Sarah Palin Endorses Tom Tancredo

This is late breaking news. See the PPS:

First, I want to tell you the latest.  With one day to go we remain in a statistical dead heat with the tax and spend, pro-amnesty Hickenlooper.  It’s just remarkable!  Hickenlooper has spent over $4 million in his campaign and we just broke $1 million last week.

Yet here we are, on the eve of Election Day, poised to win!  One pollster even predicted I will win tomorrow because our turnout will be so strong.  Another prominent polling firm reported yesterday that I am a few points behind Hickenlooper, but when it comes to intensity of voters we win 47%  to 41% –that means our supporters are far more certain about who they are supporting and far more likely to vote!

It all comes down to getting out the vote.  Our volunteers have been working relentlessly for the past ten days making calls day and night.

And thanks to your generosity last week we have also been able to reach hundreds of thousands of voters with robo calls –reminding them to get their ballots in the mail.

Tonight we expect to reach 100,000 voters who haven’t yet cast their vote to remind them to get to the ballot box tomorrow.

On this final day of campaigning I wanted to again express my heartfelt thanks to you.  Your support has been amazing—every turn of the way you were there to help push me closer to our goal of electing a conservative for Governor—someone who will cut taxes, cut spending and stop illegal immigration cold.

Only then will Colorado be able to return to its citizens the hopes and dreams that come with a better, brighter future.

I have one more rally to go and plenty of radio interviews—Bay Buchanan even has me working tomorrow encouraging voters to get out and cast their vote for common sense, conservative government.

But as I prepare for these final twenty-four hours of my campaign I wanted to take some time and let you know how grateful I am for all you have done.  I am so blessed to have you as a supporter and a friend. Thank you and God Bless you.

Warmest regards,

Tom Tancredo

PS. If you live in Colorado please make certain you vote–and that your families and friends vote as well–that is if they are voting Tancredo for Governor! Call them, email them and get them to the polls–it could make the difference! Thanks again!

PPS. Sarah Palin has just endorsed me and is doing a robo call asking voters to get out and vote for me!! That should help with turnout!

21 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Endorses Tom Tancredo

  1. RoBoTech

    “It’s possible the Palin endorsement will do Tancredo more harm than good. ”
    That’s some serious wishful thinking!!

  2. Brian

    This should help Hickenlooper. Palin’s a nutcase and Tancredo’s a nutcase. How do the Republican and Constitution Parties differ anymore? Both are nativist. Both are nationalist. Both race-bait.

  3. Cody Quirk

    The CP doesn’t race bait (being that the party us racially diverse itself, look at the Georgia & Idaho state chairman), and unlike the GOP, the CP supports Economic Protectionism, Non Interventionism on foreign affairs, and a no-BS approach to illegal immigration.

  4. Cody Quirk

    If both Tancredo and Palin are nutcases, then how can they hurt each other- by your logic, both are the same.

  5. Thane Eichenauer

    Save those folks who favor more legal immigration much if not most of America is nationalist and nativist. How being nationalist and nativist in America is going to hurt them (save for the scorn of modern day corporatist statist media) is beyond me. I imagine there are plenty of voters who look at what their tv newspeople scorn and then they know who the good guys are.

    I favor letting good immigrants travel and work in the US.

  6. Rob Bolton

    Sarah has really lost it, She is the best argument for re-incarnation; Nobody can get to be that dumb in just one lifetime.

  7. paulie

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    That would be me. I would not vote for Tancredo or Palin.

    I don’t see her endorsement hurting him. People who hate one also hate the other.

    I don’t think a lot of Hickenlooper voters are Palin fans and I don’t think most of the few remaining Maes voters are big Palin fans either. Even if they are, they must think the R brand trumps all.

    Where she might help Tancredo a little is getting a few of the marginal voters a little extra push to bother to vote.

  8. Jose C.

    Tom Tancredo will win and it will be considered one of the biggest upsets in political history. One of the biggest upsets (think Joe Namath’s New York Jets in Superbowl 3) in history. And it will be heard across the land in every poltical hamlet a party established in the 1980s has won a very big victory. There will be comparisons made to the Republican Party of the 1800s. And it will be whispered is this for real? Did this really happen? And the shout will go out to every corner of America, Yes!!!

    And when they talk about the Constitution Party it will be said they are the third largest political party in the United States of America. The case will be closed, there will be no debate and the eggs will be hard, the butter soft, and the Jell-O will be jiggling (thanks Chick Hearn). And those in the Libertarian Party (I am a member) who protest will be told scoreboard baby, look at the scoreboard!

  9. Brian

    Tancredo race-baits. Tancredo is running under the CP banner. Yes, Palin and Tancredo are nutcases, but I’d like to believe the people of Colorado aren’t. Maybe you disagree with this. You can have racial minorities as member and still race-bait. Look at the Republicans.

  10. Trent Hill

    “a party established in the 1980s has won a very big victory.”

    What party is that? The CP was founded in 1992.

  11. Alaska Constitution Party

    My estimation of Sarah Palin has just increased substantially. Perhaps there is some hope there. Me thinks Tancredo will win this one setting off a political quake and further tsunami that will hit in 2012.

  12. Timothy Yung

    Sarah Palin is a mixed bag. She has endorsed Rand Paul, Tom Tancredo, and Joe Miller which were the right choice but she also endorsed Christine O’Donnell and John McCain (although she was obligated to do so). Hopefully she sticks to running Sarah PAC and making speeches. She better not run for president, vice president, or any other federal office. She personalifies the neo-conservative know-nothing wing of the Republican Party.

  13. Thomas L. Knapp

    “and a no-BS approach to illegal immigration”

    What, the CP changed its platform to acknowledge that there is no constitutional federal power to regulate immigration?

  14. paulie

    In my capacity as Objectivist Party Chair, I have personally endorsed Tom Tancredo for Governor of Colorado.

    Why not Jaimes Brown, the Libertarian Party candidate?

    What party is that? The CP was founded in 1992.

    Good catch.

    Me thinks Tancredo will win this one setting off a political quake and further tsunami that will hit in 2012.

    At this point I think you are correct.

    She better not run for president

    Oh, she’ll run. You betcha.

    “and a no-BS approach to illegal immigration”

    What, the CP changed its platform to acknowledge that there is no constitutional federal power to regulate immigration?


  15. Dan


    Curtailing immigration is as constitutional as fair trade, for good or ill. Article 1, Section 9, Clause 1 allows Congress to prohibit the immigration of people after the year 1808.

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