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Beau Cain: How to Start Your Voter Registration Drive

Posted by Beau Cain at CA.LP.ORG. H/T Andy Jacobs.

There’s no better time than now to boost California’s registered Libertarians with a voter registration drive, and you can help us reach an unprecedented level of understanding and cooperation toward liberty. Just look at this graph showing our steady growth for more than two years, and how close we are to having over 100,000 registered Libertarians in California.

Registered Libertarian growth 2008 through 2010

Registered Libertarian growth from May 2008 to October 2010

Aside from the state’s voter registration forms, the California Libertarian Party can provide specialized artwork for posters, banners, and stickers, plus the artwork for a compelling and informative brochure to assist you in attracting voters to the Libertarian Party.

Here’s how to put it all together:

  1. First, get your supply of state- or county-supplied Voter Registration forms. There’s an easy-to-read booklet available online, and it will answer just about every question you might have about planning and executing a successful voter registration drive. For more information, call your County Registrar of Voters or the California Secretary of State’s Elections Division at (800) 345-8683. Your state taxes pay for this service, so get your money’s worth!
  2. California LP voter registration poster in action

    California LP voter registration poster in action

    Next, imagine how to attract attention to your drive. If you’re going to staff a public voter registration table, consider buying a poster or a banner with the California LP’s new logo.Two-foot by three-foot posters can be displayed on an easel, and 6’ by 2’ banners can be ordered with straps to tie them to local supports, or with grommets if there are hooks available, or both. You can get yours, and you can even modify them to include your county Party’s name or region, by calling Carsen at The Bumper Sticker at (877) 873-9626, or e-mailing him at

  3. After you catch a voter’s attention, convince him or her to register Libertarian with an easy-to-read and understand brochure.
    Slick, colorful brochure shows sensible LP positions on issues.

    Slick, colorful brochure shows sensible LP positions on issues.

    Ours shows how Libertarian principles are more sensible and less extreme than current Democratic or Republican Party policies. It’s a slick, colorful tri-fold brochure that lists examples of Libertarian principles right next to the extreme leftist and rightist policies that the other two major parties have forced on our nation. Call or e-mail Beau Cain at (818) 782-8400 or to get the details about getting your own supply of these great educational tools.

  4. 4" x 4" California LP sticker.

    4" x 4" California LP sticker.

    Finally, you can give voters a thank-you gift with a purpose: a tasteful 4” by 4” sticker with the California LP’s new logo. Anyone who registers to vote Libertarian will be proud to display one of these icons, whether on their car, backpack, or even a laptop. Stickers are available from The Bumper Sticker at (877) 873-9626 or It’s an inexpensive way to say thank you while raising awareness of the Libertarian Party.

Each of these items alone will improve your chances to spread the word, but all together and with a concerted effort in 2011, registration success will go down in history as a pivotal turning point for not only the Libertarian Party but for all liberty-loving Americans. Good luck in your efforts and remember we are fighting for the soul of America.

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  1. Steven R Linnabary Steven R Linnabary January 25, 2011

    Wayne Root and Glenn Beck have far, far more to do with the LPCA’s registration going up than
    anything Beau or Kevin have ever done.

    This is getting REALLY old & tiring.

    I can’t speak for California, but here in Ohio it has been PEOPLE that have made the Libertarian Party. Freedom loving people that have heard and believe in the libertarian message.

    People that are afraid for their children’s futures. People that see government inefficiency on a daily basis. People that have experienced (or people that fear they will experience) government atrocities.

    Glenn Beck while entertaining, is just that….an ENTERTAINER. He has been wherever the political winds have been blowing at the time. To give Beck credit for the r3VOLution is to give the rooster credit for the sun rising.


  2. paulie paulie January 25, 2011


    The idea here is to inspire people to go out and do some voter registration for the LP. Showing positive trends can motivate people – working on things that are growing and showing success is more inspiring than spinning your wheels. The materials look good.

    I realize you’re always on the lookout for opportunities to say that your factional opponents within the party are not doing as much as one might wish they were doing in an ideal world, but every fire has to start as a spark, and pouring cold water on it does not help.

    I found this interesting; I think the LP could also benefit from these ideas/discussion:

    “The California Green Party sent out emails outlining a new campaign that will help add 100,000 new members in the next two years with mostly paid organizers, along with grassroots activists. But the phone number listed on there was the wrong one and I had to go on Facebook to find the person listed on the email, where they gave me a new number to call. I have called that number about 3 times, left messages, and I still haven?t got a response.

    I have noticed a recent upsurge in the amount of activity surrounding the Green Party locally and nationally.

    The only thing I ask is to update websites, have phone numbers where people can be relied on to answer, make phonebanking a priority where we can contact lingering registered Greens who want to help but have kind of stopped being active, and start getting paid organizers. I cannot stress the last part enough.

