LP Monday Message: It’s time to “YouCut” body scanners

LP Monday Message:

January 24, 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

We’ve heard Republican members of Congress repeatedly claim that they are going to cut federal spending. Yeah, right.

I want to suggest a way you can help hold them accountable. The new House majority leader, Eric Cantor, has created a website called "YouCut" where people can suggest ways to cut spending.

Well, here’s something the Republicans can cut: the billions of dollars they’re spending on TSA strip-search body scanners at airports. I encourage you to go to the YouCut page and make that suggestion.

I just went there and typed "Cut the TSA airport body scanners which waste my money and violate my rights."

I realize there was recently an attack outside the passenger area of a Russian airport. Libertarians abhor this type of violence and aggression. It’s worth noting that TSA body scanners would not have prevented an attack like that. It’s important, even in times of crisis, that we voice our principles.

Do you think the Republicans will admit that lots of libertarians asked them to cut the TSA strip-search scanners? Let’s find out.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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9 thoughts on “LP Monday Message: It’s time to “YouCut” body scanners

  1. paulie Post author

    I think it’s a great example of the kind of issue the Ron Paul/Ralph Nader/Green/Libertarian/Constitutionalist coalition can all get around.

  2. David

    I have an idea for a new reality show. The ratings would be off the charts. It would feature detailed investigative reports on United States representatives and senators. It would highlight what their worth (bank accounts, property, etc.) was when they entered office and what it was when they left office. The show would also reveal what legislation they supported and compare that with contributions they received.

    Why do you think they end up with so much money at the end of their time in office? Might it be because they sold out the American citizens’ best interests? Might that be a big reason we are in the shape we are in?

    Americans would love to see such a show.

  3. Bonnie S

    Sent –> “Cut the billions of dollars spent on TSA strip-search backscatter body scanners at airports. They are a huge threat to anyone with a tendency towards skin cancer, and that is not being publicized. They would not have prevented the recent Russian attack, because it was outside the secured zone.”

  4. d.eris

    “Cut the TSA airport body scanners which waste my money and violate my rights.”

    It’s time to abolish the entire Department of Homeland Security.

  5. paulie Post author

    Google translate says Innere Sicherheit, although the version I remember seeing before started with Heimland… and was one long word.

    In Soviet Russia: Zashchita Rodiny

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