IPR: 3 years on the intertubes

After a 36-hour period of nonstop work by Jason “GE” Seagraves, IPR went live three years ago today, on May 20, 2008. Our predecessor site, Third Party Watch, operated between May 2005 and May 2008 before being purchased by Richard Viguerie right before the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2008, which led to the creation of IPR and Green Party Watch. TPW limped along for a few months after that, but was never the same.

IPR has survived the terrible twos, albeit somewhat worse for wear. The site has been up for sale for several months with no success, and has lost its google news ranking. Our owners settled one lawsuit (for copyright infringement) and have been threatened with more than one other (for defamation).

Other sites have sprung up to cover some of the same subject matter as IPR, including ThirdPartyPolitics.US and Third Party and Independent Daily among others. So far, to my knowledge, none has the site traffic and active back and forth comment “community” that IPR has, except to some extent Ballot Access News, which has substantial but not complete overlap with our subject matter.

A year ago today, we “had over 1.1 million visitors with over 3.1 million pageviews, and close to 89,000 comments on almost 5,500 posts.” Those numbers now are over 1.6 million visitors with close to 4.6 million pageviews, close to 130,000 comments and over 8,200 posts. Admittedly, we’ve slowed down somewhat in the last two months since I have been busy working, but that has happened a number of times before. And speaking of me, myself and I (Paulie), I’m also turning three today…for the thirteenth time…or is that thirteen for the third time? Take your pick….

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  1. Jason Seagraves

    LOL, no mention of the Great Founder of the site! I set up IPR over a 36-hour period of nonstop work. Thanks!

  2. Jason Seagraves

    LOL, thanks. Are you sure of the date? The site was up prior to the convention. I thought it was in earlier May?

  3. Jason Seagraves

    Funny to look back on that first post:


    So the Libertarian Convention had to be 23rd through 25th? Good. Because I thought I missed my anniversary of becoming an anarchist, which was in the airport on the way home from the convention, reading Mary Ruwart’s Short Questions book… That was already the beginning of the end of my involvement with IPR, and it was only a week old!

  4. Robert Milnes

    We’ll see if some rich rightist moneybags buys IPR. To disrupt anything constructive that might emerge.
    Or just for the hallibut.
    Or just because they can.
    Meanwhile politics as usual and more wasted time & opportunity.

  5. paulie Post author

    I’ve been an anarchist (again) for over a decade, but I still can’t shake the politics bug….it’s kind of in my blood.

    I was listening to illegal VOA and BBC broadcasts back in the USSR with my dad before I even learned English, arguing against the overwhelming majority of my classmates over the 1980 election when I was eight (they were for Reagan so I had to be for Carter), actually working on campaigns by the time I was 12…

  6. paulie Post author

    On facebook, Steve Linnabary points out that I am old enough to now legally date women half my age.

    So, for all you “barely eighteen” ladies (and those of you who are barely eighteen at heart), I know you have been waiting for this with eager anticipation… lolol

  7. NewFederalist

    “Austin was a McCain supporter in 2008. Including pre-nomination.”

    Plus he won some water conservation district race as a Republican in Florida if I recall correctly. Strange how he founded TPW and was a GOPer all along.

  8. Jason Seagraves

    I brought Austin on as a figurehead. I gave him a sizable chunk of the site just so we could put “Austin Cassidy’s Independent Political Report” on the masthead, mostly to piss off the TPW crowd. Ended up costing me $2,500, but it was worth it. Austin didn’t do a whole lot. He just collected his cash. That’s not a diss on Austin. That’s what I asked him to do. He’s a good guy, despite his political leanings (or at least, not as bad as his political leanings would indicate).

  9. paulie Post author

    Strange how he founded TPW and was a GOPer all along.

    He has an interest in alt-party politics as a spectator. Likewise, I have an interest in duopoly politics as a spectator.

  10. paulie Post author

    hmmm…just upgraded the group because facebook said it was slated for deletion otherwise, and *all* the post updates disappeared…?

  11. ipr party over, turn out the lites

    ipr is over
    lp is over
    paulie is over
    war is over

    …turn out the lites

  12. Kimberly Wilder

    Congrats to us, then.

    And, Happy Birthday, Paulie.

    (Yeah, I do not know the story about losing Google News rankings. Though, I believe that when someone buys the site, we could probably look into becoming a Google-News outlet again.)

