1,409 38.08%
    Jonathan M. Crimmins (R) 1,019 27.54%
    K. Frederick Horch (G) 1,272 34.38%

  23. paulie

    @32 from the main post in the thread we are commenting on

    Rich Whitney is at 2.6% in the gubernatorial race. I have not seen results for Libertarian Lex Green.

  24. Ross Levin

    OK, Hugh Giordano just fell behind the Republican…he’s at 18.5% to 19.9% and 61.6%…in Philadelphia he got 23%…and he still won some precincts!

  25. paulie

    McCain Easily Re-Elected in Arizona
    On 11.02.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    U.S. Senate John McCain has won re-election tonight by a wide margin. After surviving a “tea party” challenge in the Republican primary in August, McCain has lead Democrat Rodney Glassman by a wide margin.

    Libertarian Party founder David Nolan is also seeking that seat and has polled in the low-to-mid single digits.

    Initial exit polling shows McCain dominating Glassman among both male and female voters and in all age groups.

  26. Steve

    In Iowa, the LP is looking like they will miss ballot access but still score the highest raw vote total in the party’s history. Jake Porter for Secretary of State is at 25,000 votes with 1301/1774 precincts reporting.

  27. George Phillies

    It is hard to be sure, but Blevens’ NH performance appears to be showing the effectiveness of internet advertising. In 2008 he was the beneficiary of a significantly larger libertarian internet campaign than happened this year, and he did considerably better. However, adequate other things happened that it is hard to sort out that one variable.

  28. Be Rational

    With more than 60% of the vote counted, Babiarz has 6,180 votes or about 2%.

    The party’s nominee for U.S. Senate, Ken Blevens, is doing significantly worse with only 2,876 votes or 1% in that race.

    Actually, George, this shows the failure of internet advertising.

    Blevins on internet is less than half of Babiarz on TV and radio.

  29. paulie

    Libertarian Brown at 6% in Tight California Lt. Governor’s Race
    On 11.03.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    Libertarian candidate Pamela Brown is polling at 6% in California’s Lt. Governor race, with the Democrat leading the Republican by less than a point.

    Here are the early results, with 18% of the votes counted…

    Gavin Newsom – DEM – 1,074,035 (45.3%)
    Abel Maldonado – REP – 1,056,168 (44.5%)
    Pamela J. Brown – LIB – 140,577 (6.0%)
    Jim King – AI – 47,843 (2.0%)
    C.T. Weber – PF – 27,863 (1.1%)
    James “Jimi” Castillo – GRN – 27,828 (1.1%)

    p] Would be sweet if we can keep AbominAbel Maldonado out

  30. paulie

    Butch Otter (REP) – 78,501 votes (62%)
    Keith Allred (DEM) – 39,296 votes (31%)
    Jana Kemp (IND) – 7,313 votes (6%)
    Ted Dunlap (LIB) – 1,514 votes (1%)
    Pro-Life (IND) – 953 votes (1%)

  31. paulie

    Talk About a Tight Race…
    On 11.03.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    In Ohio’s 99th district, independent Tammy Roesch captured well over the margin of victory in an extremely tight race.

    Based on her campaign website, Roesch sounds like a tea party-style candidate, so it would be safe to assume that she cost the Republican, Casey Kozlowski, a victory in a VERY tight race for State House…

    Newcomb, Deborah (D) – 40.79% – 12,073
    Kozlowski, Casey (R) – 40.36% – 11,946
    Roesch, Tammy (I) – 18.85% – 5,580

  32. paulie

    In D/R-oid news, Harry Reid kept both his own seat and a diminished Democratic majority in the Senate, while the Republicans took the US House

  33. Cody Quirk

    Well, in Nevada- Janine lost her race for State Assembly Dist. 33, she got second place in a 3-way race and only 30% of the vote.

    BUT, we have elected 3 people to local offices in our state, plus Jackie Berg won re election!

