Elected Green in Arkansas switches to Republican Party

From Arkansas News:

Two Saline County elected officials, a Democrat and a member of the Green Party, announced their switch to the Republican Party today.

Sheriff Bruce Pennington, a Democrat serving his second term, and first-term County Collector Joy Ballard, who ran on the Green Party ticket in 2010, announced their decision jointly in what the state Republican chief said could be a sign of things to come for the 2012 elections…

Ballard, elected in 2010, said she had worked to get Republicans elected and had “worked with them and for them,” including 10 years as administrative assistant to Saline County Judge Lanny Fite, a Republican.

She said when the former office holder, Chris Villines, resigned to take another job it was too late to file as a Democrat or Republican, but that the Green Party candidate selection process was still open to her.

8 thoughts on “Elected Green in Arkansas switches to Republican Party

  1. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    kansascity.com/commentary on democrats and republicans ………. 6 minutes ago

    Midwest Voices contributing columnist: George Harris

    Congressman Weiner should resign from Congress, but not because he tweeted a picture of himself in his BVD’s.

    No, he should resign for being stupid enough to think anyone would believe he didn’t know the picture was of him.

    Come on, wouldn’t you know if there was a picture of you in your underwear floating around in someone’s digital camera?

    Ah, sex scandals. The Congressman still maintains that he didn’t have sex with anyone. Well, only phone sex.

    And he was careful enough not to ask for a police investigation that would have resulted in his lying to officials. So no crime there.

    President Clinton wasn’t impeached for having sex. Or maybe he was, but the official account was that he was impeached for lying under oath in a deposition.

    Former Senator John Edwards may have violated campaign finance laws in covering up his affair, but really, is that what peeves you about Edwards’ behavior?

    Or is it that he was having sex with a woman while his wife was surviving breast cancer?

    Or is it that he was having an affair while trying to become president? Or pick two. [Pick all three if you like.]

    How about Senator John Ensign? Where to begin. He has sex with the wife of his aide, who was also perhaps his best friend. But wait.

    There’s more. He has his parents pay $100K in hush money and allegedly gets his aide a lobbyist job. Ah, love.

    Of course there’s Governor Mark Sanford. This one is sad because he seemed to be enough in love to pretend he was on a hike when he was really in Argentina, which would be quite a hike in addition to being an abandonment of his duties as governor.

    I wondered if he was so scared of his wife that he couldn’t tell her face to face he didn’t love her and told her through the press. Ouch.

    Senator David Vitter? Does anyone really care if he saw a prostitute? Apparently not his constituents.

    But shouldn’t the guy be just completely ashamed of himself for dragging his poor wife onto the stage when he confessed?

    I didn’t see Eliot Spitzer’s wife being so humiliated, but maybe I missed this drama.

    Except now Spitzer has a gig on CNN, and I can’t help but think about his prostitute’s comments that he liked to have sex with his socks on. Shouldn’t we all be spared these reminders?

    Then there’s Arnold. It’s easy to understand why he would want to conceal what he did, but did he think he could conceal it forever?

    Read more: http://voices.kansascity.com/entries/congressman-weiner-should-resign/#ixzz1OYu3iPwC

  2. Upstartgreen

    I hope the Voters remember ballards chicanery and can her at the next ellection.

  3. Michael Cavlan RN

    Oddly enough Green Party Watch has not done a story on this. Just like they did not do a story on the Irish Green Party and their thrashing in the last election in Ireland.

    Wonder why?

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