Libertarian Party:”20 issues trump birth certificate circus”

WASHINGTON – In the wake of the much-discussed release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle had this to say:

“Instead of wasting so much ink on this birther story, the press should be giving a lot more attention to the many real disasters of the Obama administration. The Libertarian Party recently released a list of ’20 Obama problems, 20 Libertarian solutions.’

“Of course, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are only part of the problem equation. The Republicans deserve an equal share of the blame, for their unwillingness to cut military spending or entitlements, their addiction to government programs like farm subsidies, and their big-spending compromise bills of December 2010 and April 2011.

“I wonder if Obama and the Republicans might just be conspiring to keep this birther stuff alive, to distract everyone from all the real problems they’re causing. The president might have been worried that the birther talk was about to die down.

“When you consider that we’re involved in three foreign wars, our entitlement state is crumbling, we have record-level spending and deficits, unemployment is high, and inflation is growing, the president’s birth certificate seems less significant somehow.

“We need to be more focused on the fact that massive debt is driving our government toward bankruptcy — something Republican birther Donald Trump would know a lot about.

“Nearly two years ago, one of our junior staffers mocked this very issue:

Socialized healthcare is on the horizon. The DHS, NSA, TSA police state is expanding, the Drug War is still being pursued by an arrogant, ignorant government and Obama is expanding the war in Afghanistan! Frankly we have got bigger problems to pursue than blogging endlessly about where the President was born.

“Hopefully Americans will worry less about long-form birth certificates, and more about thousand-page spending bills.”

For more information, or to arrange an interview, call LP Executive Director Wes Benedict at 202-333-0008 ext. 222.


17 thoughts on “Libertarian Party:”20 issues trump birth certificate circus”

  1. Michael Cavlan RN


    Was not Wayne Root one of those?

    Just saying. Oh wait, Wayne Root will not bother answering the difficult questions. He has no credibility anymore.

    Go ahead and ask him, somebody.

    I have no real dog in this fight. Except for the credibility and integrity of alternative political parties.

    Oh wait, I guess I DO have a dog in this fight.

    So Wayne Root. You lied about Obama being a Socialist and then refused my repeated questions about it.

    So Mr Root.

    President Oily Bomber has produced his Birth certificate. Will you now at least publicly admit that you and Donald Trump had your heads up your collective anal cavities on this issue?

    Or will Fox News do a Glen Beck on you, if you do so?


  2. Root's Birther Flip Flops

    Root has implied that Obama wasn’t born in America…

    But Root also backed away from the Birther controversy by backing out of the “Rev Manning trial” (after Root previously said he’d testify at the trial)…

    But Root later implied yet again that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S….

    I’m sure Root is currently watching Trump, waiting to see which way the wind blows on the Birther issue.

    If the issue looks favorable, Root will want full credit as The Leader of the Birther movement.

    But if the issue looks about to tank, Root will want an out, so he can back-peddle by claiming that he never actually said that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.

  3. Root's Birther Flip Flops

    Let me clarify one key point — the Birther issue remains alive, because many Tea Party lunatics are already calling it a fake (visit

    So Root is still waiting to see which way the issue plays out. Which position is most profitable?

    Is the Birther customer base, or the anti-Birther customer base, more lucrative in the coming months?

  4. David Colborne

    No no no… it’s not a fake. There are, however, unnamed and unspecified suspicions about his college transcript, so it’s now time to look into those. No matter which way it goes, it’s clear he’s hiding something… Something nameless, shadowy, suspicious… dark, even.

    We have to move the goal posts, you see.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    For some reason, I have a sneaky feeling this issue isn’t over with. Just a little prediction on my part…

  6. Andy

    I agree. Although I would support impeachment if it could be proven that Obama was not a natural born citizen, I think that there are far more serious issues on which to focus, and for which Obama deserves to be impeached for as well.

  7. Darryl W. Perry

    Even if Obama was born in Hawai’i – wouldn’t his natural born citizenship have been revoked when he became an Indonesian citizen? At the time, Indonesia didn’t allow dual-citizenship…

  8. Michael H. Wilson

    The nuts are already falling out of the tree. I got a post this evening that the certificate passed out today was on a type of paper not available in 1961, that there is a backslash that is incorrect and a couple of other comments.

    Meanwhile the dollar is collapsing in the international marketplace and the wholesale costs of a number of commodities has risen significantly. The wars continue, healthcare, education, are a mess, civil liberties are under attack and one could go on.

  9. Tom Blanton

    Now that this birth certificate thing has been cleared up, it’s time to move on to other issues.

    Obama needs to take a public lie detector test to prove that he isn’t a secret Muslim and to prove that he isn’t trying to destroy America, as Wayne Root suggests.

    In lieu of a lie detector test, I would be OK with a nationally televised enhanced interrogation consisting of waterboarding and sexual humiliation.

    Then, Obama must release his school records, K-12 and college, and his medical records, including psychiatric evaluations. I would also like to see his financial records going back 20 years. Any videos of Obama and Michelle engaging in sexual activities should also be released.

    We need to get to the bottom of everything.

  10. Prasad

    Mr. Obama did very well i hope now Donald Trump will calm up i think this matter will ends with this action (Release of Obama’s birth certificate).

  11. Gains

    MHW @14:

    Brilliant. Saw it this morning. George Mason University et al. is really putting out some great stuff.

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