LP Blog:”LP at Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference”

from Stephen Palubinsky, LP Social Media Development Assistant
On Saturday March 19th, several LP representatives attended the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference held on the grounds of the University of Maryland – College Park. Approximately 400 passionate students attended the conference in order to learn more about the failed War on Drugs. These students attended lobbying workshops and listened to a wide array of speakers including former New Mexican Governor Gary Johnson.

The LP felt that it was important to set up a table and interact with the great individuals that trekked across the nation to get to this event. Most importantly, we were able to reach out to many students who were unaware that the LP actively advocates for the legalization of all drugs on the basis of personal liberty and economic principles. Many attendees took the world’s smallest political quiz and interacted with our volunteers in order to learn more about libertarian philosophy.


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  1. TinFoilCap & JockeyShorts to Match

    The correct term is RElegalize ! Drugs were legal in this world (for the most part anyway) until the repeal of alcohol prohibition in the nineteen thirties. If everyone could get use to using that term it would help so much in the discussion. I thought the LP had agreed in the ’80s and early ’90s that language mattered. That was over twenty years ago now but it still does matter. You are attempting to convince people to change. You can’t do that by frightening them upfront. People are afraid of the unknown. Legal hemp and cocaine were no major problems when they were legal BEFORE! Coca-Cola got the name for a reason, you did get “refreshed” in the old days if you know what I mean ! Let the people know it was LEGAL in the U.S. for over 140 years. Only BIG government needed another “enemy” to fight to justify it’s BLOATED self after the citizen rejected alcohol prohibition ! Organized crime just eased on over from running liquor to suppling the newly outlawed drugs. Fight crime RE-legalize !

    Explain to people there were little trouble with any of the drugs now outlawed before they were outlawed. What is freedom, if you aren’t allowed to put anything you choose into your OWN body ?
    Over half of America is popping some type of mood altering drugs everyday. Anyone doing so should never judge someone else for choosing to meet their need with a different type relaxant. People have been doing so for thousands of years.

    “Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others.”-William Allen White

    Who should the Libertarian Party target?: http://www.youtube.com/user/clearsky24

    “Carpe diem, quam minimus credula postero. Seize today, and put as little trust as you can in tomorrow.”– Horace – (35 B.C.)

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