    (Onthewilderside has never been eligible for Google News rankings, partly because a lot of what we write is local-cultural and/or opinion.)

  13. paulie Post author

    Thanks Kimberly.

    Trent said he applied again…have not heard more on that.


    We had a complaint, some hater claimed we are not original enough.

  14. paulie's perv party over, turn out the lites

    Paulie the Pervert says “On facebook, Steve Linnabary points out that I am old enough to now legally date women half my age.

    So, for all you “barely eighteen” ladies (and those of you who are barely eighteen at heart), I know you have been waiting for this with eager anticipation… lolol”

    Why are immature middle aged men soooo obsessed with teenage chicks? Are they looking for inexperienced women that don’t have an adequate basis of comparison?

    paulie’s perv party over, turn out the lites!

    …and grow up….

  15. Darryl W. Perry

    @Kim, GoogleNews keeps changing the requirements for inclusion. I’ve tried repeatedly to get Free Patriot Press included, at first I was told I needed to list editors & contributors, which I did. Their reply “Thank you for your reply and for providing us with this additional information about your site. Although we’re still unable to include your site in Google News at this time, please be assured that we’ll log your site for future consideration. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Google News.” Basically, no reason given!

  16. paulie Post author

    John B. Anderson ?

    No. But then, I was eight years old, just learned English well enough to be conversational a few months earlier, and in the US less than a year at the time.

    In hindsight, I’d be for Ed Clark.

  17. paulie Post author

    GoogleNews keeps changing the requirements for inclusion…. Basically, no reason given!


  18. paulie Post author

    Why are immature middle aged men soooo obsessed with teenage chicks? Are they looking for inexperienced women that don’t have an adequate basis of comparison?

    I think it has something to do with human biology. Men of all ages tend to be drawn to women in their late teens and early twenties, at least superficially.

    However, with some exceptions (maturity does not always correspond to age), I find more in common with people closer to my age in the somewhat longer term.

  19. Eddie

    Thanks for the website. You guys are at the forefront of opening up the elections. If I ever make it somewhere, I won’t forget you guys and Ill talk about the website.(If it hasn’t been sold and rename)

  20. Austin Cassidy

    Wow, memories!

    Not to take issue with Jason, but I don’t think my involvement cost him $2,500… maybe more like $300 or something. The final selling price of the website and my share didn’t add up to anything close to $2,500 and if I didn’t have that size of a share, the ownership would have been sliced up anyway to the various authors, etc.

    But Jason did a great thing setting this website up. We brought over almost all of the TPW traffic, Jason got it listed in Google news and at first the site did a lot of original items — not just copy and paste jobs. Those were good times.

    For anyone wondering – I originally sold TPW in the Fall of 2007 to Stephen Gordon, not knowing what that would evetually mean. Stephen is a good guy, but the site did basically fall into the hands of the Barr campaign. I never intended to sell it directly to the Barr folks and they essentially ruined it in a matter of weeks.

    Someone earlier suggested I was now on the “dark side” — but I’d always made my Republican affiliation clear. It might have actually helped TPW in the early days, because I wasn’t slanting things too much in favor of one party or another.

    In retrospect, I did probably spend too much time on the LP… but I guess that’s why there are sites like GPW now.

    Anyway, fond memories aside – wish you guys the best of luck on selling IPR. I do hope it works out.

    P.S. This is both the 3rd anniversary of IPR… AND the 6th anniversary of Third Party Watch going online.

  21. Austin Cassidy

    It was within a week of the launch of IPR, but 3 years earlier… back in 2005.

    I don’t remember if it was exactly the 20th or not.

  22. Austin Cassidy

    It was late May of 2005. I found comment #5 which was on June 1st of 2005… I remember how slow it was the first few days.

    So it was probably sometime between May 20th-30th that TPW actually went online.

    I have over 14,000 emails in a folder of comment notifications from 3 years of TPW. Pretty crazy. Plus all the back and forth emails from the eventual sale of TPW… months later the creation of IPR and then November 2008 and first sale of IPR.

    Only way I could remember half this stuff is just by never deleting an email.

  23. Thane Eichenauer

    Robert Milnes,
    If you have no hope then you can offer none. If you suggest that every light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train then you are right.

    I recommend that you stop entering tunnels and look for a source of hope – it is out there if you are truly searching for it. You have my sincere wish that you find it, preferably sooner than later.