    And even better- Ashjian DIDN’T get 1% of the vote, so his “Tea Party” will not be on the ballot in 2012.

    As they say: you win some, you lose some.

  34. Cody Quirk

    The Utah Constitution Party also elected a County Councilman in Morgan- Lyle Nelson won the race for County Co. District # 2.

  35. paulie

    Cutler Comes Up Short in Maine Gubernatorial Race
    On 11.03.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    Independent Eliot Cutler appears to have come up a bit short in the race for governor of Maine.

    With more than 90% of the votes counted, Cutler has fallen behind Republican Paul LePage by about 6,000 votes or 1%. Since the interior counties seem to be reporting slower, and those areas are going heavily for LePage, it seems unlikely that Culter will be able to pull off a victory in this race.

    Maine has a history of electing independent governors. The most recent, Angus King, had endorsed Cutler’s bid.

  36. paulie

    On 11.03.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    While neither candidate did exceptionally well, both Libertarian David Nolan (pictured) and Constitution Party candidate Scott Bradley posted very respectable showing in their U.S. Senate races.

    In Arizona, with John McCain easily winning re-election, Nolan polled just short of 5% of the vote statewide. With 92% reporting in that race, Nolan has 61,244 votes. That puts him well ahead of the Green Party candidate, Jerry Joslyn, who polled only 18,446 votes.

    In the race for U.S. Senate in Utah, the Constitution Party posted a nice showing behind candidate Scott Bradley. With 95% reporting, Bradley has a little over 33,000 votes or 6% in that contest. He broke into double-digits in several counties around the state and in Cache County, Bradley polled 18% of the vote, just behind the Democrat who had 21%.

  37. paulie

    California US Senate with 92% reporting, 3rd thru 6th

    Gail Lightfoot
    Lib. 119,873 1.7%
    Marsha Feinland
    P.A.F 90,529 1.3%
    Edward C. Noonan
    A.I.P. 87,636 1.2%
    Duane Roberts
    Green 86,775 1.2%

  38. paulie

    California Governor @ 93 – 3rd thru 6th

    Chelene Nightingale
    A.I.P. 110,302 1.6%
    Dale Ogden
    Lib. 102,678 1.4%
    Laura Wells
    Green 86,314 1.2%
    Carlos Alvarez
    P.A.F 61,084 0.9%

    Ms. Nightingale’s rabid fans here will be happy to know this is the only statewide race in which AIP came in third.

  39. paulie

    Cal Lt Gov @ 93%, 3rd thru 6th

    Pamela Brown
    Lib. 399,830 5.8%
    Jim King
    A.I.P. 130,336 1.9%
    James Castillo
    Green 110,261 1.6%
    C.T. Weber
    P.A.F 80,225 1.2%

    Significant here is that 3rd thru 6th added up to more than the margin of victory that will send prop 14’s AbominAbel Maldonado packing. Too bad he can’t take it with him, though.

    Also significant is the LP result, well above 3rd through 6th in all the other statewide races and more than enough for ballot retention for 2012.

  40. paulie

    Cal SOS @ 93%, 3rd thru 6th

    Ann Menasche
    Green 194,116 2.9%
    Christina Tobin
    Lib. 148,969 2.2%
    Merton Short
    A.I.P. 113,921 1.7%
    Marylou Cabral
    P.A.F 112,962 1.7%

    That gives the Greens a spot in 2012.

  41. paulie

    Cal Atty Gen, Treasurer, Controller: 3rd thru 6th all between 1.3 and 3.0%. Greens had 3rd place in two of those and Libertarians in one.

    So, out of the 7 statewide races Libertarians had third place in three races, same for Greens, and AIP had one race they got 3rd place in, Nightingale for Governor.

    Peace and Freedom got 2.1% for controller, so if that holds up, all four alt parties keep a presidential line in 2012.

    Pamela Brown, Libertarian in the LtGov race was the standout with a much higher percentage than any of the other statewide alt party candidates.

