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Libertarian Party of NY State Convention: Report and photos

Flickr Photos: here

A quick report from Kimberly Wilder, contributor at Independent Political Report:

I attended the Libertarian Party of New York State Convention as a press person and a third party activist (enrolled “blank/independent). These are some quick observations, which I will expand later in the post and/or comments section. Hope other people will give their thoughts and impressions of the day in the comments.

My favorite strategy of the day: Many years ago, when police asked Julian Heicklen to move away from a sidewalk where he was protesting, Heicklen said, “I have a permit to be here.” And, he showed the police a copy of the 1st Amendment.

Some interesting folks I ran into: Chris Edes of Free & Equal, Chris Garvey, Audrey Capozzi, Bruce Martin, Richard Cooper, and Warren Redlich.

Interesting sentiments: There was much applause and shout-outs for the presidential candidacy (either Libertarian or Republican) of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Chris Garvey noted that if Ron Paul was the Republican candidate, here in New York the Libertarians could use fusion to cross-endorse him. Another person from the audience suggested a Ron Paul as President, Gary Johnson as Vice President ticket.

Scheduled Speakers: Mark Axinn, LPNY Chair; CJ Maloney, author; Warren Redlich, Libertarian Party 2010 Governor candidate; Gigi Bowman of Free & Equal; Danny Panzella (with comments on unjust TSA searches and his 4th Amendment t-shirt); Peter Nicols; Bill Redpath of the national Libertarian Party; Dan Halloran, a Republican elected official in NYC, who ran on several lines including Libertarian; Julian Heicklen, a Freedom Fighter (who spoke about the concern that so many Americans are in prison); George Marlin, a Conservative activist and columnist for LI Business News; and Masood Manoochehi of Students for Liberty.


  1. JT JT May 2, 2011

    The U.S. drug war and other victimless crimes do account for a lot of the discrepancy. But I think it’s misleading to imply that they account for all of it. Some other countries have a substantially lower rate of violent crime to begin with, which is a huge factor. Some countries have police forces that don’t even arrest many criminals in the first place. Some countries have lighter sentences, allowing convicts to be released sooner.

  2. Gains Gains May 2, 2011

    HARI @7:

    Not so radical a question as one might have thought.

    China is 111 per 100,000

    Russia is 535

    North Korea? We dont even know their population statistics. I might argue that they are 100% incarcerated by my personal standards.

    According to the Pew Research Center, the US is really OVER 1000 per 100,000 which is over 1 in 100.

  3. Here's a radical idea Here's a radical idea May 2, 2011

    what about Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.
    What is their rate of incarceration?

  4. Starchild Starchild May 2, 2011

    Glad to hear the New York LP had a speaker (Julian Heicklen) talking about the horrifying incarceration rate in the United States.

    According to a recent chart by New York Times columnist Charles Blow, 743 out of every 100,000 persons in this country are behind bars. By comparison, here’s how that number stacks up against some other countries listed in the chart:

    # of persons incarcerated per 100,000 residents
    Australia – 133
    Austria – 103
    Canada – 117
    France – 365
    Germany – 85
    Hong Kong – 141
    Israel – 325
    Italy – 113
    Japan – 59
    Netherlands – 94
    New Zealand – 203
    Norway – 71
    Portugal – 110
    Singapore – 273
    South Korea – 98
    United Kingdom – 206
    United States – 734

    It’s obvious that the United States is WAY out of step with the rest of the developed world (indee, with the entire world). Given the vast numbers of Americans incarcerated in the unconstitutional and immoral “War on Drugs”, this incarceration rate reflects a lack of respect for personal freedoms on the part of U.S. government officials that is unmatched in the world.

    A drug reform website ( puts the U.S. incarceration rate even higher, at 756 per 100,000 as of 2008, and reports that the most serious charge against 50.7% of those in federal prison were drug charges.

    So this should be a MAJOR focus for any organization concerned about overall freedom in the United States, and I consequently commend the Libertarian Party of New York for inviting Julian Heicklen to speak on the issue.

  5. Richard Cooper Richard Cooper April 30, 2011

    Nice to meet you finally. Thanks for posting.

  6. Mark Axinn Mark Axinn April 30, 2011

    Thanks Kimberly for posting.

    Thanks too to my re-elected Vice Chair Audrey Capozzi and the Suffolk County LP chapter for all their hard work in assuring that everyone had such a good day!

    In addition to Audrey, Nassau County residents Rich Cooper will serve as Vice Chair with special attention to media and chapter development and Blay Tarnoff as Secretary. Hudson Valley resident Gary Treistman remains as Treasurer and I will continue for one more year as Chair of the State party.

  7. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson April 30, 2011

    Thanks Kimberly. Nice to see something informative on here.

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