Massachusetts Pirate Party becomes an official political designation


Somerville, MA, February 26th, 2011 – With the WikiLeaks controversy,
net neutrality concerns, and a need for a voice in the protection of
the internet, one group of people have decided to stand up and answer
the call for these issues. The Massachusetts Pirate Party, MAPP for

The Massachusetts Elections Division has approved the MAPP’s political
designation petition. Voters will now be able to register as Pirates
in addition to other political parties.

We live in a country founded on the ideals of life, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness. For many people, those ideals are not real. The
Supreme Court and Congress have expanded the power of corporations and
made them more powerful than people. Increasingly government
officials ignore open meeting laws, make deals favorable to
corporations behind closed doors and sell off our public information
to private interests. Congress has allowed corporations to lock down
our culture through copyrights that last four times longer than they
did at the founding of our nation.

Ever since the 9/11 attack on the United States by Al Qaeda, the
United States government has increasingly sacrificed our liberties and
privacy while increasing the number of secrets the government keeps
from its citizens. Must we give our government the right to listen to
everyone’s phone conversations or have surveillance cameras in our
houses before we feel secure? Should we allow our government to hide
documents on international affairs, especially concerning
international war, and even go as far as wanting those who release
these documents “assassinated”? What kind of country do we live in
where we can openly call for someone to be assassinated for releasing
truthful information?

The MAPP will advocate for putting people before corporations, opening
up government, maintaining personal privacy, promoting culture and
knowledge through copyright reform, and fostering innovation by
abolishing patents. We call for people to join together and stand
for the rights of the common citizen and expect basic honesty from our

The MAPP is currently focusing on defeating the Combating Online
Infringements and Counterfeits Act (COICA) and other bills that would
allow our government to censor the internet. We are looking for
people who wish to show and present the truth. We believe that
standing up for rights long guaranteed to regular citizens of America
is something on which all Americans can agree.

The Massachusetts Pirate Party can be contacted at:

Phone: (617) 863-6277 (MAPP)

15 thoughts on “Massachusetts Pirate Party becomes an official political designation

  1. paulie Post author

    Letter P in cyrillic is actually letter R in Roman Alphabet, so perhaps it stands for Russia.

    Paulie Party!

    I don’t throw parties, I go to other people’s. I did once have the email address ICBM@USA.NET though, lol.

  2. Fun K. Chicken

    Make the Governor and the State Legislators walk the plank in Boston Harbor…

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  4. paulie Post author

    Didn’t realize it was the first state w/ this. From the pingback:

    The Massachusetts Pirate Party in the Media
    Posted on March 4, 2011 by jokeefe

    We have gotten a few references to our announcement that we are a recognized political designation in Massachusetts and we wanted to share them with you:

    * Universal Hub – Arrrr: You can now register to vote in Massachusetts as a pirate, me hearties
    * TechDirt – Massachusetts Apparently The First State To Let You Officially Register As A Pirate Party Member
    * Bloomberg – Nordstrom, Geron, Baidu, LG, Nestle: Intellectual Property
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  5. Shii

    There are varrrrious requirrrrrrrements for becoming a political designation and getting the word “Pirate” on the ballot in different states. Probably most groups don’t meet them. Me hardies.

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