  42. paulie

    Several Independent and Minor Party State Legislative Wins
    On 11.03.10 by Austin F. Cassidy

    There are currently 10 independent or minor party candidates, that we know of, leading in state legislative races around the country.

    In Maine, independent Benjamin M. Chipman is leading in the race for State House District 119. Also, Richard Woodbury captured Senate District 11 as an independent, beating both a Republican and a Democratic challenger.

    Maine also saw a few independents elected to local office. An independent defeated a Republican in the race for Washington County Sheriff. Another one, Susan E. Witonis, is leading a Democrat for a seat on the Cumberland County Commission. In the race for Oxford County Treasurer, independent William C. Hine II is leading Democrat Roy G. Gedat by 9,886 votes to 9,869 votes. Expect a recount.

    In Vermont, six candidates for the state house from outside the major parties appear to have won. Incumbent independents Adam Greshin, Will Stevens and Paul Poirier all look to have been re-elected. They’re joined by three members of the Vermont Progressive Party, incumbents Sandy Haas and Susan Davis, and newcomer Christopher Pearson. Not all votes have been counted, but these results look fairly solid.

    In Tennessee, the independent State House Speaker was re-elected. Read more here.

    In Wisconsin, incumbent state legislator Bob Ziegelbauer easily defeated a Republican and a Democratic challenger. He was a Democrat, but announced earlier in the year he would seek re-election as an independent and it has paid off for him.

    Thus far we have not been able to locate any Green, Libertarian or Constitution Party victories in any state house or state senate races around the country. As results come in, that could change.

  43. George Phillies


    Your comparison is useless. Babiarz was in a three-way race. Blevens was in a four way race.
    Last time, in a three-way race with even more advertising, Blevens did better than either Libertarian did this time.

  44. paulie

    Mass with 97% reporting,


    Deval Patrick
    Dem. 1,077,853 48.7% Incumbent
    Charlie Baker
    Rep. 925,551 41.8%
    Tim Cahill
    Ind. 177,734 8.0%
    Jill Stein
    Green 31,921 1.4%

  45. paulie

    Mass from Boston Glob…

    Question 3, which called for lowering the sales tax from 6.25 percent to 3 percent, was defeated 57 percent to 43 percent, a margin of some 283,000 votes.

  46. George Phillies

    In Massachusetts races,

    friends of our party:
    CD-3 Patrick Barron got 4% in a 3-way
    CD-5 State Committee member Bob Clark got 1% in a four way. He faced among others a classic tea party opponent who advocated war with Mexico — ‘send the army to occupy Northern Mexico’.

    State Representative races
    State Committee member Jon Loya got 29% in a two way
    State Committee member Bob Underwood got 20% in a two way

    The Green Rainbow candidate for one of the statewide offices crossed the 3% line, meaning that their candidates in 2012 petition under major-party rules rather than minor-party rules, which in Massachusetts is a serious disadvantage, but has no effect on whether or not you can run on the “Green-Rainbow line” (which, given our ballot layout, is not a line, but never mind).

  47. paulie


    Constitution Party 17% in District 1 US House race (two-way, no Democrat). Otherwise no alt party news that I know of. Tangential alt party news, former Alabama LP chair Jimmy Blake is contesting the Republican nomination of Robert Bentley in court; Bentley won. I’m not sure what that will mean if Jimmy wins his lawsuit. I asked him and he didn’t know either. I think it probably means the Lt Gov elect would be seated instead.

  48. paulie

    Alaska vote counted faster than I expected.

    It appears that Murkowski has a solid lead, although the write-in votes are not actually broken down by candidate yet, it is pretty safe to assume she has the vast majority of those.

    — 81,876 41.0%
    Joe Miller
    Rep. 68,288 34.2%
    Scott T. McAdams
    Dem. 47,414 23.7%
    David Haase
    Lib. 1,084 0.5%
    Tim Carter
    — 712 0.4%
    Ted Gianoutsos
    — 327 0.2%

    In the governors race: Alaskan Independence
    Don Wright 1.9%, Libertarian Billy Toien 1.0%

  49. NewFederalist

    CP polled over 27% of the vote in a two way in KY state house district 79. Dem won.

