Wikileaks cables reveal American diplomats courting moderate Greens, critical of party’s left

From Stuff.Co.NZ (although not corroborated by another source, admittedly):

A discrete diplomatic lunch, a free trip to Washington and assurance of “assistance” from the US Embassy in Wellington have been used to blunt the Green Party’s “radical positions on many issues”, a leaked American diplomatic cable reveals.

The Americans seduced Green co-leaders Metiria Turei and Russel Norman, the latter with a free trip to Washington, and managed, over a lunch, to get a commitment from list MP Kennedy Graham “to turn (to the embassy) for any assistance he made need in the future…”

On the July 15, 2009, lunch between Graham and US mission head David Keegan, the cable said:

“The overarching purpose of the July 15 lunch was to establish the beginnings of a warm and respectful relationship with Graham,” Keegan cabled home.

“By lunch’s end, an open dialogue and a mature relationship with Graham going forward were highly probable.”

He said Graham displayed an “extensive knowledge and understanding of global affairs”, was “an evident multi-lateralist” and a “moderating influence on his frequently radical party.”

10 thoughts on “Wikileaks cables reveal American diplomats courting moderate Greens, critical of party’s left

  1. Michael Cavlan RN


    I am SHOCKED, shocked I tell you.

    Oh wait. Maybe not. Damn, this just corroborates everything we have been thinking, feeling and believing.

    So it looks like the drama that is As The Green Turd Turns has come to it’s final show.

  2. Eddie

    I have faith Green Party members won’t be so easily influenced.(I hope) I will make a point around Green Party circles to come down on NZ Greens and warn them.

  3. Jim

    It should be pointed out that the Green Party in New Zealand is not the same entity as the Green Party in the United States.

  4. Kimberly Wilder

    I have not found a third party angle story to share on this topic, but:

    Re: Killing of Osama Bin Laden (and klling of Ghadafi’s son and grandchildren):

    Is the United States and/or Nato going to take every leader who is currently on their “Bad List” and perform extra-judicial killings of them and their family?

    Does anyone notice the women and children who accidentally lose their lives when our government commits war crimes against people they think are bad (this year)?

  5. Starchild

    Yet another instance of elected leaders being co-opted by the temptations of money and power.

    Any political party with an ideas-driven agenda which does not recognize this phenomenon and take steps to make itself less susceptible to it, is likely to find itself taken over by opportunists and sell-outs.

  6. Michael Cavlan RN


    Dare I say “Sister”, you are singing my song.

    In fact in Minnesota we have already built up such an organization that has done just that. We even had some infiltrators/provocateurs try it already. We found our initial system effective.

    We are now a legal Political Unit with the Minnesota Secretary of state.

    We are called the Minnesota Open Progressives.
    Once we run just one state wide candidate and that candidate gets 1% of the vote, we become a legal “minor” party. We get 5% and we become a legal major party.

    Once we are on the road, we will be only too happy to share what we do with others.

    Oh and as an aside, the soap opera known as The Green Turd Turns is almost over.

    Thank God.

  7. Michael Cavlan RN

    Star Child. As an aside. This is a response I put out on a progressive list about this very topic.


    * Add new node
    * Delete node

    ‹ Previous | Next › | « Back to Sent
    From: greenpartymike
    Cc: Coleen Rowley , Dick Bernard , Mike Cavlan , Danene Provencher ,, Pamela Ellis , Ken Pentel , Dori Ullman , Ty Moore
    Subject: Re: Need for a third party
    Date: Apr 29, 2011 10:20 AM
    To any and all interested, this is already in place.

    A group of activists from the Green Party (which was IMHO infiltrated by the DFL
    and sabotaged) and the Independence Party (likewise infiltrated by the Republicans
    and DFL and sabotaged) have come together and have already done all the needed work.

    We are called the Minnesota Open Progressives. We are now legally a Political Unit,
    registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State. We have very clear, well thought out ideas
    and strategies.

    There is more to be said but since there are probably Democrats present and since
    I do not trust Democrats and since their history has been to sabotage emerging
    alternative parties, I will say no more.

    However, be aware. The Minnesota Open Progressives have structures and other things
    in place to deal with and neutralize infiltrators and sabotuers. In fact we have
    already dealt with them and found our plan to be quite effective.

    As an aside and in related news, I will be announcing in the next week or two,that I will be
    running for the United States Senate against Amy Klobuchar.

  8. Carey Campbell

    Thanks for the Green Party post.

    Welcome Green Party news.

    There isn’t anything surprising here. An American state department employee too a foriegn member of parliament in the Green Party to lunch.

    They talked politics, and cooperation. The employee wrote a report that ended up on wikileaks.

    The report was that employee’s perception of what happened.

    So what?

    It may, or may not have been what happened based on the Green Party representative’s version of events. Thos are not reported.

    It’s normal politics, I’ve seen for 30 years. Nothing sinister here.

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