IPR posts now automatically posted to our facebook page

Thanks to Tom Knapp, IPR stories are now being automatically posted to our facebook page. For our readers who are facebook users, please like and share our stories. And if you haven’t signed up for our page yet, please do so.

As a reminder, we are also on the twitter, so please follow us there if you are not doing so yet and retweet whenever you get a chance.

And now, a fairly random video from Key of Awesome. Not sure why, maybe because I said “retweet.”


15 thoughts on “IPR posts now automatically posted to our facebook page

  1. Bryan

    Hell, I didn’t even know you guys had a facebook page….(I usually don’t read the links to the right unless I’m looking for something specific)

    Why don’t you put one of the little “F” icons up near the top?

  2. paulie Post author

    Don’t know how, maybe Trent is the only one who can do it, or maybe I can do it somehow but I don’t know the way.

  3. Bryan

    If you go to facebookicon.net you can get the code, I don’t know how your site is set up but you should be able to add where the rss and sitemeter icons are at.

  4. paulie Post author

    Bryan – I know how to get the icon from facebook. It’s the part about inserting it where the rss and sitemeter icons are that I haven’t figured out yet.It may be that it requires server access, which I don’t have (if I did, the first thing I would fix would be where author names don’t appear on the article except on the front/index page — I actually do know how to fix that). It may be that it’s a php thing; I don’t really know php, but I figured out the author issue, so maybe I could figure this out too. Or it may be a simple widget. I’ll work on it to see if I can figure it out.

    Tom – OK, that’s true, I pressed the idea. But I didn’t know how to do it. Ideas are a dime a dozen without execution. Trent gets an assist too, since we couldn’t do it unless/until he added us as facebook admins 🙂

  5. Down and Out in Dixie

    lyrics of the youtube clip in the post, in case anyone cares…

    Katy’s voice = Sarah Gregory (youtube.com/autotunethenews)

    Snoops Voice = Mark Douglas (facebook.com/thekeyofawesome)

    Directed by Tom Small

    [Spoken] Greetings beotches. Take off your pants.

    I know a place where the girls are always meaner
    If you ain’t rich, they’re goin’ nowhere near your wiener

    Sippin’ Starbucks venti skinny mocha chai tea
    with foam
    Drivin’ Escalades while they’re texting and re-tweeting
    on i-phones

    You can try to approach us, but we’re all the same we don’t care what your name is
    We’ll look at you for a second, but that’s just to make sure that you’re not famous

    California girls we’re unreliable
    Never worked a day in our lives
    Hybrid Dogs in bags we leave em’ in the car


    California girls we’re so predictable
    Hottest bodies money can buy

    Spray tanned silicone boobs are indestuctable

    Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing

    Sign your name on the dotted line
    Don’t need brains if that ass is fine

    Once you cross the L.A. Border
    You develop an eating disorder

    Sell your soul, dance on the pole
    Bang Charlie Sheen just for a role

    Nose jobs, tummy tucks
    These are the girls I like to… hang out with

    Inflate your lips. Loose the hips
    See through shirts show off your nips

    Paparazzi is everywhere
    Oops forgot your underwear

    Katy my Lady, I’m all up onya
    Cus you’re representin’ California

    But you know I’d still be all up inya
    Even if that ass was from Virginia

    And you know that you can bet your butt
    That I’d do girls from Connecticut

    I could really fill my booty quota
    By bangin’ out ho’s from Minnesota

    California Girls we are so are desperate
    Sold our souls for fortune and fame
    Soon we’ll look like Cher or Melanie Griffith


    “California Gurls” is so repetitive
    All Pop sounds exactly the same
    It’s the same beat from that other song that Kesha did



    Click here to download this and ALL the Key of Awesome songs!! http://bit.ly/thekeyofawesome

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  6. Kimberly Wilder

    Paulie and Thomas K –
    Many thanks for adding the FaceBook connections and share buttons. I think it is a great idea, and I think we got a bump in overall views already.

  7. paulie Post author

    Thank you.

    Although, I’m not sure whether the bump is because of that or because we had more interesting news yesterday than most days lately.

    I guess we’ll see.

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