  50. paulie

    Arizona, 99% reporting

    US Sen, David Nolan
    Lib. 63,018 4.7%
    Jerry Joslyn
    Green 19,118 1.4%

    In bad news, John “Manchurian Candidate” McCain easily coasted to victory.


    Barry Hess
    Lib. 29,448 2.2%
    Larry Gist
    Green 12,047 0.9%

    In even worse news, Jan Brewer easily re-elected. This is especially bad news for any Latinos that live in or visit Arizona, and anyone (like me) who is sometimes mistaken for a Latino.

    In good news, winning amendments included
    106 Constitutional amendment preventing mandated health insurance
    107 No preferential treatment on basis of race, sex, etc.
    113 Right to a secret ballot for unionization

    Medical marijuana is trailing 50.3%-49.7%, so too early to officially call, but it doesn’t look good. Most years it would have been a slam dunk, but unfortunately we got drowned in a Republican wave.

  51. paulie

    From Steve Kubby:

    Dear Friends and Family,

    I lost the race for SLT City Council by just 104 votes. That’s right, we were just 104 votes away from victory.

    I should point out that I was defeated by a former mayor of South Lake Tahoe, a former newspaper editor of the Tahoe Tribune, and someone who just raised $30 million in grants for the schools. My chances of winning against such well known and respected candidates was always a long-shot. Still, we waged a good campaign, with a compelling message that came very close to winning.

    My team did a great job and I am proud of the campaign we ran. We just need to be 104 votes better next time.

    Let freedom grow,


  52. NewFederalist

    It also doesn’t look good for Mary Starret in the Yamhill County (Oregon) Commissioner race. It is too close to call but she trails by quite a bit.

  53. paulie

    Arkansas, 95% reporting

    US Sen

    Trevor Drown
    Ind. 24,489 3.3%
    John Gray
    Green 13,992 1.9%


    Jim Lendall
    Green 14,068 1.9%

    Greens fail to get 3%, don’t retain ballot access

  54. paulie

    Greens did get high 20s/low 30s for Treasurer, Attorney General and Auditor in Arkansas. But those were 2-way races and don’t help with ballot retention.

  55. paulie

    Colorado, 88% reporting…

    US Senate too close to call

    Michael Bennet
    Dem. 778,261 47.5% Incumbent
    Ken Buck
    Rep. 771,274 47.1%
    Bob Kinsey
    Green 35,537 2.2%
    Maclyn Stringer
    Lib. 20,458 1.2%
    Jason Napolitano
    I.R.P. 17,909 1.1%
    Charley Miller
    Ind. 10,483 0.6%
    J. Moromisato
    Ind. 5,281 0.3%


    John Hickenlooper
    Dem. 834,577 50.5%
    Tom Tancredo
    Am. C. 610,126 36.9%
    Dan Maes
    Rep. 185,447 11.2%
    Jaimes Brown
    Lib. 12,002 0.7%
    Jason Clark
    Ind. 7,889 0.5%
    Paul Fiorino
    Ind. 3,142 0.2%

    Looks like Republicans will not lose major party status after all. They would have had to fall below 10%.

    No significant ballot measures won, prevent mandated health insurance has not been officially called yet but trails 52.8-47.2.

    In better news, Only first-offense misdemeanors released on recognizance fails decisively.

    Down ticket:

    Secretary of State 86% reporting
    Candidate Party Votes Pct.
    Scott Gessler
    Rep. 793,358 50.1%
    Bernie Buescher
    Dem. 686,132 43.3% Incumbent
    Amanda Campbell
    Am. C. 103,417 6.5%

    No other alt party candidates reported @ NY times for Colorado.

