RI Moderate Party: Governor Chafee says tax payer silence means silent approval of his tax plan

From an email sent to IPR by Ken Block :

Governor Chafee says tax payer silence means silent approval of his tax plan
Tell him otherwise!

An article in the Providence Journal on 6/2/2011 ‘Governor Chafee pushes for sales-tax overhaul at public forum’ drives home the importance of getting and staying involved in the political conversation.

The article describes Governor Chafee’s visit to a Chamber of Commerce meeting.  At the meeting, Governor Chafee discusses his plan to raise more than $150 million in new revenue for the state by broadening the sales tax.  Governor Chafee equates a low turnout at the event to tacit approval of his tax plan.  To directly quote from the article:

Chafee said Wednesday morning’s tiny turnout could be a sign that the initial outrage over his sales tax proposal is beginning to dissipate. “I interpreted it as, while [people] don’t like taxes, [there is] kind of an acceptance of it,” he said. “No one showed up here. We had more people from state government than the Chamber.”

It is a shame that Governor Chafee has so cavalierly ignored the hard work and earnest testimony of so many who were opposed to his plan just 2 months ago.

Do not allow your silence to be interpreted as permission to greatly increase the tax burden on you and your family.

Click the link below to tell Governor Chafee that you are opposed to his plan to massively raise taxes in our state.


If you did not do so before, click the link below to tell the House Finance Committee that you are opposed to raising the top income tax bracket to more than 10%.


Get involved!  If you don’t, you really have no basis to complain if your elected officials do not act in your best interest.


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