American Third Position Party: Why It’s Important to Organize Politically

From an article by William D. Johnson posted June 3, 2011 on the blog of the American Third Position Party:

Change in a society is not measured in years but in scores of years. The 1960s constituted the last noteworthy change in our country. Today, we are on the cusp of change again, dramatic, epochal change—change that hopefully will reverse the downward slide we have faced of late. This pending change is born from the discontent of the dispossessed majority and from the erosion of prospects for the rising generation. Unease is felt all over America, among every group, in every geographical setting — in all walks of life. It is not slaked by establishment ideals: diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance, egalitarianism. Indeed, these ideals, and their misguided application by our leaders, fan the flames of our discontent and will drive the tumultuous change of the 2010s.

Read the rest of the article here.

5 thoughts on “American Third Position Party: Why It’s Important to Organize Politically

  1. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Oh, those 60s: The fall of Dems, JFK (shot dead), MLK (shot dead) and LBJ’s foot in mouth disease. HHH as despicable lap dog. RFK as despicable oportunist, shoving aside Gene McCarthy nano seconds after LBJ’s televised retirement.

    And then the GOP tripping over their collective penises [before, during and after Water Gate].

    And runs at power, unsustained, in 1980, 1992, 1996, and 1997.

    Governments have been erased from the history books on less. Allowing September 11 th to happen.

    Cheney and Bush League Junior, hung by the thumbs in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday the Twelfth? Maybe by the People, but not by the Sheeple!

  2. mdh

    Do a little checking into the background of the A3P and its leadership, and you’ll find a bunch of racist extremists. Nothing worth seeing here, kids. Just another KKK-wannabe group turned-useless-political-party.

  3. NewFederalist

    “These are not the droids you’re looking for. Move along. Move along.”

  4. Marc Montoni

    MDH @ 2, yes.

    The editors at IPR post articles that we find about alternative parties. Doing so should in no way suggest that we condone their aims or means.

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