Green Party of NYS gets excellent coverage on Capital Tonight TV show

Howie Hawkins ran for Governor of New York on the Green Party line in the 2010 campaign. On January 7, 2011, Hawkins was interviewed by Elizabeth Benjamin of Capital Tonight. The interview critiques the conservative fiscal policy of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, and mentions that the Green Party of New York State [GPNYS] has recently regained automatic ballot status. GPNYS is advocating for progressive taxation, including collecting (and not rebating) the Stock Transfer Tax.

2 thoughts on “Green Party of NYS gets excellent coverage on Capital Tonight TV show

  1. Eric Sundwall

    I’ve tried to talk brass tacks Austrian economics with Howie. He’s aware that it’s out there, but has only read limited texts. He obviously recites the progressive talking points with great ease.

    The Rochester race is encouraging from a third party perspective, one sided races on all levels need to be challenged.

  2. Carey Campbell

    Even more excellent than the adult Green Party conversation is Howie Hawkins performance.

    Howie Hawkins the program font, and host tells us, is the New York Green Party State Chairman.

    Howie is exact and precise on the state budget numbers. His examples are concise, and convincing.

    Watch this video.

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