David Colborne: Nevada LP Northern Regional Representative Report

Submitted by David Colborne to the Nevada Libertarian Party Executive Committee and to IPR:

I’d like to start this report by greeting all of the new faces in the Executive Committee. Some of you I’ve met, some of you I haven’t; whatever the case may be, I look forward to working with each and every one of you over the next couple of years. Rest assured, we in the cold, snowy, slowly thawing north stand ready to advance the cause of liberty and the Libertarian Party this year and beyond.

I’m proud to announce that, over the past couple of months, we have maintained a solid level of activity. All dues-paying members of the National LP have been called at least once by a member of our affiliate regarding an upcoming event or two within the past three months, and all dues-paying members of the national LP have been added to our e-mail broadcast list. So far, we are proud to report that we haven’t received a single request to unsubscribe from our e-mail list; in fact, I personally received several congratulatory e-mails from dues paying Libertarians that were happy to see there was local party activity in their area. On the event front, this month was the first month in NVCLP history that we held scheduled events in two separate counties in the same month; our goal is to hold separate, regularly scheduled events in each of the three counties that constitute the NVCLP each and every month. These events will be in addition to any special events in our area, including tax protests, neighboring state conventions, or just manning booths wherever we can find some space.

I am also proud to announce that members of the NVCLP are using their geographical proximity to the Nevada Legislature to good use. We currently have two registered unpaid lobbyists representing us in the Nevada Legislature – Thomas Cornell, who is also the NVCLP Secretary, and Jim Cooley, who also doubles as the NVCLP Vice-Chair. They are both registered with the state and are both putting in considerable time and energy into keeping us abreast of what’s on the legislative docket this session. Rowan Wilson, NVCLP Treasurer, has also been roaming the halls of the Legislature as well, though I didn’t see her name listed as an officially registered lobbyist the last time I checked. Two of the worst bills facing the Legislature today that our lobbyists have asked me to highlight in my report are AB81 (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Reports/history.cfm?ID=187) and AB82 (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Reports/history.cfm?ID=188). These bills were introduced by the Secretary of State to “reduce corruption”. What they do instead is:

  • Raise filing fees on all statewide offices. The filing fee for US Senator, for example, would increase from $500 to $3000. County office filing fees would increase from $100 to $300.
  • Increases candidate financial reporting frequency, increases the fines for failure to report, and changes the deadlines.
  • Subjects committees to the same filing requirements as candidates. This could potentially include us.
  • Forbids recounting of electronic votes. If someone demands a recount in a precinct that uses a “mechanical” voting device, they will only be able to demand a recount of absentee mail votes.
  • Forces employers to provide time off to employees so they can vote in partisan primaries.
  • Allows candidates to use campaign funds for legal challenges. Presently, candidates are required to raise a “legal defense fund”, which people may voluntarily contribute to.
  • Require the Secretary of State to be notified before all “voter registration drives”, and requires all who run a “voter registration drive” to receive SoS-approved training beforehand. What would constitute a “voter registration drive”? Anything that involves distributing and collecting voter registration forms. I hope none of you have ever had the temerity to hand out a voter registration form at a convention or Sam Adams Night.
  • Requires campaign finance forms to be filed electronically through the Secretary of State; this would forbid candidates from mailing the forms to their county clerk.
  • Changes the law to allow unspent campaign funds to be donated to a government agency of the candidate’s choice. Current law only allows campaign funds to be donated to non-profit agencies, political parties, returned to donors, or to be kept for future campaigns by the candidate…

And plenty more. The good news is all of us may give our opinions to the Legislature regarding these and other objectionable bills here:


There are also some good bills floating through the Legislature. AB438 (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Reports/history.cfm?ID=892) and AB235 (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Reports/history.cfm?ID=526) both address the fact that, according to Nevada law, people are allowed to receive medicinal marijuana but may not, in fact, buy it. This has led to darkly hilarious and legally ambiguous situations like medicinal marijuana dispensaries charging ridiculous prices for, say, a cup of coffee, then throwing in “free” medicinal marijuana if you have a card for it. As those of you in Las Vegas are already undoubtedly aware, local law enforcement has more than enough leeway under present law to effectively criminalize the distribution of medicinal marijuana, thus rendering the will of the people void.