  56. JT

    Looks like the typical 1-3% for most Libertarian candidates in statewide and federal races with some outliers (nobody even close to winning though). Ho hum. At least Rand Paul won as a Republican though I don’t consider him as good as his father.

  57. paulie

    From article above

    10:58- Still have a lot of work tonight, so updating will likely be haphazard on this thread from my hand. Check out Small Gov Times, which is liveblogging results for Libertarian candidates.

    p] Actually small gov times was just mirroring the blog, which I was also mirroring in comments on the post about the LP blog.

  58. Be Rational

    In the direct comparison with Babiarz and Blevens we can see that Babiarz got about 1% which is what any LP candidate in NH should get for statewide office in a 3, 4, 5 or more way candidate race. The internet advertising seems to have brought in zero votes.

    Numerous other candidates who invested in internet ads are reporting the same zero vote effect.

    Babiarz with a small budget for radio and TV has more than twice the votes. This was a Republican year and the nature of the race for Governor indicates that it was even less likely for anyone to vote LP.

    The Babiarz votes show that traditional advertising is better. This campaign and others may show that for small budget efforts, radio is king.

    LP candidates would be advised to spend nothing on internet advertising until a full TV and radio statewide saturation level campaign has been funded.

    Internet advertising seems to bring in less votes than riding in limousines – another high priced luxury we should avoid.

  59. paulie

    Subject: Ohio Final Election results

    LP candidates





    Attorney General








    Secretary of State








    US House, 1st




    US House, 2nd




    US House, 4th




    US House, 5th




    US House, 6th




    US House, 7th




    US House, 8th




    US House, 10th




    US House, 12th




    US House, 14th




    US House, 15th




    US House, 16th




    Court of Appeals, 5th




    State Senate, 3rd




    State Senate, 9th




    State Senate, 33rd




    State House, 17th




    State House, 19th




    State House, 20th




    State House, 22nd




    State House, 23rd




    State House, 28th




    State House, 32nd




    State House, 33rd




    State House, 41st




    State House, 44th




    State House, 47th




    State House, 57th




    State House, 58th




    State House, 59th




    State House, 66th




    State House, 67th




    State House, 80th




    State House, 86th




    State House, 87th




    State House, 91st




    Licking County Commissioner




    Miami County Commissioner




    Franklin County Auditor




    Mathew A Erickson III

    Deputy Director

    Communications Division

    Libertarian Party of Ohio

  60. paulie

    Ballot Access News:

    Minor Party Legislative Hopefuls Defeat one Major Party Nominee in Nevada and Wisconsin, but Lose to the Other Major Party
    November 2nd, 2010

    Ben Manski, Green Party nominee for Wisconsin Assembly, 77th district, polled 31% in his race, not enough to win. The race was won by Democratic nominee Brett Hulsey, who had 49%. But Manski outpolled the Republican nominee, David Redick, who got 18%. The Constitution Party nominee polled 2%.

    Janine Hansen, Independent American (Constitution) Party nominee for Nevada Assembly, 33rd district, polled 30.4%. The race was won by Republican nominee John Ellison, who got 51.2%. But Hansen outpolled Democratic nominee Michael McFarlane, who got 18.3%.

    There are probably other minor party legislative nominees who outpolled one major party nominee in states such as Maine and Illinois.

  61. paulie

    Californians still can’t smoke pot legally unless they’ve been diagnosed with anxiety or early-onset balding or gas. Arizona can’t use affirmative action to hire for government jobs. Rhode Island will stay Rhode Island. Here are some of the more notable ballot initiatives and how they fared.


    – “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” will remain exactly that despite a campaign arguing that the name conjures up images of slavery.

    – Perhaps due to an already tight state budget, 85% of Denver residents voted against the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission, despite the initiative’s claim that the board wouldn’t need a budget. The commission would have investigated UFO sightings across the state. The measure might have fared better if the initiative had promised counseling for people who spot UFOs.

