Audrey Queckboerner: ‘Helen Keller and Politics’

From the front page of Constitution Party national website:

Helen Keller and Politics

What do the world’s most popular deaf and blind woman and the topic of politics have to do with each other? Plenty and I’m not refering to Helen Keller’s decision to join and follow the Socialist Party of the United States.

I’m actually refering to Helen’s teacher, Miss Annie Sullivan. This afternoon I watched the black and white movie starring Patty Duke as Helen and Anne Bancroft as Miss Sullivan. Annie came to the Keller residence with no formal training. Simply a desire to reach into the mind of that child and teach her (words). It took a tremendous amount of committment, time, physical strength and stamina and the patience of Job. I got exhausted just watching her teach Helen table manners. Miss Annie’s committment finally paid off when Helen began understanding that words actually meant something.

So what does this have to do with politics? Like Helen I was once blind and deaf to the truths of the Republican Party. I knew most Democrats were liberal but the Republican Party, weren’t they the conservative party? Weren’t they the ones claiming to be pro-life? Shrinking the size and scope of big government? That they were the party of the people? Sure there might be one or two who consistently stand for those principals but the party as a whole? My blindness was being removed to the truth that they were none of those things. Sure they talk a big talk but their actions/votes do not line up with their promises. I believe that’s called “rhetoric”.

After the movie was finished, my husband reminded me that I am an Annie Sullivan. I have blind people in front of me who are walking in the blind truth that the Republican Party truly cares about Constitutional government. What will it take for me to help them see the truth as I did? Time (praying we have enough time), committment (even when they choose not to hear it) and a lot of patience. Just like Miss Sullivan had Annie’s best interests at heart, so I also do what I do because of the interest of both the people and the future of our country.

I’m not saying this to brag or that I know it all. Like Miss Sullivan, I’m learning as I go. All I know is that “once I was blind and now I see”. I want to help others to see (with their minds) as well.

Audrey Queckboerner
Constitution Party of Indiana

4 thoughts on “Audrey Queckboerner: ‘Helen Keller and Politics’

  1. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    Nope, as I posted else where and have notified Ms Queckboerner directly, she is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Mister Keller is documented as traveling from his post bellum Mississippi to Boston for his daughter’s education. Not a college graduate, Ms Sullivan was the valedictorian of her class. In a school for the blind. And well regarded as one of the finest prepared, if not some what inexperience, novice teachers for deaf and blind, in the region, if not the country.

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