There are other bills floating through the Legislature that we can also get behind. Examples include…

Among several others. Again, if you wish to speak in favor (or against) a bill in the Legislature, click on the following link and chime in:


Back to the efforts of the NVCLP, fundraising hasn’t been our primary focus over the past couple of months – our current focus is on creating a consistent presence in all three of our constituent counties, and, until we achieve that, this is where our focus will remain. That’s not to say that we’ve completely abandoned the concept, however. Fundraising has and will continue to remain an important agenda item in our meetings, and, as opportunities present themselves, we will carry out action in that direction. One opportunity that we were hoping to leverage was the California LP convention in Stateline this April; sadly, California has a full slate all three days of their convention and they politely requested that we don’t host competing events. Since it’s their convention, we will honor that request. We have already had some individuals in the NVCLP register for the Saturday night banquet on April 9th; if you haven’t registered to attend it yet and you plan on attending the convention, I strongly encourage you to do so. Please note that, with the possible exception of FreedomFest, the CALP convention will be the largest Libertarian event in the state of Nevada this year. In the spirit of fundraising, I would like to remind the Executive Committee that the NVCLP remains the only affiliate in the State of Nevada to charge substantial dues and require a Sustaining or Basic membership in the national Libertarian Party. I will also note that we have committed to ourselves to hold three fundraising events this year, so, if we are going to accomplish this, we will need to start soon.

Outside of the NVCLP, Debra Dedmon has convinced me that Reid’s statements on prostitution might be useful leverage to help us incorporate in some of the rural counties, especially in brothel-heavy counties like Storey County. Consequently, I aim to put this issue to work for us at some point in the near future. Needless to say, I look forward to seeing how Nye County’s event at Sheri’s goes this coming Monday.

I know this is a long report, but it’s been a long time since we held an Executive Committee meeting. Let’s do this more often!

In Liberty,
David Colborne

32 thoughts on “David Colborne: Nevada LP Northern Regional Representative Report

  1. wolfefan

    A nice report! Is Nevada really a mandatory union state? I find that surprising…

  2. Cody Quirk

    That’s good. With the legislative bills you’ve been keeping an eye on, I take it you get Janine’s email alerts?

  3. LibertarianGirl

    nevermind , i was wrong thankfully , instead they jus castrated Clark county and LPNevada by giving the respective Chairs sole discretion to spend money . totally fucking shocked

  4. Cody Quirk

    Among others, yeah.

    = Very good. Keep in touch with her, she’s knows her stuff.

    Remember, Liberty is not a right, but a duty.

  5. David Colborne

    Highlights by phone:

    1. State Ex Comm tabled the motion to grant the Chair full discretion over state funds until we actually know what’s in the bank.
    2. State Ex Comm voted in favor of granting the Chair the ability to create outreach, convention, and other committees. Since this is already in the bylaws, it just confirmed fact.
    3. State Ex Comm voted in favor of spending money on post cards to every registered Libertarian voter in Northern Nevada to advertise the CA LP convention. Not sure why, but, hey, we could use the outreach, so why not?

    All in all, it was a remarkably productive meeting.

  6. LibertarianGirl

    with all due respect , FUCK THAT ! the state is broke and the CCLP paid for the large majority of the convention and they also voted to let the Chair send money to the State for advertising w/o the excom consent 2nite at the business meeting— TRANSLATION: CCLP will be paying for that mailing and I say , that is not only unfair but total bullshit

  7. George Whitfield

    I am glad to see that the Nevada LP is working hard and pulling together.

  8. LibertarianGirl

    working hard at NOTHING but purging and consolidating and centralizing power…

    biggest disappointment Bill Hols who after taking an act of congress to get his own voting rights , for which I had to press the issue for him , denied them to 3 good people for no reason… if there was 1 person , BESIDES TIM “PILLAR OF FAIRNESS ‘ HAGAN i thought would be fair and not lock step with the Silvestri plan , it was Bill….. makes me sad

  9. David Colborne

    I’m not going to lie – I was a little baffled about where the money for the postcards was going to come from, especially since we still don’t know what’s in the bank. I’m also not particularly fond of siphoning money from Clark County out of there – you guys need that money at least as bad as everyone else here. I’m also not sure why we’re spending so much to promote California’s convention; don’t get me wrong, I’m happy they’re here, and I have no problem promoting it (we’ll be making phone calls up here), but spending most of our treasury on it seems a little rash.

    On the other hand, we really could use the help up here, which is why I’m cautiously in favor of the postcards, at least for now. I’ll also talk to our Ex Comm up here about reimbursing State for some of this – we’re not going to empty our treasury to pay for this, mind you, but we might be able to lessen the sting a bit.

    As for the committees and all that… eh. It’s my position that state isn’t really designed to do much anyway, so let him build all the committees he wants. It’ll give people something to do. As for the web site, I’m not sure where anybody got the idea that they needed to go through the Ex Comm before posting anything there – if that was my idea, it was definitely one of my worst ones. I’d rather see someone take responsibility for it and quickly seed it with content like our local site is.

  10. David Colborne

    As for Clark… you guys have issues down there. Our biggest affiliate should never have “nothing to report” in an Ex Comm meeting. If anything, you guys should always have twice as much to report as the rest of us combined. If Kris responds with that again, I’ll bring it up.

