Bernie Sanders Says Presidential Campaign is “Off the Table”

In recent weeks there have been growing calls for Independent Senator Bernie Sanders to run for president, but Sanders has stated that he “ain’t gonna do it.”  From The Nation:

activists across the country started talking up the notion of a “Sanders for President” run in 2012, either as a dissident Democrat in the primaries or as a left-leaning Independent. Rabbi Michael Lerner put the democratic socialist senator’s name at the top of a list of prospective primary challengers, while a “Draft Bernie Sanders for President” website appeared with a declaration that:

“If you believe America needs a strong independent voice in the presidential race bringing progressive ideas back into the national conversation—ideas that are no longer being discussed because President Barack Obama’s version of “hope and change” has turned out to be mostly politics as usual and capitulation to conservative Republicans—then we encourage you to support the Draft Sanders effort. Senator Sanders is a credible, experienced political leader who has spent his career fighting for progressive values and policies.” . . .

Asked about the prospect of a presidential run in a several year-end interviews with print and broadcast media outlets, his answer was to take the idea “off the table.”

On Vermont’s WCAX-TV, the senator said: “You will be the first to know: ain’t gonna do it.”

6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Says Presidential Campaign is “Off the Table”

  1. NewFederalist

    I don’t agree with many of his political views but one has to admire his consistent positions and the fact that he rarely caves in to pressure. Good on you, Bernie!

  2. pete healey

    Sanders borrowed that phrase (“off the table”) from President Obama, who used it to open the health care debate almost two years ago by saying “Single payer is off the table”. Sanders, and all other so-called “progressives” complied then, and of course they’re complying now. This “dissident Democrat” stuff will die down after the president throws them a scrap or two from the main table and these compliant dogs start chewing. The Nation?!? Compliant Dog! Tikkun?!?! Compliant Dog! Forget about the Dems, will you? They’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  3. Mike Indiana

    pete healey

    The expression “off the table” has been around a lot longer then President Obama, so it couldn’t have been ‘borrowed’ from him.

    Its ridiculous statements such as this which allow people to paint third party/Independent activists as fringe figures who don’t have there facts straight.

  4. Jacob Zychick

    As a left-independent candidate I don’t see Sanders performing that well in 2012. Does anyone? It seems to me that there will be a lot of anti-left independent vote that will show up. That’s my opinion.

  5. Carey Campbell

    Green Party territory.

    Read a couple books from Ralph.

    You’ll see Bernie, as most of us who have done local politics, Bernie understands his state.

    Bernie understands a national campaign could create a massive reaction, perhaps not positive.

    It’s reality kids.

    Flock to the Green Party. The positive solution.

    That’s just one hillbilly opinion.

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