  24. Catholic Trotskyist

    I,, the chairman of the Catholic Trotskyist Party, salute IPR on its third anniversary. I am honored to be some part of the history of this website. For the forseeable future, I have scaled back my presence here on IPR, as I have decided to focus my attention on real-world political activities in support of the pro-life movement within the Democratic Party, the growing success of the US Parliament project, numerous intellectual studies and career advancement within the US public education system, and the possible unvailing of the Catholic Trotskyist Party in the national media in the coming years. But I am continuing to read this site often, and have fond memories of discussions here.

    Please pray for the pope and please pray for Barack Obama, amen.

  25. Dennis

    I, Dennis, salute Catholic Trotskyist and humbly ask him why he has not been raptured into heaven on this, the 21st day of May in the year old our Lord 2011.

  26. paulie fraudankel-starr-root-cohan cabal on the ropes

    “(Paulie), I’m also turning three today…for the thirteenth time…or is that thirteen for the third time? Take your pick….”

    Hard to pick, you combine the worst of both.

    You’ve had your last anniversary Fraudankel

    You won’t live to 40
    IPR won’t live to 4
    LP won’t live to 40

    paulie fraudankel-starr-root-cohan cabal on the ropes

    Turn out the lites

  27. johncjackson

    I read TPW and IPR from the beginning. Now my memory’s failing me a little trying to remember what time period Hammer of Truth was around, as I feel like someone from there migrated to TPW. Or maybe not.

    I do recall 100% that Austin Cassidy was very open about being a Republican, and mentioned his political campaign.

  28. Catholic Trotskyist

    Thanks Dennis, but Catholics don’t believe in the rapture. The particular Protestant group promoting this failed prediction is probably associated with the Protestant Stalinist Party.

  29. Jason Seagraves

    ha, I guess I had the numbers all wrong. The site sold for $4,500, I think; and now that I think about it, I think I got $2,500. I’m sure you got more than $300, though! Whatever you got, it was worth it. (It was more than $300!)

  30. Jason Seagraves

    Also, to what Austin said: I exercised a lot more quality control over the posts. I think the quality slid after I vacated. I never did copy pastes or allowed them to be posted. I don’t know if that’s why the site lost its Google News status or not.

  31. Austin Cassidy

    @Jason Yeah, I got about $900 — I meant your chunk of what I got might have been like $300… or maybe a little bit more, I guess. Anyway, yeah… I was more than happy – never expected the site would even sell.

    Agree on the quality control, the material on the site for the first year was significantly different than what’s here today. Mass copying and pasting probably ticked off Google News. Not knocking it, this site has great use as a discussion board and sort of press release clearing house.

  32. Austin Cassidy


    Stephen Gordon was involved with Hammer of Truth, as I remember it. He purchased Third Party Watch from me.

    And yes, I was always upfront about my own affiliation and the time I ran for office. Was elected to the Duval Soil and Water Conservation Board in 2006 – got 90,918 votes or about 54%.

    A couple years into my term I came to the conclusion it was a needless body and attempted, with the help of 2 other board members, to convince the State of Florida to do away with us.

    No luck.

    Here’s part of the story for anyone interested in the frustrating insanity of government waste…..


    My term ended in January, I didn’t seek re-election.

  33. paulie Post author

    Back to only reading comments addressed to me by name due to time constraints…

    Hard to pick, you combine the worst of both.


    You’ve had your last anniversary Fraudankel

    You won’t live to 40
    IPR won’t live to 4
    LP won’t live to 40

    I take your crystal ball about as seriously as I did the predictions of the rapture today (or yesterday depending on where you live). That wasn’t what you meant, by any chance, was it?


    paulie fraudankel-starr-root-cohan cabal on the ropes

    …of your fevered imagination?

  34. Trent Hill

    Quality certainly has slipped. That’s because Jason put far more time into IPR than I was ever capable of. While Paulie puts in a lot of work, we rarely do independent journalism anymore.

    As for why we were taken out of GoogleNews: Lack of “unique content”.

  35. NewFederalist

    What would it take to regain GoogleNews “certification” (if that is the correct term)? How much original content do they require as opposed to reposting articles found elsewhere? I would think that would be a critical piece of information for a perspective buyer.

  36. NewFederalist

    Oops! I guess that would be “prospective buyer” rather than “perspective buyer” at #57.

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