  11. LibertarianGirl

    if you do any reimburseent , it should be to the county , it aint fair 1 iota that clark county spend a ton of money promo-ing cali’s convention . It isnt fair for the money Clark County members donated to be able to be given to the state via the decision of 1 person and that , trust me , joe silvestri will have sole discretion to spend.

    trust me they wont allow the capital affiliate any bump at all regarding this move , youll have to calitalize on it yourself , so good luck. as for the website , what makes you think theyre talking aboutthe website we approved last cycle , im sure they are making a new 1 where noone else will have access

    my open letter to the CCLP:
    Hello all , its no secret Im disappointed in your decision to deny voting rights to 3 people that have followed the protocol we set forth to obtain it.
    I feel , however , I may not be being totally fair in my assessment , or perhaps I missed something. So….

    Could any or all of the members voting to deny – Kris , Irv , Bill and ? ) please offer a reason to the group and also the people denied? I think it’s only fair that people , who believe they’ve done everything correctly , at the very least , be given an explanation.

    Also , what can the potential voting members do to rectify this and be approved at the next business meeting?

    I’m hoping that I was wrong to jump to the conclusion that the denials we’re entirely factionally/politically motivated ( which is not fair/libertarian or professional) and that there was some other reason for which I have not been informed .

    I have been a voting member of the CCLP excom for over a decade. I have voted to allow voting rights to both people I didnt like and people I knew disagreed with me on certain things. Why? Because it’s not my job as an excom/voting member to judge people on personality or factional/friendship differences or because thats what everyone else said to do. I always looked at the rules , and if the people met the requirements then thats all that is needed.

    Please dont set a protocol otherwise. We dont deny delegates at convention based on ridiculous criteria and the CCLP should not either.Wanting to keep a tight reign of control and prohibit potentially opposing votes is NOT A GOOD ENUF REASON TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT IMO.


    thank you and I look forward to hearing further explanations and a plan for seeking members to follow for approval

    Debra Dedmon

  12. LibertarianGirl

    oh yeah the CCLP spent thousands on the state conention , including 700 for trinkets that were sposed to be promo items for Brigae members and early registrants , um neither ever happened

  13. LibertarianGirl

    kris has nothing to say im certain because he’s been told to do nothing , NO FUCKING TAX DAY PROTEST A, YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. last year angy and others passed out a ton of literature , its a fucking travesty the complete lack of action on anything

  14. wolfefan

    LG’s link says it goes to http://www.lpnevada.com, and I’ve clicked on it in the past to go to the state site. I just clicked on it to check something mentioned above – now it goes to a 9/11 Truther site. Is the LP of Nevada now officially a 9/11 Truther group? If there is a new website being created, why would the old one be redirected to a Truther site? Shouldn’t it just go to some other LP site, like the national one?

  15. wolfefan

    I also noted that if you click through on the largest banner on the LP Nevada site it takes you to Jim Duensing’s campaign site. Has the LP Nevada endorsed him, or is this an ad that Duensing bought? (BTW – I’m not trying to debate the merits of any particular position – just asking about the usl and what it links to and what all that means in terms of the LP Nevada. It’s particularly interesting now that Root is an official of the party.)

  16. wolfefan

    Way ahead of me Paulie, as usual. Thanks! It does seem pretty misleading and kind of slimy to me, but I’m not a member so it’s not my argument. Thanks again.

  17. David Colborne

    The lpnevada.org domain was originally secured by Jim Duensing and his family several years ago for the LPNV. Unfortunately, after a rather unfortunate series of events, he has chosen to not relinquish the domain to the LPNV. Since there was never a formal motion authorizing him to purchase the domain for the LPNV in the first place, it’s his domain to do what he will with.

    As Paulie already mentioned, the official LPNV site is at http://nv.LP.org – the domain is managed by the national LP, so that should help Nevada avoid repeating the situation that led us here.

  18. LibertarianGirl

    just an oversite and an hysterical one , I WILL NOT be notifying the state party of. Back in the day JD bought VFAC for the Party , after his fallout with the state , he reatined it and it is only their oversight that it goes to hissite.

    He pisses me off mostly but on this issue ima ROTFLMAO

  19. LibertarianGirl

    @27 we havent yet , the excom voted YAY to let the chair send money to the state for advertising , no limit , solely up to him…um ya , we just got fucking robbed

  20. David Colborne

    Regarding the site: It’s less of an issue now than it used to be. That said, if you could remind Jim that Nye County needs a site, it might not be a bad thing.

    Regarding CCLP and “sending money for advertising”: Is there anyone down there that attended the meeting that would be willing to write about the measure? Do you want to take a stab at it?

  21. David Colborne

    @Cody: Thank goodness! No, our “drama”, such as it is, is small potatoes. I’ll take it over anything going on in California with EITHER of our parties.

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