    – Marijuana initiatives in four states failed. Medical marijuana initiatives in South Dakota and Oregon failed by double digits, as did a legalization measure in California. An initiative to regulate medical marijuana in New Mexico failed by roughly one percentage point.

    – An initiative to increase the state income tax on earners in the top 1% was rejected by roughly 65% of Washington residents.


    – Voters in Oklahoma and Arizona voted to opt out of Obamacare’s insurance mandate. The initiatives won by more than 60% in both states, while a similar amendment in Colorado was trailing as of this writing.

    – In Massachusetts, voters repealed a year-old sales tax on alcohol, but failed to cut the actual sales tax or repeal a state mandate on subsidized housing.

    – Ballot initiatives in New York and Oklahoma passed that improve ballot access.

    – Puppy mill opponents in Missouri passed a ballot initiative requiring “large-scale dog breeding operations” to provide exercise, food, clean water, rest, and recreation for the animals in their care.

    – Arizona residents voted to do away with affirmative action at the government level. This includes in state universities and colleges.

    – In Florida and California, residents voted to de-politicize the redistricting process.

  62. paulie

    * An initiative to increase the state income tax on earners in the top 1% was rejected by roughly 65% of Washington residents.

    sic: that should be institute, not increase.

  63. Alaska Constitution Party

    Props 1&2 bond measures pass with wide margins.
    Propositon 1 (62% in favor) this approves $600 million in mortgage financing for veterans; & 2 (59% in favor) this approves $300 million in public construction projects across the state.

  64. paulie

    That article is titled

    Four lessons for Brits from America’s midterms

    Is libertarianism on the rise? Americans voted for free marketers, but voted down social conservatives.

  65. Cody Quirk

    Looks like the Colorado Personhood Amendment failed- 70% of the people voted against it.

  66. Cody Quirk

    However, all 4 of the State Questions on the Nevada ballot failed- especially Question 1, which would have made our State Supreme Court Justices be appointed by the Legislature instead of voted into office by the people; that fascist measure lost with 57% of Nevadans voting against it.

  67. paulie

    from MPP

    Yesterday voters turned out across the nation to vote on a number of marijuana-related initiatives, including four major statewide initiatives. Here are the results:

    Arizona: Proposition 203, which would bring a working medical marijuana law to the state, is too-close-to-call at the moment, as tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of additional ballots remain to be counted. MPP will continue to closely monitor the outcome of this proposition over the coming days.

    California: Proposition 19, which would have made the personal possession and cultivation of marijuana legal and would have allowed regulated distribution systems on the local level, did not pass. It did, however, receive a very respectable 46 percent of the vote.

    South Dakota: Measure 13, which would have protected seriously ill South Dakota residents from arrest and prosecution for using medical marijuana with their doctor’s recommendation, was ultimately rejected by voters.

    Oregon: Measure 74, which would have established oversight and licensing requirements for medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, was also defeated by the voters yesterday. This loss, however, does not in any way affect Oregon’s existing medical marijuana law.

    On a positive note, two gubernatorial candidates with good positions on marijuana policy reform won their respective elections. Peter Shumlin in Vermont and Dan Malloy in Connecticut both have positive outlooks on marijuana decriminalization, giving those states a leg-up when it comes to passing positive marijuana-related laws in the next several years. Incidentally, Shumlin also supports dispensaries, which are not currently a part of Vermont’s medical marijuana law.

    Finally, here are the results of some significant local marijuana-related initiatives across the country:

    California: Two of two dispensary bans were defeated in California local elections. Additionally, Kamala Harris is currently maintaining a slim margin of victory over drug-warrior Steve Cooley in the California race for attorney general race.

    Massachusetts: Nine of nine public policy questions asking legislatures to vote in favor of taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol passed. Nine of nine public policy questions asking legislatures to vote in favor of medical marijuana legislation passed.