    Events Calendar page should be filled with something. At least put some notable local Green Parties and the days they meet. Maybe put up some local chapters from cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and any other major states/cities.

    Go to google, type in a the Green Party you are looking for(state or city) call them and ask them if the information is correct on the days they meet. Then put that event up in the events calendar. Perhaps send an email to registered Greens informing them about this website. Just use the database of registered Greens.

    Another idea: Have a search feature [..] where you basically type in your zipcode and it locates the nearest Green Party meetup. Is that possible?”

  3. Kevin Knedler Kevin Knedler January 25, 2011

    I like these materials. Thank you.

  4. Down and Out in Dixie Down and Out in Dixie January 25, 2011

    The appeal and materials here look professional, and while they might not account for much of the rise in registration numbers so far, they certainly have potential to accelerate an already naturally ongoing trend.

  5. Down and Out in Dixie Down and Out in Dixie January 25, 2011

    “Wayne Root and Glenn Beck have far, far more to do with the LPCA’s registration going up than
    anything Beau or Kevin have ever done.”

    If anything, Ron Paul, and much less directly Lew Rockwell, Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo have a lot more to do with it than anyone. The new wave of mostly small-l libertarianism, from which the LP benefits as a side effect, is mostly Rothbardian in origin.

  6. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen January 24, 2011

    Please name the email campaign that got them the registration numbers.

    Please name the direct mail campaign.

    Or the phone banking.

    The fact is, they just haven’t turn in many siggies.

    They haven’t asked many folks to join, not on TV, not on radio, not in person, not about anywhere.

    Having a few County Fair OPH booths where you might get 50 at the most folks to sign up does not come within a tenth of a percent of the numbers.

    Fact is Kevin t, Beau C and Matthew B just can’t claim a whit of credit for the numbers.

    It’s like Obama claiming responsibility for Ford’s success.

  7. Cohen: Poppycock! Cohen: Poppycock! January 24, 2011

    The latest compilation of statistics courtesy of the esteemed California Secretary of State’s website indicate that the Libertarian Party of California’s registration numbers have risen from 78000+ to 91000+ over the past two and a half years, and the trend is continuing upwards with no abatement.

    Since Mr. Cohen has as much awareness of the inner workings of the California LP as one of your saguaro cactuses along Interstate 8, it would behoove him to focus on more useful pursuits beyond increasing his carbon footprint by incessantly running his mouth.

    It is rather obvious that the nearly 20% increase in California’s Libertarian registrations is due to the fine efforts of the party leadership there and not due to any deranged blathering by Mr. Cohen at his rather isolated locale in the desert. To claim otherwise is utter rubbish, especially his continued poppycock claims that Mr. Beck and Mr. Root, both highly unfavourable characters in a highly unfavourable lot, have anything to do with the increase.

  8. Maybe Not Maybe Not January 24, 2011

    Lake all of a sudden finds Cohen to be a reliable source, after numerous remarks to the contrary, when it suits him?

  9. FYI! [More Don Lake] FYI! [More Don Lake] January 24, 2011

    plz feel free to ‘yell’ at Don Lake for having observed much of this from out side of the LP Ca for almost a quarter of a century.

    How interesting that the documented truths are first up setting, and then verified ……….

  10. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen January 24, 2011

    How come the LP of California pretty much never has done any of this kind of thing?

    They just talk , but never do.

    And the Voter Registration numbers have zero for Beau and Kevin, since they haven’t signed hardly anyone up.

    This is all just a side effect of the word ‘Libertarian’ being in the news, a factor they had nothing to do with.

    Wayne Root and Glenn Beck have far, far more to do with the LPCA’s registration going up than
    anything Beau or Kevin have ever done.

    PS I’d be willing to bet that the two of them combined have not registered a total of 100 Libertarians. Ever. Total. In their lives.

  11. paulie paulie January 23, 2011

    Also from the above link:

    All other nationally-organized parties lost registrants.

  12. paulie paulie January 23, 2011

    From the above:

    “More voters are registered Libertarians now than ever before. Between October 2008 and this spring, Libertarian registration rose in 19 of the 23 states that tally Libertarians. It declined in four states, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and South Dakota. The decline in South Dakota isn’t surprising because the party has not been on the ballot there since 2006.”

    And from the paper issue of LP News I received today:

    According to Ballot Access News, there were 278,446 voters registered as Libertarians in October 2010, up from 240,328 in October 2008 (16% increase in two years).

  13. George Whitfield George Whitfield January 23, 2011

    Very clear and well designed campaign. I was surprised to see the rising trend in LP voter registration in California. Best wishes on going over 100,000 registrations!

  14. Gains Gains January 23, 2011


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