    Colorado: In 42 cities and counties in the state, voters were asked whether medical marijuana dispensaries should be allowed in their locality. Citizens in eight of these regions voted to allow the dispensaries.

    Wisconsin: Two of two referenda asking the Wisconsin legislature to enact medical marijuana legislation passed.

  68. paulie

    Connecticut @ 99%

    US Sen

    Warren Mosler
    Ind. 10,888 1.0%
    John Mertens
    C.F.L. 6,552 0.6%


    Thomas Marsh
    Ind. 17,153 1.5%

    Michael Telesca
    Ind. 14,543 1.4%
    Michael DeRosa
    Green 12,968 1.2%
    Ken Mosher
    Lib. 8,483 0.8%

    Hugh Dolan
    Ind. 16,617 1.6%
    Colin Bennett
    Green 12,657 1.2%
    Joshua Katz
    Lib. 10,203 1.0%

    Stephen Fournier
    Green 28,331 2.7%

    Andrew White
    Ind. 14,942 1.4%
    David Bue
    Green 9,129 0.9%

  69. paulie

    97 CT is significant because the D and R for Governor are 0.4% apart; it is one of four states for Governor that NY Times is not calling yet, the others being Vermont, Illinois and Minnesota – and non D/R-oid candidates represent more than the margin of difference in each of those right now.

  70. paulie

    FL @ 99%

    US Sen

    Marco Rubio
    Rep. 2,613,662 48.9%
    Charlie Crist
    Ind. 1,587,582 29.7%
    Kendrick B. Meek
    Dem. 1,074,904 20.1%
    Alexander Snitker
    Lib. 24,485 0.5%
    Sue Askeland
    — 15,148 0.3%
    Rick Tyler
    — 7,314 0.1%
    Bernie DeCastro
    Const. 4,728 0.1%
    Lewis Armstrong
    — 4,366 0.1%
    Bobbie Bean
    — 4,239 0.1%
    Bruce Riggs
    — 3,595 0.1%


    Peter Allen
    Inp. 122,345 2.3%
    CC Reed
    — 18,648 0.4%
    Michael Arth
    — 18,395 0.3%
    Daniel Imperato
    — 13,501 0.3%
    Farid Khavari
    — 7,354 0.1%


    Jim Lewis
    NPA 196,619 3.8%

  71. Starchild

    Having lived with Kamala Harris as district attorney in San Francisco, where she crusaded against sex worker rights (despite having gotten an important break in politics by being the girlfriend of notorious married playboy former SF mayor and state assembly speaker Willie Brown), I can tell you that waiting for the final outcome of the California Attorney General’s race between her and the rabidly anti-cannabis Steve Cooley is like wondering whether you’re going to have to drink fabric softener or rat poison.

  72. paulie

    Ezra Klein @ Washpost…

    BALLOT MEASURES: A ballot measure blocking global warming action is going down in California, but one requiring a two-thirds vote for regulations (26), and another eliminating the two-thirds requirement for passing budgets (25), will pass: A measure cutting sales taxes failed in Massachusetts: Anti-union measures passed in Arizona: Utah: South Carolina: And South Dakota: Anti-Affordable Care Act measures passed in Arizona: And Oklahoma: But failed in Colorado:

  73. paulie

    Posted by David Kramer on November 3, 2010 12:16 AM at LRC blog…

    First the socially “progressive” California liberals voted to keep Proposition 8, a proposition that did not recognize an individual’s right to freedom of association and freedom of contract (i.e., gay marriage). Remember that this was the same election that gave Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama a 2–1 victory over Republican Presidential candidate John McCain. Now these same socially “progressive” California liberals—who have just elected super-liberal Jerry Brown as Governor by a comfortable margin—do not recognize that an individual owns the property of his or her body (except, of course, when it comes to abortion). They have rejected Proposition 19 which would have made the personal use of marijuana legal.

  74. paulie

    It sounds like they may be Catholic Trotskyists. Say, isn’t Catholic Trotskyist a Californian? That would explain it…

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